What Does It Mean To Be Male?

What you see below is a fresh, innovative, and uniquely Legacy perspective to empower you to be the most 'male' you can possibly be.

You shouldn't need a federally-funded study to recognize that men and women are vastly different.   Here are four quick Legacy media resources to get you going in the right direction:

"The Man CD" - There's just no way to describe the impact this message has had on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of men of all ages. Play it here online, or download to your computer or iPod. (Free!)

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The Power of the Spoken Word - Learn why your words are so powerful in the lives of your wife and children.  God spoke all things into existence. Learn how you can speak life into those around you.

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Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity DVD Series - Take the lead and show this video in your home with another couple or two.  This series is guaranteed to get your wife to adore you and your family to respect you! 

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Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity Audio Series.  Too busy for the video version?  Grab this audio and play it in the car during commute time.


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The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity








The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity is a groundbreaking study for parents and Christian educators and is the cornerstone of The Legacy Institute’s comprehensive biblical sexuality curriculum, Relationships With Integrity. This 7-part DVD series, complete with thought-provoking study guide, features popular sexuality and relationship educator Carrie Abbott in a profound and entertaining look at God’s intentional design for life, love and legacy. The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity will change the way you think about sexuality education

Topics include:

Session One: In the Beginning

The foundational introduction to God’s intentional design for sexuality. Sexuality is not just a physical act but rather, the core of who we are as human beings. It is about being male and female, designed by God to reflect His nature.

Session Two: God Made Man

A close-up look at the unique design of the male. A successful man reflects his Maker by being a priest, provider and protector to all those in his circle of influence. He is “husband” to a culture of life in all aspects of his being, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Session Three: The Lord God Made a Woman

A close-up look at the unique design of the female. A successful woman “helps” and nurtures those around her. Her life-giving, relational nature, when expressed fully in all aspects of her life, brings dignity to everyone around her.

Session Four: Creation Falls

How our sexuality was distorted when Adam and Eve sinned. Passivity and discontentment were present before and after the fall. The results can be seen in sexual brokenness, disunity and fractured relationships even today.

Session Five: Rescued From the Fall

How, through Christ, we can be made whole - or have sexual integrity. Christ conquered sin and death and modeled truth in His whole being. We are to follow Him by walking in the light, “speaking” truth with our bodies and choosing life.

Session Six: The Two Shall Become One

The foundational role of godly marriage in a healthy culture. Marriage between a man and a woman is God’s beautiful picture of the future union between Christ and His bride, the Church. This earthly union offers intimacy and unity to couples as well as protection and provision for children.

Session Seven: Sexual Order in the Home

God’s prescription for successful family relationships. Honoring and respecting God’s plan for relationships between husbands and wives and children offers families biblical promises for God’s blessing on these relationships. The result is a road map for healthy relationships both in and outside of the family.