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Kingdom Power Glory

A Manhood Study Based On The Lord's Prayer

Do the young men in your life know how to be godly men?

Are you ready to help them take the next step in their manhood?

Kingdom Power Glory is a groundbreaking manhood study, based on the Lord’s Prayer to help all young men in their manhood journey, regardless of their story. It is aimed specifically at older men training young men, fathers raising sons and youth pastors teaching male students.

This 10-session DVD study is intentionally masculine to raise the bar for young men who find church or their faith experience to be a bit feminized; men who want to understand true biblical masculinity. It respects and honors all men by refusing to soft pedal the message of Jesus!

Kingdom Power Glory takes off the kids gloves of watered down, easy faith because real men like to hear truth undiluted and straight from the shoulder in a man to man way!

When you have completed this study with your young men, they will have wrestled with some of the meatiest meat of the Word and the deep things of God. It is a dangerous course to take because it is designed to bring real life change, not just a fun time. By joining the real men in this study who have done extraordinary things for God, and you will be walking with sincere men who want the honest truth and the way of life it produces. Kingdom men, just like you!

For His Kingdom, His Power and His Glory!


Resource Contents:

  • DVD
  • Leader Guide
  • Student Guide

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Kingdom Power Glory Content and Contributors

The Kingdom Power Glory manhood study uncovers a biblical blueprint for men in each part of the Lord’s Prayer. Each chapter incorporates a contributing author or expert on video or audio teaching and the guide book adds additional theology and application to the profound lessons.

Chapter 1      Our Father Who Is In Heaven

Fathers are key and the father blessing is essential. Regardless of our earthly father’s influence, all men need their Heavenly Fathers love and influence. Dr. Mark Strong explains the importance of fathers and how to deal with father wounds.

Chapter 2      Holy Is Your Name

The Holiness of God and holy and set apart thinking are keys to living life as a good man and a follower of Christ. Jesus left the Holy Spirit as the helper for living holy lives. Dr. Pete Battjes explains why the Holy Spirit is the key to man training and the one who provides real power!

Chapter 3 Your Kingdom Come

The Kingdom of God is the first and best government for mankind. Every man should surrender to the King and give up his own kingdom rights, but it isn’t easy. Dr. Jan David Hettinga teaches the reality of the Kingdom and why men can trust their leader, Jesus and give him rule and reign in everything. His is the best cause to fight for!

Chapter 4      Your Will Be Done

Knowing God’s will isn’t easy but it is possible if we learn God’s will and ways from the word of God, prayer and confirmation through godly people. Pastor Jeff Knight shares his personal journey with tragedy to triumph and teaches how a young man can truly know the will of God for their lives!

Chapter 5      On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Experiencing God’s will here on earth requires learning Kingdom ways and thinking. In Matthew 5 Jesus lays out the prescription in the Beatitudes and other Kingdom principles for Behaving and ultimately Becoming men of God in Matthew 6 & 7! Carrie Abbott, Legacy President shares more masculine design features for men to be Providers, Protectors and Priests by audio. (Link to Real Men audio)

Chapter 6      Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Provision and work are a necessary part of a man’s life and a catalyst in manhood training. Dr. Christian Overman teaches the theology of work and clarifies the principle that all work can be holy when done unto the Lord, regardless of title or vocation.

Bringing home the practical application father and son business owners Dave and Chris Nichols, share their successful strategy with work, play and charity! A powerful combination!


Chapter 7      Forgive Us Our Sins As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us

We need cleansing of our ongoing sins or debts against others, even if we have already prayed and received salvation. There is an ongoing masculine duty to rightly order all our relationships so God can use us for His Kingdom. Dick Cinkovich teaches about the duty of our debt and why good men need to submit to authority, or they will have to pay a debt to society such as jail!

Jose Rijo Berger could have been a casualty ending up in jail. Instead he went from gangs to professional baseball. Jose shares his personal and powerful story of redemption and how God used many men in his life to give him a second chance and live out the reality of forgiveness!

Chapter 8      Lead Us Not Into Temptation

All men are tested by temptation, including Jesus and yet Jesus did not sin. God has provided a way out of temptation and in this chapter the spiritual principles for responding to temptation are spelled out clearly. God has made the way possible for men to be victors, not victims and to use temptation to strengthen men, not weaken them. Dr. Gregg Jantz teaches on two battle areas most men face, pornography and anger and how men can face the battles with success. (Link to audio - Young Men & Pornography, and Battles Men Face )

Chapter 9      Deliver Us From Evil

All men are in a spiritual war, but some don’t know their enemy- Satan. This chapter explains who he is and the tools God has provided, such as the armor of God to fight the enemy. Dr. Pete Battjes encourages young warriors in the fight and Jeremy Vallerand shares his personal story of taking back territory through living an engaged life, no matter your age. Jeremy’s journey led him to rescue girls caught in sex trafficking internationally ultimately becoming President of Rescue Freedom International!

Chapter 10    Yours Is The Kingdom, Power and Glory Forever, Amen!

The final declaration in the Lord’s Prayer is powerful and when it becomes true in a man’s life, it changes everything! Dr. Jan David Hettinga reveals more insight into truly living a Kingdom life and what that means for all men. This chapter also includes an outline for a personalized plan going forward for each man going through the study.