About Cultural Warrior 

Cultural Warrior is a ministry for men who want to actively do something about the impact of our current culture on our selves, our families, and the work of Christ. It is very easy to feel like one guy like me can't do anything... it is pointless... the problems seem overwhelming... the battle is too big... the opposition is too strong.

We disagree. You can do something. You can join an army of others who are actively taking a stand and making a difference by becoming a Cultural Warrior and supporting the work of The Legacy Institute. 

Cultural Warrior is a ministry of The Legacy Institute, a 501c3 organization. The mission of The Legacy Institute is:

The Legacy Institute delivers educational resources that empower people to be whole in a sexually broken culture.

We believe this process begins in the home and is reinforced through the church, private schools and community organizations that work with youth and family.

Parents First
At The Legacy Institute, we see parents as the primary sexual educators of their own children. Parents have been given the responsibility to teach their children about the sacred nature of life, the power of authentic love and the lasting influence of their legacy. They are the most qualified to raise the next generation of children to be whole individuals who can enter into lifelong, healthy marriage relationships. To be sure, other influential adults will be part of this important process, so it is the mission of The Legacy Institute to equip parents and their purposeful delegates with language, tools and resources to do just that.

A Unique Approach to Sexuality Education
While most sexuality education focuses on sexual expression as a physical act, both scripture and science paint a much bigger picture of sexuality, so at The Legacy Institute, our goal is to create educational materials that portray the truth of sexuality with broader brush strokes as well:

  • From a scriptural perspective, we reveal the essential picture of our sexuality: our creator’s gift of life to us, in our “maleness” and “femaleness,” was the intentional mechanism by which we are to be fruitful, loving, life-giving beings who reflect God’s image in our wholeness and pass this wholeness on to future generations.

  • From a scientific perspective, we uncover the essential truth of our sexuality: empirical data from both hard and soft sciences in fields as diverse as biology, neurology, psychology, reproductive health, sociology and anthropology provide “material” support for the theory behind the scriptural model for sexual relationships.

  • From a practical perspective, we bring to light the essential purpose for our sexuality: when we live with sexual integrity, the fruit of everyday relationships is evident in the formation of strong marriages, healthy families and truly progressive communities, all of which help to re-adjust the culture in a positive way.

Presented together, these perspectives give parents and educators a larger, more inspiring vision of sexuality with which to educate the next generation.

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Remember men, if we all do something, than nobody has to do everything. That is one of the fundamental truths of being in the body of Christ.

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