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The Power of an Introvert’s Design

Introverts comprise half the population, yet we don’t understand the power of this unique design. Best-selling author Holley Gerth reveals important brain and biology features that may surprise you and how Introverts become some of our greatest influencers! -- Part 1

Author Holley Gerth shares the unique ways Introverts process tasks and how they engage friendships, experience worship and happiness. So insightful and encouraging and helpful for managing relationships and raising kids! -- Part 2



Why Public Invitations to Follow Christ Matter

Pastors and church leaders are concerned about their churches plateauing or declining. Matt Queen professor of evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary believes one of the major reasons is because congregations aren't being publicly called to faith in Christ and brings us his important perspective. 


News and Views

Breaking news, Tucker Carlson is no longer at Fox News. Don Lemon is fired and Susan Rice is leaving. We evaluate each story and the impact of each person in their role. Interesting times!


Chemical Abortion Fight

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill Mifepristone. The new battle in the pro-life fight is on. Brad Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute brings his insights and the key details of this important case.


Prayer Stops Violence!

Moms in Prayer International witnesses amazing outcomes in the lives of kids, parents and teachers. President Sally Burke brings inspiring stories of how prayer stopped violence in schools and why now is the time to cover all our kids in prayer! Moms In Prayer | Prayer Network | Christian Community


UN Seeking Vast New Powers

The United Nations is seeking vast new powers and stronger “global governance” tools to deal with international emergencies such as pandemics and economic crisis. Journalist, author and investigator Alex Newman raises important concerns and questions. IN-DEPTH: UN Seeks Vast New Powers for Global Emergencies (theepochtimes.com)


Is AI a Threat?

Elon Musk believes AI and ChatGPT are a potential threat to civilization. While we process that potential, there is a very real tangible danger we need to address now - misinformation and ideological bias. Important! The Dark Side of ChatGPT (theepochtimes.com)


News and Views

Washington state passes evil legislation, Missouri shows us the right way, Bud Light has competition, babies are saved because of Dobbs and other news that matters! Expect some fire in this one!


Journey to Forgiveness

Rev. David Peterson brings us his story of childhood bullying due to uncontrollable tremors and other pain he endured. God brought healing and a way for him to understand how to forgive others. His authentic story combined with his compassion for others will give anyone hope that forgiveness is possible! -- Part 1

Rev. David Peterson looks beyond the simple and surface-level understanding of why we need to forgive and instead helps us understand how. He also introduces us to milestones we can follow, including principles, scripture, questions to process and a simple prayer for each of the 21 important milestone steps to freedom! -- Part 2

See: David Peterson Books 


LGBT Identifiers Increase Unnaturally

A recent Gallop Poll found nearly one out of five adults, aged 18-25 identify as LGBT, adult LGBT identifiers has doubled since 2013! This kind of growth is highly unusual so what is the cause? Jeff Johnston joins us with important insights you need to hear. 


News and Views

COVID emergency is over, finally! Biden still wants mask mandates for travel, so we bring new compelling data that might surprise you N95 mask wearers. Bud Light goes woke, Transgender activists assault Riley Gaines and the FBI has a lot to answer for regarding agents undercover in churches and J6 Proud Boys infiltration. Whew! Big Show!


Reaping and Sowing in the News

So many times we don’t hear about the “other side of the story” so we tackle a few including a judge ruling revoking FDA approval for Mifepristone, Inslee buying the “health care” drug in advance, Stormy Daniels has to pay even more money for lying, Dr. Redfield says under oath Fauci is responsible for millions of deaths and Elon Musk tips the scales. Big stories revealing reaping and sowing happens everywhere!


Stopping the Fatherless Epidemic

18 million children live without their fathers, missing out on the necessary and important influence fathers bring. Eric Swithin, President of the Alliance for Ending the Fatherless Epidemic brings good news about mentoring and a new documentary all should see. The Alliance - Home (fatherlessepidemic.org) 


A Day of Infamy and Embarrassment

Former President Donald Trump was charged with falsifying business records. We examine the ‘reality’ of the charges along with this historic and sad moment in history while recognizing our King Jesus is on His throne, ruling and reigning!


Transgender Violence Pushed in the Narrative

With the killing of innocent victims last week by someone claiming to be transgender, the true narrative of violence is being hidden by most media. So, what is the real story and who is committing the real genocide? Carrie is worked up on this one, and rightly so!


God Made Babies: Helping Parents Answer the Baby Question

Where do babies come from? This common question leaves some parents perplexed. Authors Justin and Lindsey Holcomb bring us another fantastic book with powerful theology, practical applications, and a thoughtful approach to this big question! 

See: https://newgrowthpress.com/ 


Domestic Violence in the Church

Do Christians hide their abusive relationships?  Do we cover up abuse for the sake of appearances? Counselor Harry Pearson helps women and men understand what abuse looks like and what to do when it is happening. For help call 1-855-771-4357.


The Seven Cornerstones of a Biblical Worldview

Dr. George Barna describes the seven cornerstones of a biblical worldview, without which, he says,” A person is very unlikely to develop a consistently biblical life of thought and action.” This helpful list brings clarity for all of us in living and leading others.  

See: Research - Arizona Christian University


Insights on the Bank Failure

The stock market is reeling after news of the demise of Silicon Bank and other banks. So how do we view what’s happening in light of scripture? Paul Wozniak, attorney, businessman and Bible teacher brings insight on these important events. https://shabua.com/ 


Understanding the Visual Nature of Men

Shaunti Feldhahn joins Carrie for a fresh look at her research about the visual nature of men and the impact it has on their relationships and choices. Fabulous insight and important for both men and women! See: www.shaunti.com 


Fighting for the Truth

The Silent Majority Foundation has been tackling some big cases to protect individual liberty and religious freedom. Pete Sarrano, Director and General Counsel for SMF reviews some key cases, including Bazzrea Vs. Mayorkas- the United States Coast Guard lawsuit regarding C-19 mandates. https://silentmajorityfoundation.org/  


Will President Trump Be Arrested?

According to news sources, President Trump may be indicted tomorrow by Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg. This same DA is letting dangerous criminals roam the streets. Is this the next effort in a long list of attempts to take Trump out? We look at why “they” are doing this, the details and some responses from other Republican leaders.


Women Making History

Historian Bill Federer brings us true stories of women who impacted the outcome of the Revolutionary War. It’s Women’s History month and these stories will inspire you! Their faith inspired the men and their acts of bravery helped win the war! https://americanminute.com 


Positive News and Inspiring Stories

A woman abandoned because she wouldn’t have an abortion, marries the son of the founders of a Pregnancy Center. Deion Sanders is a praying coach amidst backlash. A Florida court overturns a ban on talk therapy for same sex attracted. A pregnant mother’s migraine turns out to be a tumor and says baby saved her life!


Help for Single Parents

In the US 24 million kids live in single parent homes. Rob Jackson, a counselor who specializes in family issues brings hope, encouragement and practical guidance to single parents. Rob’s helpful insights and practical advice on creating a healthy environment will encourage you!


News and Views - The Truth is Coming Out

Big news going on today in the country and in the world as truth is coming to light and lies are being exposed. Listen in as Carrie discusses the release of January 6th videos, some who are criticizing their release and the questions that raises. Also, a former Clinton White House Advisor issues a formal apology to conservatives, details about the plan to build a larger FBI facility and members of congress challenging the FBI. Exciting times!


Is Revival Happening?

With Asbury and other outpourings of God’s Spirit happening, how do we know this is authentic? Can we experience revival? Pastor Alec Rowlands shares some historic insights on revival and an opportunity for people to attend the Church Awakening Conference March 16th and 17th in the Pacific Northwest region. Don’t miss hearing from leaders at Asbury. Go to https://churchawakening.com/


Is Dean Caine (Superman) a Pastor?

Yes! Dean plays a pastor in the movie No Vacancy. This incredible, re-telling of a true story takes place a small town in Florida and you will be moved and inspired by this impacting movie. Dean joins us to share why he said yes to this film and why this story matters. https://novacancymovie.com/


Men of Integrity

Ken Harrison was brought in to bring Promise Keepers to a close, yet God changed the plans! Ken Harrison shares how God “changed” the plans and how his passion to help men live lives that matter is born out of the hard-won lessons he’s learned as a husband, father, police officer, and successful international businessman. Ken’s zeal for true masculinity is inspiring! -- Part 1

America needs a revival of godly men. Our nation faces problems that can only be overcome when men of integrity — promise keeping men — fulfill their destinies as godly husbands, fathers, and leaders. Ken Harrison, CEO of Promise Keepers, calls men up with strength and dignity and reveals the new innovations at PK. Men you will love this! -- Part 2

Promise Keepers | We’re Building on the Past to Redefine the Future 


Picking Political Leaders Without Losing Friends

President Trump's recent speech at CPAC garnered him big support so we investigate some of his innovative ideas for our nation and the case he made for serving 4 more years.  Listen here: Trump Speaks at CPAC 2023 in Washington (theepochtimes.com)


Stop this Abuse of Children!

Legislation is being proposed in Washington State that will impact other states, destroying families while giving children rights to manage their own decisions on mental health, gender transitioning and abortion at younger ages. Julie Barrett with Conservative Ladies of Washington joins us with details and how we can respond. Act now! https://conservativeladiesofwa.com/


Fierce and Feminine Athletes

Can a woman be fierce and still be feminine? Can she have an identity in Christ and be at the top of her game? Samantha Kelly, Founder of Fierce Athlete says yes and shares how they support women, deal with gender confusion, tackle the hook up culture and much more. Inspiring!  https://fierceathlete.org/ 


Abortion Affects Men in Surprising Ways

Abortion leaves lasting negative impacts on men. Brad Mattes explains the outcomes in lives of men involved with abortion and how men can find healing. See: MenAndAbortion.net.


Why Gratitude Changes Everything

We hear gratitude makes a difference, but according to research the changes are bigger than we realize. Joannie DeBrito Ph.D. brings her wisdom and 30 years of experience to explain how gratitude works in the brain and what outcomes we can expect. Encouraging!


The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole

Author, nurse practitioner and expert on women’s health Teresa Kenney has written a fabulous guide book for every woman to better understand, value and protect her fertility and overall health. Teresa joins us to share the good news about this book! Excellent for young teens on up!


Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited (DA:NCE)

Healthy and educational dance for children is being replaced with hypersexualized dance routines and performances being taught to girls as young as four and five years old. Mary Bawden, Founder of DA:NCE is concerned that the onstage sexual objectification of children effectively normalizes a potential grooming process. The data and insights she brings are eye-opening.


Should Drugstores Dispense Abortion Drugs?

CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid pharmacy chains are feeling the heat from angry consumers concerned about the pharmacy giants’ plans to dispense chemical abortion drugs. 20 State Attorney’s Generals have already warned this is a violation of state and federal law. Joy Stockbauer with FRC brings us the details. EF22J37.pdf (frc.org


A Jan 6th Defendant Shares His Story

Joe and Shawna are your typical hardworking parents, business owners and caring citizens. They decided Joe should attend the peaceful rally in DC and their lives turned upside down after that. Join us to hear their first-hand account of the events on the ground and the response from agency’s who should protect, not politicize their privacy. The truth of J6 needs to be shared.

Part 1

Part 2


Be Like George!

It’s George Washington’s birthday and we celebrate a true, strong leader. We look at a little of his history and then pivot to a few big stories including the footage of J6 that is now in the hands of Tucker Carlson, causing Washington DC to shudder!


Coercive Birth Policy Removed in Sichuan Province

The Health Commission of Sichuan Province, marriage will no longer be a requirement for giving birth, and women can have as many babies as they want.  This new policy will take effect in Sichuan only, on February 15, 2023, and will be valid for five years. Reggie Littlejohn joins us to makes sense of the timing and purpose of this decision. Women's Rights Without Frontiers - Stop Forced Abortion - China's War on Women! (womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org


Pure Desire

Lives and relationships are destroyed by unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal. Pornography is often at the center. Nick Stumbo, Pure Desire Ministries Executive Director shares his story, and the power of receiving positive, proven help starting today! https://puredesire.org/ 


Secrets of Sex and Marriage

Relationship researcher Shuanti Feldhahn and renowned sex therapist Dr. Michael Sytsma have identified 8 simple, transformational factors to address the myths and reveal how common marital differences on frequency and desire truly are. Enlightening and encouraging! -- Part 1

The largest nationally representative study ever conducted with married couples about sex reveals most couples have challenges due to differences. Shaunti Feldhahn and Dr. Michael Sytsma’s insights help you communicate with, understand, and enjoy your spouse in every season of your marriage. -- Part 2

See: https://shaunti.com/ 


How We Love

Do you know what your love style is? How we attach as children impacts how we love as we get older. Milan and Kay Yerkovich bring powerful insights and ways for you to quickly discover how to love well! So good! https://howwelove.com/  


Project 21 and Black History Month

The National Center for Public Policy’s Project 21 advances the causes of economic and social conservatism within the black community. Donna Jackson joins us to share their vision and perspectives on CRT, equity movements and other equally detrimental messages. https://nationalcenter.org/ 


Help For the Betrayed and Abandoned Spouse

Author and marriage and family therapist Linda J. MacDonald shares her own story of betrayal and the truth God used to redeem her situation, and additional truths she learned along the way you will find extremely valuable. https://www.lindajmacdonald.com 


How to Help Your Spouse Heal from Your Affair

Healing from betrayal is challenging, but possible. One challenge is not sabotaging the process. So, what common mistakes do people make trying to save their marriage? Author and Infidelity specialist Linda J. MacDonald joins us with answers. https://www.lindajmacdonald.com/


News and Views

Pray for those in Turkey and Syria.  The State of the Union Address is tonight, so we look at some facts about our economy and GDP and guess who is going to be a special guest tonight? There are reasons for hope in government and we bring those stories to you along with the latest, gold standard study on masks and hand washing!


Would You Like to Fly in My Beautiful Balloon?

A Chinese surveillance balloon floated across the US for a week, why? Why didn’t it get shot down earlier? Was it a dry run for future espionage or worse? We look at the story and dive into the world of EMP’s and their catastrophic potential. Not an easy show, but important!


Health News

Novak Djokovic according to some, is the GOAT (greatest of all time) in tennis, yet he can’t play in the US Open because he refused the jab. Project Veritas drops massive expose on Pfizer saying they want to mutate COVID, morgues running out of room due to fentanyl deaths and other health stories you care about.


Really Radical Truth for Kids

If you are looking for a way to communicate the wonder of God’s word and the wonder of His world, we have it for you! Author Champ Thornton explains the why behind a fantastic book for kids 8 and up, and adults too! Excellent resource for parents, pastors, teachers. http://www.champthornton.com/


Pro-Life Activist Unfairly Accused

Pro-life activist Mark Houck was found not guilty of FACE violations. While good news, is this true justice? Rev. James Harden, CEO of Compass Care, the Pregnancy Center that was fire-bombed shares his insights. Does the DOJ overreach create concerns for all pro-lifers? 


Lawlessness Destroys

The tragic story of Tyre Nichols and other examples of lawlessness fuel pain and heartache. So what is the law and how do we get back to lawfulness? We examine an article from Allen West and feed our souls with parts of Psalm 119! Join this important conversation.


Special Forces Fight Human Traffickers

A group of former CIA and NSA special operators have joined together to fight human trafficking, using the latest intel secrets against the bad guys! Sandy Storm brings the intriguing details and her own surprising redemptive role in this dream team. Go to https://deliverfund.org/ 


Amy Grant Controversy

Amy Grant made news when she spoke about hosting her niece’s same sex wedding at her home. Franklin Graham responded, and we will respond with the help of Joe Dallas, author, and counselor for those struggling with sexual issues. Don’t miss this! https://joedallas.com/blog/ 


Ask Carrie

Do you know what to say to someone if they ask you to attend a same sex wedding? Are you confident you can answer challenging questions about emerging issues? Join the show to hear how Carrie Abbott, President of The Legacy Institute answers questions! Find more answers: https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Topics 


Letter to the American Church

Eric Metaxas, author, speaker, and national radio host joins us to encourage the church to wake up, speak up and stand up to global tyranny, loss of freedoms and harming the unborn. Join this passionate conversation and plan to see Eric on Sunday at apologiaforum.com


Legacy Classroom for Pastors

Pastors now have an online platform with the latest research, data, podcasts, articles and theology on todays’ hottest emerging issues. Your church’s leadership team will want to take advantage of this free site for pastors and today we discuss the details! Go to https://legacyclassroom.com/

Pass this on to your pastor.


The State of Our Kids

Good news on kids growing up in intact families, recent studies on the percentage of kids who have viewed pornography, new research showing the US leads the way in gender-affirming care sadly, a win for a lawsuit brought by LGBTQ groups and other news that matters to kids! Join the conversation.


BLM Movement Propaganda in First Grade?

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day teachers are promoting Black Lives Matter and their agenda. Good idea?  Ryan Bomberger explains the manifesto and history of BLM and how Christians can support the black community while not endorsing non-biblical policies and perspectives.  See: https://radiancefoundation.org/


Experiencing God’s Blessings

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible makes it clear God has a zealous intent to bless you. Pastor and author Terry A. Smith helps us understand what blessing really means, why it is God’s intent and how to step into a life of blessings. -- Part 1


Pastor and author Terry A. Smith helps us learn how to receive God’s blessings, how to bring blessing to the world around you and how blessing leads to the discovery of your true purpose. Exciting truths from God’s word you will find life-giving! -- Part 2



News and Views

Big stories impacting life, including the House passing protections for babies born alive after abortion, the March For Life and then we look at who is behind the border crisis and other anti-American decisions that are seriously weakening America. A clear and frank review!


The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we honor a man who left a powerful legacy, and yet was fallible like the rest of us. We look at some of his story, some surprising facts you may not know and why his failures give us hope, that God can use each of us to serve our generation if we follow His leading. 


Save The Tomboys

Nationally recognized star of more than a dozen best-selling dance and fitness workouts featured in SELF, Shape and other magazines says the feminist movement led women astray. Jennifer Galardi shares her story and insights as she speaks out for true femininity. https://www.jennifergalardi.com/ 


The NFL Story We All Shared

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was released from a Cincinnati hospital on Monday about a week after he collapsed during a “Monday Night Football” game due to cardiac arrest. His recovery is a miracle. So, why did this happen? What key questions are not being asked by doctors about the cause, and how do mandates impact the game going forward?


FIT God’s Way

Healthy habits for eating, fitness and wholeness are possible according to Kim Dolan Leto, an ESPN fitness champion and Bible-based fitness expert. Kim brings the 7 W’s of getting healthy in a fresh way that will really inspire you! No guilt, seriously! https://www.kimdolanleto.com/fitgodsway 


Is the Uni Party Getting Disrupted?

The Freedom Caucus delayed the nomination of Speaker McCarthy until the 15th vote, allowing for concessions. Who was behind the scenes helping to make this happen, and what does it mean for the Republican party? And McCarthy says Schiff, Swalwell and Omar are off committees. Exciting times! 


Speaker of the House Battle

Were the 20 lawmakers holdouts or heroes? We investigate the facts and the big concessions in the rules of governing that we hope will be instituted. God is at work and we can join Him in prayer and engaging in truth telling!


Jan 6th and Other Tales

Director Nina May joins us a year later to share more insights on what really happened at the capital, and brings truth on other important issues in our country’s history related to slavery and reparations. A powerful conversation! 


Every Believer’s Thought Life

Popular author, speaker and founder of New Life Live Stephen Arterburn, brings a fresh approach to defeating destructive mental patterns, helping us to change old patterns for new and living out our unique purpose. Let’s start the new year with strength! --Part 1


How do we change our thoughts, reframe our brains for victory and adjust our thinking towards God’s thoughts, rather than our own damaging negative cycles or addictions? Author Stephen Arterburn brings insights and hope for everyone wanting to defeat destructive mental patterns about any issue. Inspiring and practical! --Part 2


He Gets Us!

He Gets Us is a campaign designed to open a dialogue about and introduce Jesus to the mainstream/secular community and has already reached over 100 million people, largely through national TV during NFL, NBA, MLB games, etc. Brad Hill with Gloo explains the “why” behind this immense endeavor and ways you can take advantage of the campaign for your friends and family.


It’s Going to be a Great Year!

God invites us to follow Him, engage His wisdom and understanding! We discuss this key to the year as well as look at a few key stories in the news. Dr. Malone says the battle is for our minds and how the intelligence community has orchestrated influence, Pope Benedict passes, Fauci leaves and true justice is just prayers away!


Freedom From Pornography

Kids see porn at age 10; men and women are addicted and need help; pastors and leaders struggle and need freedom. Keith Rose brings good news from Covenant Eyes and help!  https://www.covenanteyes.com


Rethinking Discipleship

Career CEO and author Dennis Allen shows us how bad business techniques – coupled with old church traditions are compromising disciples and eroding Christ’s influence in society. Can the church change how we disciple so we can raise a generation of true disciples rather than just consumers of Sunday church? Join the conversation! -- Part 1

Jesus commissioned us to make disciples, so what is a disciple? How can leaders and pastors create cultures that allow disciples to grow and bring more people into the discipleship process? Career CEO and author Dennis Allen shares how to make discipleship happen. A must listen and the book is a must read for all who love the church. -- Part 2 



Teachers Unions Are Dangerous

Rebecca Friedrichs, Founder of For Kids and Country explains why Teachers Unions are dangerous, how teachers can opt out of dues and brings a documentary that everyone needs to see! www.forkidsandcountry.org


Dr. Titus Kennedy, Modern Indiana Jones

Dr. Titus M. Kennedy brings biblical history alive sharing his real-life adventures excavating key sites worldwide. As an Archeologist, he can bring attention to certain key discoveries that strengthen the historical reliability of the Bible. Exciting! --Part 1

Archeologist (or as Dr. Stephen Meyer calls him, 'a young Indiana Jones') Dr. Titus M. Kennedy reveals the powerful discoveries that strengthen the reality of Jesus and His birth and weaken the lies that the Bible is myth, a fable or fairy tale. Intriguing! --Part 2


Parent's Guide on Education

How would you like to have all the issues affecting your kids at your fingertips including transgender issues, sex education, religious liberty, curriculum and much more? Jeff Johnston with FOTF shares about this fantastic, free resource! -- Part 1


An 8th grade student finds porn on a school issued computer, history curriculum teaches America is corrupt and a teacher tells a student she cannot write about God for an assignment. What’s wrong with this picture? Jeff Johnston says bad stories like these are too common and explains how parents can stop this trend using a new free resource. Get yours now! -- Part 2



How to Hear God’s Voice and Know His Will

Do you want to hear God’s voice, to know His will and His ways? Pastor Shane Idlemashares the positive steps you cann take and the key principles in scripture to give you hope in these challenging times. See Pastor Shane’s message, blog and books at ShaneIdleman.com.


What is the Great Reset and How Has It Impacted Us?

Is the Great Reset a conspiracy or real? Is Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum actively engaged? Michael Rectenwald with American Scholars explains the reality of this in the latest Imprimis and we review his important insights. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/


Dr. Strange Makes Satanists the Heroes

Filmmaker and Pastor Joe Schimmel explains how Marvel movies have witchcraft and occult practices woven throughout and how the lead writers are intentionally inserting satanic themes to indoctrinate all ages. Comics and superheroes are popular – yet it’s time for a serious conversation. See: https://www.goodfight.org/ 


The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress

Babylon Bee managing editor Joel Berry co-authored this allegorical tale with BB editor in chief Kyle Mann. Joel shares his history with Babylon Bee, why satire is helpful for the gospel and some key background on this great book. --Part 1

Joel Berry, Babylon Bee’s managing editor and one of its comedic minds brings this story to life through the characters, the symbolism and how important faith is for all of us! Joel’s thoughtful story-telling, passion for truth and joy in this writing endeavor will inspire you! --Part 2


Legacy’s Pastors Project

Pastors sense only a fraction of their congregation are equipped on issues such as homosexuality, transgender, pornography or abortion yet the majority sense they need more equipping themselves before they can teach effectively. Legacy Classroom is the answer to this need. Listen and find out how!



Managing Holidays with Adult Children

Holidays bring expectations, and sometimes they clash. Are your adult children showing you respect? Are you hurt by them or maybe they are hurt from issues in the past? Either way, Counselor Joannie DeBrito brings wisdom and helpful tips on how to make the holidays special and an opportunity to strengthen your family ties!


How to Effectively Communicate on Hot Topics

Founder and President of Them Before Us, Katy Faust reveals helpful methods and a terrific resource that will help you engage others in meaningful dialogue whether it is your kids, other adults, colleagues etc. https://canavox.com 


Responding to Lies

So, the Twitter Files story continues, shedding light on the lies that were pervasive and uncovering people involved. Lies bring oppression.  Speaking of lies, American Girl dolls latest body book tell 8-11 girls they can change their body and even take hormone blockers and consider surgery. We discuss these stories and more!


Elisabeth Elliot Devotional Uncovered

A precious thirty-one day devotional was unearthed by accident and has been made available by the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation. (https://elisabethelliot.org/) We talk with Kathy Reeg, President of the foundation about these fresh yet timeless truths from one of our amazing women of faith!


Libraries Aren’t What They Used to Be

For years the far-left American Library Association (ALA) has been working closely with national LGBT groups to train library officials how to thwart and demonize parents and public officials opposed to the obscene and pornographic books for children being placed in public libraries and schools. We investigate.


Courage Under Fire

After nearly 10 years of courageous action, Barronelle Stuzman has finally decided to put her legal battle to rest. Kristen Waggoner with ADF and Barronelle join us to share this powerful story. https://adflegal.org 


In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality

This feature-length documentary presents much-needed truth with compassion and clarity about God’s design for male and female. Director Kendra White reveals the powerful personal testimonies, careful Bible teaching, and scientific evidence. Your free viewing here: https://inhisimage.movie 


A Death Culture that Needs Life!

Canada’s physician assisted suicide has increased deaths bringing disturbing outcomes and now they are going after minors! Your 401k may be dying if the Biden administration policy stands, Died Suddenly is worth watching, Qatar’s preparation for The World Cup cost 400-500 migrants their lives, Elon Musk says bye-bye to Baker and other breaking news. Join the conversation!


Who’s Best to Fight the Deep State and Globalists?

Kevin McGary, President of Every Black Lives Matter says Trump is the best one to fight this fight, although DeSantis is terrific, he is a distraction.  Find out why as he makes his case, and see if you agree or disagree. https://everyblm.com


Twitter Files

Elon Musk is opening the vault of information so we can see how and why Twitter censored conservatives and President Trump during the 2020 election, especially related to the Hunter Biden Laptop. Join this intriguing discussion for the details! 


Christian Experiences of Divine Healing

In a special double issue of Christian History, we look well-attested and documented accounts of God’s divine healing from the Old and New Testaments, church history, as well as recent scientifically recorded evidence. Matt Christian joins us in this special journey. Get your copy here: https://christianhistoryinstitute.org


A Different Take on the Midterms

Dr. George Barna reveals research to show we as a nation are not as divided as some would say, and our values will help us align together to make the necessary changes in our broken system. We discuss some of the research and key values of agreement regardless of party affiliation. Get your free copy: https://www.arizonachristian.edu/culturalresearchcenter/research/


Manhood Training That Works

All men need help to learn to be good men and godly. Pastor and author J. Josh Smith brings a fabulous book taking ten qualities from the apostle Paul’s letter to Titus. We look at the first few qualities of a good man…join this important and life-changing conversation. --Part 1

We continue the discussion with pastor and author J. Josh Smith on the Titus Ten and discuss identity, assignments, authority and more! A refreshing approach to manhood training for small groups for men, Fathers and sons etc. --Part 2


Comic Book Evangelism

Comics have a huge following and Kingstone Comics is advancing the gospel and the Bible worldwide as a result. Art Ayers, CEO of Kingstone shares how and the latest innovations for teens!



Rape Is no Excuse for Abortion

Rebecca Kiessling learned she was the result of rape and it changed her life forever. God used her story to create a powerful ministry of hundreds with their own unique stories of protecting life in challenging situations. https://www.savethe1.com/ 


Be Countercultural Embrace Parenthood

The culture subtly whispers that your personal goals may be stunted if you have children. Lawyer and Issues Analyst Nicole Hunt challenges this narrative sharing her story navigating her parenting journey with God’s grace, intentional choices and joy. Encouraging!


How to be Vibrant

Do you want to have a fresh vision for your life and deepen your abiding joy no matter what is happening in life? Author Carol McLeod reveals a special blueprint that will encourage you immensely! -- Part 1

Discouraging times do not have to keep us from being life-giving, fruitful people. Author Carol McLeod provides gentle encouragement and fresh insights from Scripture.  -- Part 2

See: https://www.carolmcleodministries.com 


The Impact of a Miscarriage

There is so much silence around miscarriages in our culture, particularly in how it can affect a couple's marriage. Grief, anger, confusion — the complexity of emotions for both the mother and father can feel overwhelming and isolating. Erin Smalley joins us to bring compassionate insights and practical responses.


Is it time for Pandemic Amnesty?

"Let's declare a pandemic amnesty," Brown Professor Emily Oster writes in The Atlantic. "We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID." Not so fast, what about justice and accountability? Join us to find out our response! 


How to be Strong in Battle

The spiritual battle is real; you’re not imagining it. Popular author Susie Larson outlines biblical strategies to deal with fear, vitriolic relationships, hardships and suffering, and the many other obstacles that the enemy throws in our path. Timely! -- Part 1

Author Susie Larson believes Jesus wants to transform you into someone you never dreamed you could be. He wants to turn your fear into faith, your tendency to self-protect into a passion to step out with purpose. Encouraging and practical! -- Part 2



Clay Crosse Story

Christian music artist Clay Crosse shares how he became big in music and nearly lost it all because of pornography. -- Part 1

Clay Crosse shares what happened in his marriage and music career after he was honest about his struggles with pornography. God’s redemption! -- Part 2

See www.highergroundmen.com.


News and Views

Elections do have consequences and we review an insiders look at potential fraud, proposition #1- the so-called birthday abortion bill that passed in California and some good news on Random House pushing back on cancel culture and pushback on student loan forgiveness. Join the conversation!


Amazing Advances with Adult Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cells are controversial and have not proven to be effective in research. Dr. David Prentice, expert in stem cell research explains the break-through treatments with adult stem cells. Fascinating!  See: www.lozierinstitute.org 


Is Cloning Ethical?

With modern science now cloning monkeys, Polo horses and even Barbara Streisand’s dog, is cloning people next? Dr. David Prentice, expert on cloning & bioethics explains this complex process. See www.lozierinstitute.org 


What is Anti-Semitism?

Hylan Slobodkin, Senior Rabi at Beit Tikvah and his daughter Hannah help us understand what Anti-Semitism is, how it impacts the Jewish community and some of the history behind it. -- Part 1

Is the church responsible for some of the Anti-Semitic views we see increasing? Hylan Slobodkin, Senior Rabi at Beit Tikvah and his daughter Hannah bring their wisdom and insights to this disturbing trend. -- Part 2

See: https://beittikvah.us


Aftermath of the Midterms

Is all really lost? We look at some surprising outcomes, what God says about wisdom and integrity (including in elections) what narratives others are trying to write about dumping a Trump led GOP and even a thought or two from the prophets! Join the conversation!


New Data and the Reality of Roe

Many Americans said they supported Roe, but compared to current views on abortion, something is really surprising. We look at the reality of Roe with Connor Semelsberger from Family Research Council (FRC) and some new Issues Briefs you can access to see the big picture worldwide. You will be surprised and encouraged! https://www.frc.org  


Fighting For Election Integrity

A report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation revealed voter rolls filled with error, dead voters, duplicate registrations and more. J. Christian Adams, President of the PILF joins us to examine the cases bringing integrity back to elections. You will be surprised and encouraged! https://publicinterestlegal.org/ 


Prisoners for Christ

Bringing God’s light into dark places is part of the vision of Prisoners for Christ. Founder Greg Von Tobel shares his passion for equipping prisoners and those who minister to them. A wonderful opportunity to learn how to minister to the least of these! https://www.prisonersforchrist.org/ 


Hope Filled Theatre

Sycamore Tree Theatre provides quality theatrical entertainment by telling stories of faith, hope, and love and builds an artistic community that gives opportunities to grow in creativity and craft. Join us for an inspired conversation about their latest production you can attend free! https://www.sycamoretreetheatre.org/ 


Who Is The Real President?

Biden hasn’t given a State of the Union Address - is this a telling sign of reality? Who is really behind the Executive Orders and running the leftist agenda we are seeing?  We investigate and enjoy a few highlights from CPAC. Join the conversation!


Vaccine Passports Are Possible

Reggie Littlejohn, international expert on China and their vast system of control, brings us an update on her work saving girls in China and the real danger of vaccine passports in the US and abroad.  Serious and important!  https://stopvaxpassports.org/ 


Psalms Unite Us!

The Psalms bring us together, uniting us in common experiences, feelings, shared joys and sorrows. Learn how this great book can bring you peace in troubled times!


Public School Exit

Author and Journalist Alex Newman examines why families are pulling their kids out of school, why he believes Christians need to take this seriously and ways families can find help. Important! https://www.publicschoolexit.com 


Is Halloween Evil?

Is there something Christians cannot overlook anymore about this day? Former atheist Chad Davidson brings some history, insights from his own journey and scripture for us to consider. Prepare to be challenged. https://www.goodfight.org


COVID Update

We look at the latest news on unusual blood clotting that is deeply concerning- some directly from embalmers who are seeing things they have never seen before. Studies showing other negative outcomes continue to be produced and we recommend a new video with outcomes but also possible solutions. Important! www.theepochtimes.com 


Is the Church Helping Singles?

Right now, 50% of adults in the US are single! Lisa Anderson with Boundless brings important insights on how the church can set singles up for success in their faith journey at any age. A great conversation for everyone to hear! https://www.boundless.org/ 


Resilience for Kids and Adults

Resilience is a habit, a skill and a mindset every child needs. Tim Sanford, a licensed professional counselor explains the profound difference in the upstairs of the brain where we teach, and the downstairs brain where we train. A fascinating look at helping give our kids grit, with grace! Helpful for adults too! 



Evangelicals for Biden: Pro-life or Political?

Prominent Evangelical leaders claim they oppose a “one issue” view of being pro-life and while they “mourn” abortion, they believe race, climate change and healthcare are bigger more important issues. Tune in to hear Carrie’s response as she addresses each issue in their public statement. Important! -- Part 1

Did Evangelical leaders claiming to disagree with the Democrat Platform on abortion create confusion in officially supporting Biden? Carrie highlights the problem with their statement and weak positions in their argument. -- Part 2



SOCE Sexual Orientation Change Effort Study

The journal Frontiers in Psychology published the latest study by Fr. Paul Sullins Ph.D. Senior Research Associate at the Ruth Institute, proving no harm is done by SOCE. This important research contradicts studies showing harm. Dr. Sullins explains his important research. https://ruthinstitute.org/


Girls and Gender Clarity

Patti Garibay founded American Heritage Girls, a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5 to 18 years of age. She shares her insights on how to strengthen our girl’s understanding of femininity and the details about a new free e-book helping parents discuss gender with their daughters. Excellent resource and program!  https://americanheritagegirls.org


Adoption, A Positive Option

In a Post Roe era, pro-lifers need to emphasize and celebrate the dignity of birthmothers and adoption. Paul Batura, author and VP at Focus on the Family brings powerful examples of the benefits of adoption. 


Are Democrats Destroying Black Families?

John Amanchukwu is a passionate minister, author and father and believes the Democrat party is destroying the black community and dividing the church through abortion and CRT. Join this lively conversation!


Adoption for Free?

Antioch Adoptions believes every child deserves a forever family. From Foster Care licensure to final adoption, they want to serve families. Executive Director Zeke Bambolo explains how they manage to do this for free and ways you can be involved. https://antiochadoptions.org/


Are You a Christian Nationalist?

Pastor Shane Idleman brings clarity to the ongoing discussion about whether Christians should be involved in politics. On either side of this discussion, what is the right posture for people of faith? Join this important discussion! https://shaneidleman.com/ 


Battle for the American Mind

Fox News host, author and former infantry Captain Pete Hegseth joins us to share his passion for truth about our nation and our education system. He reveals insights on our history and how we need to respond to the horrendous outcomes from public schools today! https://battlefortheamericanmind.com/ 


Man’s Ways or God’s Way?

Is the culture being destroyed? According to Saturday Night Live, something is terribly wrong. Victor David Hansen brings insights on the Thin Veneer of Civilization and we look at Proverbs 11 for our wisdom and courage. A big day!


What is the FBI Doing to Protect Pregnancy Centers?

Compass Care was fire bombed after the SCOTUS leak, 70 centers have been violently attacked and threatened since Roe was overturned. FBI and DOJ are silent about the cases. They have video footage but won’t use it. Rev. James Harden brings the facts and important questions we should all be asking. 


It’s About Time

What is your best time of day to be productive, be creative or collaborate? Turns out research shows a definitive blueprint. Join us to talk about time!


Being Present in Marriage

Dr. Greg Smalley brings his wisdom and personal stories to encourage you to be present. So, what does that mean? Join the conversation to find out and here’s a hint: emotionally available and vulnerable and so much more!  


Killing Kryptonite

What is stealing your strength? Author John Bevere explains what Kryptonite is, how it hurts each of us and what we can do to destroy it. Inspiring! --Part 1

If you could be stronger spiritually and the warrior God intended, would you? Author John Bevere shares his kryptonite, how God freed him and why it is never too late to be strong! --Part 2


Dr. Stella Immanuel Speaks Out!

One of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Immanuel brings her passion for truth, health, vibrant faith and preparing for future events. Dr. Stella has helped thousands successfully and has Hydroxy and Ivermectin you can access and more. https://drstellamd.com/  Use code 'Carrie' for a discount!


News and Views

God is so for us! We look at Psalm 27 then ponder a few key stories, including upcoming COVID webinars and we listen to a short speech by the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first female prime minister after national elections Sunday. Wow! Faith, freedom, family….sounds like a fascist no?


Stories that Matter

Yes, the FBI raided this father!

Government matters! At least 40 die in Iran’s protests, Sweden’s crime wave has one major cause, Republicans offer their plans for governing, good or bad? Venezuela sending criminals to the border while Desantis and Rubio offer tax incentives for families. FBI raids a Catholic pro-life leader. These stories and more!


Embryo Adoption Milestone!

Maria and Jeff Lancaster were the first couple in Washington state to adopt a frozen embryo. Their story took them all the way to the White House under President Bush. Maria Lancaster shares how their story has now become 200 stories! Join this inspiring conversation! https://adoptembryos.org/ 


Kingstone Studios Inspires!

Art Ayris, CEO and Founder of Kingstone Comics and Studios brings a fabulous, family friendly film to the masses. He tells us the “inside story” of directing leading actors like Dean Cain in No Vacancy, a true story you will love. https://novacancymovie.com/


Depression Can be a Prison

Paul Asay, author of Beauty in the Brown: Walking with Christ in the Darkness of Depression has first-hand experience with the depths of depression. He shares really helpful insights and brings great encouragement as one who struggled and as a father whose son struggles as well. 


Providence Heights Helps Women Pursue their Purpose

Hard circumstances can happen and strategic help is sometimes needed. Providence Heights is a one-to-two-year residential training center that offers transformation. Founder and CEO Christine Soule shares their inspiring story and how to get involved. https://providenceheights.org/ 


Patriot Academy Inspires Liberty

Teaching principles for freedom and keys to a successful nation are only part of this terrific organization. Rick Green shares his passion for our country and how you can engage these principles with your family. See Rick this Sunday! https://westgatechapel.com/apologia/ https://www.patriotacademy.com/ 


Are Women Destroying Our Country?

Dennis Prager makes the case women are disproportionately damaging our society, due to not managing their nature. We investigate his findings and bring a few examples of what happens when women, made in God’s image do not live in agreement with their divine design!


Patent Assassins

Bunch O Balloons creator Josh Malone had a patent stolen (costing millions) and the rest of his story is surprising and mirrors big Tech trying to take over everything. His story is inspiring and important. Join the conversation and go to https://usinventor.org for ways to protect inventors! 


Kids Deserve Better

77% of students exiting 13 years of K-12 public schooling fail to reach proficiency levels in foundational subjects. Teachers positions are going unfilled. Why? Dr. Keri Ingraham believes poor education systems and teachers unions and are partially responsible, and offers  positive solutions for every state going forward. https://www.discovery.org/education/2022/08/18/teachers-unions-blame-game/ 


We Need to Disrupt K-12 Education

Innovation has disrupted institutions and industries for decades, so why are we still following an old, outdated and ineffective model for education? Dr. Keri Ingraham shares her insights on why we need change and how to make it possible, especially following states like Arizona.  https://www.discovery.org/education/2022/08/23/a-case-for-disrupting-k-12-education-in-the-u-s/ 


LGBTQ Pride, Products and Programming Pressure

The month of pride parades, products and intentional programming for children is intended to train your children to accept an agenda, rather than God’s design. We offer insights!


UW Covers Up Results on Puberty Blockers

A study done in at the University of Washington claimed that experimental puberty-blocking drugs yielded positive mental health outcomes in trans-identified teenagers. After gushing media fanfare, it turns out to be false. Dr. Jay Richards explains the real results and more of the behind-the-scenes story. 


Preparing to Blend

Blended family expert Ron Deal brings his latest book and years of wisdom to couples remarrying and to pastors for preparing couples in counseling, so they address blended family needs more strategically. So encouraging and practical! --Part 1


Coupling is easy, blending is hard. For instance, do you know who should discuss chores or what to call your new family members? Ron Deal brings insights to deal with common issues and helps families define expectations and create solutions for big and small challenges that will arise. Timely wisdom! --Part 2



Abortion Prayer Vigils and Pills

Prayer vigils with 40 Days for Life are starting up again worldwide and you can find one in your area. We discuss what they entail with Rebecca Anderson then shift our attention to chemical abortion pills and the black market. 40daysforlife.com 


Prayer Saturating Our Schools and Communities

You will be so inspired to hear how God moved in Arizona schools to bring salvation to students, change the atmosphere, lower suicides and much more. Cheryl Sacks, author and prayer mobilizer joins us to share incredible stories from her life. --Part 1


Author, speaker and co-founder of Bridge Builders International Leadership Network, Cheryl Sacks continues to share the incredible outcomes when saturated prayer takes place in schools. She brings a model we can all use for our schools and communities for 21 days of prayer and more. --Part 2

Go to https://prayersaturated.school/ 


Putting Kids First

Katy Foust, Founder and Director of Them Before Us explains the fundamental right of children to their mom and dad, and why many of our social ills are a result of this not happening.  -- Part 1

Relationships involving sperm donor dads, gay couples, surrogacy and even divorce need to be addressed by society from the child’s point of view and needs according to Katy Foust, children’s rights activist. Important! -- Part 2

See: ThemBeforeUs.com


Why Are 19 States AG’s Warning Blackrock?

A growing coalition of state governments is pushing back on the world’s largest asset manager, saying it is putting its political agenda over the interests of clients. Journalist and author Alex Newman joins us with the important details. 


Fighting for Freedom Worldwide

From winning at the Supreme Court to processing thousands of requests for legal help worldwide, Alliance Defending Freedom continues to fight for religious freedom. Kristen Waggoner, ADF General Council was part of the team for the overturning of Roe and she joins us to share some BIG breaking news and updates on current cases. https://adflegal.org/ Exciting!


How to Love Life Abundantly

There is a unique and practical way to love and empower those who are pregnant and need additional support. There is also a way to be winsome, loving and grace-filled when discussing pro-life issues. Beth Burns Exec. Director of Abundant Life brings the good news on both issues!   https://lovelife.org/washingtonconference Oct 1st!


The Truth About Fauci

Anthony Fauci has left a wake of devastating consequences from his leadership. We investigate some of the outcomes and hear from others who have very strong reactions to his decisions and unnecessary mandates. Join this important conversation! https://washingtonstand.com/news/anthony-fauci-was-a-total-disaster-leading-scientist-responds-to-faucis-retirement


News and Views

An 80 year old protects girls while the YMCA loses their integrity, Fauci is apparently stepping down and the CDC is planning for an overhaul after they didn’t “meet expectations” handling COVID. Many are questioning the timing and the sincerity. We look at these stories and more!


How You Impact Elections with a Million Voice

Americans are frustrated with our elections and have great concerns, but lack confidence they can make a difference. John Graves, CEO of Million Voices brings great hope, a way to effectively make a difference and he breaks a big story on air you don’t want to miss about the 2020 election! https://millionvoices.org/ 


Is College a Good Idea?

According to Alex Chediak, people are changing their views about college and it’s importance. We look at some of the reasons and one big hurdle is student debt. There are good and bad options so to be able to find the right college that is a great fit for your student, go to https://www.crossroadsmentors.com/


Preparing For School

Starting school can bring unique stresses. Dr. Daniel Huerta joins us to share great tips, how to create routines, ways to prepare your kids and much more. Positive and helpful!


Gut Health Reduces Depression

Many people are feeling the strain and pressure of these times and feeling low or depressed. New research shows incredible results from pro-biotics and healthy eating compared to anti-depressants. Dr. Julie Gatza explains the research and why this is good news for everyone. https://naturessources.com/ 


Mar-a-Lago Raided

Yes, it’s true, the home of President Trump was raided by the FBI and we discuss what this means for our country. These are serious and dark times, yet when we walk in the light of God’s truth and insights, we not only experience peace, in the end, justice.


COVID Update

The breaking news on recovery, how to deal with the spike protein, what hospital protocols are not a good idea and how you can protect your children and keep your family healthy. If you have struggled with adverse reactions or long covid or want the latest on Monkey Pox this show is for you!


Hope for LGBT Kids & Parents

Jeff Simunds, Founder of Tower of Light Ministries shares his personal journey with SSA, how Jesus brought healing and how TOLM helps those struggling to find hope and healing. Powerful! -- Part 1

Parents experience incredible loss and pain when their child wants to transition or live the LGBT lifestyle. Jeff Simunds explains how the power of God’s love, healing and holiness bring change and hope. Encouraging! -- Part 2

Visit: https://www.restoredhopenetwork.org/ministry-finder/church/55/tower-of-light-ministries


Important Breaking News

Kentucky Flooding, Artur Pawlowski wins a victory in court, 500 Healthcare workers millions fighting mandated shots and loss of jobs, Tavistock gender clinic closed due to safety concerns, FDA says puberty blockers unsafe and California lawmakers removing parental rights promoting gender transition and hurting kids. A big news day! 


Compassion Without Compromise

Is someone you love living in a homosexual lifestyle? Pastor Ron Citlau shares his own journey of sexual brokenness and addiction and how God’s relentless love and the truth set him free. This conversation is grace-filled and worth sharing with family and friends in the homosexual lifestyle. --Part 1

Is the church shamed into silence on homosexuality? What is love and how does it impact telling God’s story about sexuality?  Why is sexual sin different than all other sin? Should we attend a same sex wedding? Ron Citlau answers these and other important questions. --Part 2



Cancer Care Includes the Church!

Rev. Percy McCray has ministered to cancer patients and their caregivers for 20 years. He explains how the church can effectively minister to cancer patients and bring hope in the process. Inspiring and encouraging! https://www.ourjourneyofhope.com/ 


Five Lies the Abortion Industry is Pushing and How to Respond

The pro-abortion industry is worried about long-term profits now that Roe is overturned. Attorney and life advocate Nicole Hunt addresses the five big lies and gives you practical responses. Helpful! For the article go to: https://dailycitizen.focusonthefamily.com/five-lies-the-abortion-industry-is-pushing-and-how-to-respond/


Troublemakers in the Church

The church can be incredible and it can be challenging when people are thoughtless, selfish or even sadly vicious. As a pastor for 46 years, author Mark Atteberry pretty much saw it all. With a love for people, humor and candor he reveals the 25 troublemakers starting with the least dangerous. Important! --Part 1

Pastors and leaders, these insights will be so helpful for your ministry. Author and pastor Mark Atteberry defines more of the 25 troublemakers and can you guess the #1 most dangerous troublemaker in the church? Join us to find out! -- Part 2



News and Views

Sydney McLaughlin breaks her world record and brings God glory. January 6th obsession continues to take lives, and a new documentary brings more clarity on what really happened that day. A 13 year old brings glory to God as she enters Medical School! Stories worth discussing!


Pregnancy Centers Under Attack Nationwide

Pro-abortion politicians silence regarding hate crimes against pro-life organizations is revealing. Rev. Jim Harden’s Center Compass Care in New York was attacked and fire destroyed it, but it hasn’t stopped his zeal and God’s truth about life. Prepare to be inspired!


Sean Feucht Says Be Bold!

COVID gave unprecedented power to government officials, who determined what was essential. With churches closed, Sean Feucht, speaker, author and artist began gathering people to pray for revival and the Let Us Worship movement was born. Sean joins us to share the story! https://www.seanfeucht.com/ 


13 Habits of Powerful People

So what are the subtle habits that influential people practice? We go over this intriguing list and add scripture that will empower you to be more influential for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ! It’s never too late to change our ways for the better! 

13 Habits Of Super-Powerful People That Make Them Command Respect


Good News Monday

A Judge blocks Biden Administration on Transgender Use, a real hero stops a gunman at a mall, pro-life flight attendant wins big, American’s views on gender are changing for the better according to Pew and global warming hits an iceberg. These and other good news to start your week!


Chemical Abortions on the Rise

Dr. Tara Sander Lee explains why chemical abortion is becoming more popular with women and why it is more dangerous than it seems. See: AbortionDrugFacts.com


The Surprising Worldview of Pastors

Dr. George Barna brings his latest research compiled in the American Worldview Inventory 2022 after surveying pastors in 8 key areas. These results are surprising and deeply concerning for anyone who respects pastors and loves the body of Christ. See all the research here: https://www.arizonachristian.edu/culturalresearchcenter/


Children Will Die

Dr. Richard G. Urso, Co-Founder with Dr. Malone of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists (18,000 strong) brings disturbing facts about the dangerous outcomes from shots for C-19 in children. A must listen for all adults and important information for your family.  https://globalcovidsummit.org/


How To Be Well Versed in Today’s Culture

Dr. Jim Garlow, pastor, author and Founder and CEO of Well Versed Inc. brings us inspirational and biblical perspectives on today’s biggest issues. You have the chance to hear from Jim and many others in person or online at the conference July 20-21 . See details here: https://www.wellversedworld.org/


Should Christians Attend Pride Events?

Pride parades, kink, Drag Queens at fast food places - harmful or educational? Jeff Johnston, policy and cultural analyst for FOTF brings understanding and important insights on pride month and the rest of the year for that matter with the LGBTQ agenda! https://dailycitizen.focusonthefamily.com/author/johnstjs/


The Christian History of America

America’s historian David Barton brings inspiring stories and amazing facts to help us celebrate the founding of our country. Incredible! -- Part 1

David Barton will delight you with stories you have not heard of our founding fathers, their true faith and many other facts about our Christian heritage. A must listen for the whole family! -- Part 2




Great Ideas for July 4th Preparation

We explore the principles that shaped Americas founding, provide a fabulous must-read list and go through the inspiring meaning behind each fold when you fold the American flag. Did you know the gospel is included? 




There is Hope for Your Prodigal

Author and Pastor Phil Waldrep says there’s not one kind of prodigal but five. He brings incredible insight to each one and helps parents who are feeling guilty. A hopeful perspective for anyone with a prodigal! -- Part 1

So how do we reach the five different kinds of prodigals effectively? Author and Pastor Phil Waldrup reveals the one thing we all need and removes the desire for nagging, condemning or other ineffective responses. A must listen! --Part 2



More Roe Aftermath

Dissenting Justices are so behind the times it is surprising on modern Ultrasound, data on pregnancy, etc. and they are supposed to be wise! Corporations are outdoing each other to offer to pay for abortion, why? It seems more people want protection for babies in the womb than we hear about. We investigate the latest research and Dennis Prager’s insights on the aftermath will encourage you!


Roe Overturned Brings Celebration and Joy

RICA-062722 : Roe Overturned Brings Celebration and Joy 
SCOTUS overturning Roe brings a beautiful Jubilee reset for our country and great hope going forward. We discuss which states laws make it illegal and what it was like to be on the steps of the Supreme Court the morning of the decision with Camille Pauley, President of Healing the Culture. 


A Citizen’s View on Hot Topics

Bruce Hausknecht, a lead writer for the Daily Citizen and judicial analyst tackles some challenging issues including the SCOTUS Roe V Wade decision, gender ideology, Coach Kennedy and more! https://dailycitizen.focusonthefamily.com/author/hausknbd 


The SAD Truth

Why are so many young men and women dying suddenly? Why is a major Insurance Company siting huge increases in healthy people dying? Should pregnant women and children be bullied into shots that are unnecessary and potentially dangerous? We look at the facts and friends this discussion is seriously important.


News and Views

We take a quick look at Juneteenth and then uncover some results of oversexualization in the culture that have impacted policy. Now kids will miss out on lunches due to LBGT Biden Admin bullying, middle school boys are investigated for sex discrimination using the wrong pronoun and Disney’s Lightyear voice actor Chris Evans steps in it big time. Join this important and enlightening conversation.


Dissidents Telling the Truth About Socialism

Daniel Di Martino fled Venezuela as the consequences of socialism destroyed his beloved country. As an economist and freedom activist, Daniel and other dissidents share the harsh reality and danger of socialism worldwide. Inspiring! To have Daniel speak at your school for free go to: https://www.dissidentproject.org


Do You Know About the Tragedies in Nigeria?

Dozens of Christians were recently killed in a massacre at a church in Nigeria.  Lela Gilbert, Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom for FRC has been voicing concern over the religious persecution of Christians in Nigeria for years and brings us the hard yet important truth. Article: The Washington Stand


News and Views

Flag Day - remembering Betsy Ross, the latest research on masks will upset some people, churches and pro-life orgs attacked 41 times since the SCOTUS leak, Fox news spreads false theology on gender and other breaking news.


Passionate Advocate for Home Learning

Education advocate, actress and author Sam Sorbo is committed to challenging this generation to new paradigms for education. She joins us to share her insights and details about her upcoming conference that will empower parents to manage their child’s education. You can also join her underground movement! https://www.samsorbo.com/ 


Jan 6th Committee Circus

The select committee hearings are only “hearing” one side of the story about Jan 6. We look at the story from several angles bringing you Peter Navarro’s story along with a veteran who is still in jail for misdemeanor charges and his warnings are insightful. Join this important conversation!


Roe V. Wade the True Story

The story behind Roe V. Wade will disturb even the most liberal thinker. The deception and lies promoted in the media and backroom deals that led to millions of children being killed are just part of this powerful movie. Writer, producer and lead actor Nick Loeb joins us to share the behind-the-scenes story, what it was like working with actors such as John Voight, Robert Davi, John Schneider and many others. https://www.roevwademovie.com/ 


God, Jesus, Heaven

The world needs answers more than ever about who God is, His Son Jesus and Heaven. Dr. Pete Battjes shares wisdom from 40 years of pastoring, the love God has for all people and a way you can share the good news of salvation with others. -- Part 1

God’s love compels us to share with friends and even strangers the reality of God in our lives. Dr. Pete Battjes inspires us with his passion for the truth about God, Jesus and Heaven and practical ways you can share your faith. -- Part 2

For resources, email Dr. Battjes at drpetebattjes@gmail.com


The Greatest Generation

God’s purpose in the world has not changed. D- Day reminds us of the need to fight tyranny. What will we do to fight evil in our generation? Pride month is impacting all of us, and even the Marines are falling for the bullying and becoming more feminine. Join the conversation!


Is Fatherlessness the Greatest Social Ill?

Sean Teis knows about fatherlessness firsthand. He shares his story and the connections from fatherlessness to negative social outcomes including a link to the recent mass shooter. There are hopeful, positive ways the church can be the solution to fatherlessness.

Great resources: 




Breaking News

The Sussman trial ended in a not guilty verdict – surprise or expected? We bring you the good news on the amendments potentially giving W.H.O. our sovereignty over pandemic responses, the Lancet reveals the latest study on masking kids and Home Schoolers excel compared to kids in public school. Join the fun!


LGBTQ Movies Motivated to Change Minds

“Burn the mainstream evangelical conservative non-affirming church doors down to the ground!” This tweet from an LGBTQ advocate Sarah Cunningham, and former Exodus International leaders denounce biblical therapy. Joe Dallas reviews upcoming movies about both. https://joedallas.com/ 


Christ Our Hope

Where do you place your hope in these turbulent times? Carrie encourages us with a message on hope from Hebrews 6:19-20. 


Foster Care Insights and Improvements

After losing her parents at a young age and spending time in foster care and kinship care until she was 18, Helen Richardson understands what is needed to make foster care work well and how to best equip families for success.  See: https://www.waitnomore.org/ 


The Silent Majority is Pushing Back

General Counsel Pete Serrano brings the latest on SMF lawsuits against Jay Inslee, his emergency powers that have been abused and other cases to fight for religious and constitutional freedoms. A must listen! https://silentmajorityfoundation.org/ 


Healing Families and Nations

Part 1: Amber Cantu is the 6th generation granddaughter of Chief Sealth. She joins us to share her powerful testimony, the story of her grandfather’s faith and part of her family’s story. Inspiring! 

Part 2: Amber Cantu continues her story describing her family’s history of brokenness and how it impacts her heart as she and her husband tend to many children’s needs. Hear her incredible plans for bringing redemption and wholeness to many tribal families. Don’t miss this!


Is China at War with the US?

Is there such a thing as an unrestricted war? Is China behind the devastation we see? We look at the facts and hear from scholars who believe much of the breakdown of our country has been part of an intentional assault. See: www.theepochtimes.com


We Can’t Celebrate Mothers and Surrogacy

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, age 52 has decided to have a baby via surrogacy.  Katy Faust, Founder of Them Before Us explains the deep mother wounds created from surrogacy. -- Part 1

Are we intentionally creating families that are adult centered – harming children in the process? Katy Faust explains the powerful need kids have for a mother & father and why surrogacy is dangerous. -- Part 2

See: https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/05/08/why-we-really-cant-celebrate-both-surrogacy-and-mothers-day/


Fighting Trafficking

Andi Buerger, Founder of Voices Against Trafficking and Beulah’s Place shares her painful childhood story of ongoing abuse, God’s intervention and His leading to help hundreds of girls. See: https://www.voicesagainsttrafficking.com/add-your-voice 


Parents Missing the Mark

Dr. George Barna joins us to share his latest research on parent’s worldviews and how they are impacting the faith or fallout of their teen. The news isn’t good, yet he outlines how we can turn things around and spoiler alert, it’s going to take some intentional changes! See all the research here: Research - Arizona Christian University 


Healing from Sexual Betrayal

Dr. Sheri Keffer, co-host of the nationally syndicated Christian talk show New Life Live, joins us to share her invaluable insights on sexual betrayal, why pornography is so dangerous and how we can be empowered to heal from our wounds. See Dr. Sheri this weekend! See: https://restoringheartsconference.org/ 


Objections to Abortion

So what about back alley abortions or the life of the mother? We provide answers and look at Colossians 3 where God teaches us how to transact from rage to love. Abortion is not a solution, God is. Let’s learn how to communicate that truth in love. 


Jen Hatmaker, You Are Wrong!

The Supreme Court drafts are not final but it looks like Roe is going down and RBG agrees. We discuss the fatal flaws of Roe, and why people like Jen Hatmaker are dangerous to other Christians when it comes to their view on abortion. Tune in for a challenging conversation!


A Mother’s Loss Bears Life-giving Fruit

A Losing a child is one of the greatest heartaches. Laurie Sperry shares the story of her amazing daughter Emily whose love of Jesus found in her journal has become a life-giving devotional for other mothers. Inspiring.


Disney’s Not So Secret Agenda

Disney executives are caught on tape discussing their goals to have half of their content promote left leaning ideals, in particular the LGBTQ agenda. We discuss this reality, how some legislators are responding and what parents can do right now.


The Superpowers of Mothers

Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar unveils important research on the role mothers play in their child’s emotional development, bonding, resiliency and security. Important for all mothers, fathers and our culture to understand! Children thrive when Mothers are supported! -- Part 1

A child’s emotional intelligence and well-being are formed in the first 3 years and Mothers uniquely frame the scaffolding for this process. Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar explains attachment and brain development and how to manage work, caregiving and other big questions. -- Part 2


Mothers Matter

God created the role of Mother, and it is a powerful, purposeful position! This is why the enemy has tried to tear it down and destroy family.  We look at just a few of the leading feminist voices that he has used. Remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner!


Preventing Emotional Baggage

Hurts, shame, disappointment, wounds from friends and other “normal’ life scenarios happen to all of us. Some stuff their feelings which leads to ‘baggage'. Kids pastor and author Chris Sasser shares examples of different ‘bags’ issues that are common and how we can help our kids avoid filling these bags. We look at the relationship and identity bags. Helpful! --Part 1

Author and pastor Chris Sasser brings insights on performance, comparison and authority and how each issue can become emotional baggage, in some cases really harming future relationships. Parents can help in the process and it is never too late! Positive and pro-active! --Part 2


News and Views

Elon Musk’s offer is accepted by Twitter-what impact will this have on free speech? Hallmark has competition from GAC media and Disney’s stock continues to drop along with it’s reputation. Election fraud is an ongoing concern and Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2000 Mules brings evidence of fraud you need to see. Join the fun!



Serving In Christ’s Name

The LA Dream Center is partnering with Kanye West, LA Dodgers, Chick-Fil-A to serve over 350K meals during COVID 19. Matthew Barnett, Co-Founder and Pastor of Angelus Temple shares the story and the amazing mission of the network of 84 Dream Centers worldwide! Dreamcenter.org/


Destructive Mandates

Lt. Matt Peterson gave 15 years of his life to protect others. He was on site at the first case of COVID in Kirkland WA. and he worked day and night to save lives, even to the point of exhaustion and depression. COVID mandates forced him and many other fire fighters to fight to keep their jobs. He and his wife Callie join us to share their story. --Part 1

After giving his life for his community, the Mayor of Redmond WA. did not give religious exemptions to their fire fighters, and Lt. Matt Peterson and others have to leave their life’s calling over a shot that doesn’t prevent COVID. Matt and Callie Peterson share the rest of their troubling story. --Part 2


The Acrostic of Jesus

The Acrostic of Jesus, a Christology for Kids is an incredible resource for parents and pastors. Pastor and author Timothy Brindle explains the power of acrostics and how scripture is brought to life through rhyme and rhythm. An outstanding resource! https://www.timothybrindleministries.com/


Modesty: It’s Not Just About Clothes!

Are you challenged to find a good way to help teens and adults understand true modesty? This classic teaching by Carrie Abbott will surprise and encourage you as you hear what modesty is really all about! Excellent for teens too! -- Part 1

Modesty is lacking in our culture at every level and yet there is hope. This inspired teaching by Carrie Abbott helps parents and teens understand the life impacting principles about the real meaning of modesty. Encouraging! -- Part 2


Why Disney’s Turning Red Movie is Dangerous for Kids

Mike Signarelli is a parent and a pastor who bravely spoke out about this film. Cancel culture tried to silence him, do you wonder why? He joins us to share his thoughtful insights and biblical wisdom. Whether your kids have seen this or not, you will want to hear what he has to say! See: https://v1.church 


Unity the Key Foundation

Are you experiencing unity in your relationships? Carrie examines this powerful mandate for God’s people that improves marriages, parenting, churches and communities.


Ministering to Leaders in DC

Alabaster House offers confidential prayer, friendship, bible studies and retreats to members of Congress and their spouses. Founder Kimberly Genau shares about this important ministry and a special conference you can attend. See: https://www.alabasterhouse.org


The Dark Truth About Transgender Ideology

The administration is doubling down on affirming transgender transition for teens with the help of schools. Devastated parents are speaking out and pushing back. We know Jesus died for the least of these, let’s join in prayer to combat the evil lies that are damaging lives.   


News and Views

The plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Witmer was apparently planned and promoted by FBI informant - sound familiar? Disney is an example of grooming from the left and we discuss the power of the cross during this holy week! Join the conversation!


Same Sex Parenting

Robert Lopez shares his personal story of being raised by a lesbian couple and how it impacted choices he made in his life and why he believes every child needs a mom and a dad. Insightful! -- Part 1

Robert Lopez continues his complex story and examines lifestyle and boundary differences in the homosexual lifestyle. He shares the precious story of his relationship with his father and why he works to protect children’s rights. -- Part 2


Community Prayer Model

The oldest prayer breakfast in the nation began in Seattle in 1935, due to riots, disunity, disruption and more. Sound familiar? This year's event is a new model that will impact your community regardless of where you live. Jeff Rogers joins us to share the story and you will be inspired and have hope for the power of prayer for your city! Go here for details: https://www.kingcountypb.com


Adverse Realities After COVID Shots

42,000 dead, 3.9 million adverse reactions in Europe, US 30,000 dead, 68,000% increase in strokes, 44,000% increase in heart disease, 1100% increase in deaths in the military and other “facts”.  This requires attention, justice, and a new path going forward. We are all in this together!


The Truth About Surrogacy

Why do some countries outlaw surrogacy? Are there risks to mom and baby? What about potential human trafficking? Jennifer Lahl, Founder and President of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network brings her expertise and insights on this complicated issue. https://thecbc-network.com/ 


A Truly Female Leader

The Hon. Michele Bachmann, Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University is a great example of what it means to be a life-giving woman. She discusses globalism and the demise of civil liberties and a conference she is hosting online today - available to access anytime. Inspiring! 


What Is A Woman?

Supreme Court nominee judge Ketanji Jackson made news when she wouldn’t define a woman. So what does it mean to be female? We look at some definitions and begin the lofty task of helping the culture understand God’s plan for male and female!


Darkest Night, Brightest Day

Author Marty Machowski has written an upside-down book your family will love! He joins us to explain how you can take your family on a journey the week before and after Easter to experience all God has for you in this special season. https://martymachowski.com 


Stories From Ukraine You Won’t Hear

Is Zelensky a hero or is there another side to this story? Is the US behind the Bio-labs and if so, who is involved? What role does Hunter Biden play? On a positive note, Ukrainians are choosing to follow Christ daily! We cover these stories and more! 


The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen List is an annual campaign calling out twelve mainstream entities for facilitating, enabling, and even profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation. Lina Nealon with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation brings the details. Adult content. https://endsexualexploitation.org 


News and Views

Disney employees push for “the gay kiss” in Lightyear, Adidas ad promotes transgender athletes competing against women while a trans-identified swimmer wins the NCAA Championship, NBA Player honors his dad in a big way and little miracle twins remind us that God is Life! Join the conversation!


Fear Not!

What are you afraid of? Author and pastor Ed Love explains how the path for spiritual growth often runs through your greatest fear. Encouragement for challenging times! -- Part 1

Author and pastor Ed Love explains why “fear not” is used often in scripture along with the words “I am with you.” Hear how God shows us how to deal with fear for our good and His glory. -- Part 2


What About Election Integrity

Most people believe there are good reasons to conclude our elections need an overhaul.  Captain Seth Keshel joins us to bring his insights, data and expertise to highlight areas of election concern both nationally and locally. -- Part 1


What happened the night of the 2020 elections? Were there more issues than we realize?  What can we do to really usher in election integrity? Expert Seth Keshel brings insight and ideas on how to move toward election integrity. -- Part 2


What is Your View?

Disney isn’t happy with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis for protecting kids and we share the story and his views, the ladies on The View had a guest who trashed our Constitution, what should our response be? What is your view on God’s plan for this country? Join this important conversation!


Your Freedom Can Start Today

Porn, pills, money, alcohol, body image, status, sex, anxiety or whatever you struggle with, John Elmore understands. He shares his story of addiction and freedom in Christ! -- Part 1

Former addict John Elmore oversees the largest recovery ministry gathering in the nation. He explains how recovery happens in churches and offers the blueprint for every church. Inspiring! -- Part 2



CDC Caught Hiding Data

The CDC was caught hiding data and are politicized according to Dr. Malone. He brings other facts showing vaccines may increase Omicron infection. We also examine new data out of the UK showing shocking mistakes in death tolls and how many side effects was Pfizer hiding? A must listen!


How Dads Can Teach Daughters

Fathers, you make such a difference in your kid’s lives! Today Dr. Danny Huerta has some great ideas and insights to help you build better relationships with your daughters at any age. Get more tips here: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/fatherhood-how-to-be-the-dad-your-family-needs/


Manhood Training That Works!

Trail Life’s vision is to be the premier national character development organization for young men producing godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. CEO Mark Hancock tells us how! Inspiring! www.traillifeusa.com


Christian Leaders Silent While Unvaccinated are Dehumanized

John West V.P. of Discovery Institute says while some leaders promoted vaccines as a sign of  “love thy neighbor”, they were silent while many were dehumanized. John brings examples, why he feels this injustice hurts the church and shares a caution for all of us. https://www.discovery.org  


Church Awakening

What does the church need in these times? How can we encourage our pastors and leaders and revive each other? Do we need more methods or something else? Pastors Alec Rowlands and Vanessa Hunt bring powerful insights on drawing on the presence of God and a gift for you! -- Part 1


How can we awaken the church worldwide? Let is begin with us! Join Jim Cymbala, Samuel Rodriquez and many other speakers as they inspire and revive the saints! Pastors Alec Rowlands and Vanessa Hunt share their passion for this event. -- Part 2



News and Views

Manchin blocks dangerous abortion legislation, Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island are alive, The State of the Union is…broke, Jan 6th defendant commits suicide due to the government “breaking him” and other news that matters.


Why the Equality Act is Dangerous

Forced promotion of messages that conflict with your faith, men taking over women’s sports, Christian adoption agencies and schools impacted and worse if the equality act passes. A must listen and share show!


The Black Church Deserves the Truth

Pastor Stephen Broden, Exec. Director of Content of Character Series says the left has deliberately lied to the black community to use them as a hammer against the system. Tune in to find out why, and how COCS is equipping the black church to push back against the lies with truth and grace. https://www.contentofcharacterseries.com


A Courageous Birth Mother

Ryan Bomberger’s biological mother was raped yet courageously gave him a chance to live and the beautiful gift of adoption. Ryan’s powerful story sheds light on the truth that all life is precious and has a purpose!  https://radiancefoundation.org/


Who is Giving You Dating Advice?

Who gives you counsel when you date? Lisa Anderson, author and Director of Boundless brings insights, tips for dating and wisdom for healthy godly relationships. https://www.boundless.org/


The Truth About the Gay Christian Movement

Dr. David Kyle Foster shares how the power and hope found in the Father’s love frees everyone to become like His Son and our only identity and label is Christian. A thoughtful, loving conversation and this article is a must read!  https://www.masteringlife.org/media-librery/articles-videos/mastering-life-categories/15-homosexual-confusion-aids


China Hosting Olympics is Wrong

Rev. Bob Fu was imprisoned in China and explains some of the atrocities committed by the CCP against Christians. Rev. Fu believes China hosting the Olympics is a mistake and explains why it makes the fight for religious freedom even harder. Help our Chinese brothers and sisters: https://www.chinaaid.org/ 


Former Miss USA Commits Suicide

The tragic story of Cheslie Kryst shines light on a devastating reality- suicide is the number 2 cause of death for 10-34 year-olds! Joannie DeBrito, Ph.D. brings insights for parents, pastors  and leaders to prevent suicide. Join this important conversation and get this free resource. https://www.focusonthefamily.com/?s=Alive+to+Thrive 


Masks Are Hurting Kids

In recent weeks medical scholars and infectious disease specialists are attempting to alert parents to the truth about mask efficacy, the real harm they are doing and why things need to change now. James D. Agresti has been documenting studies for months and brings the latest facts. https://www.justfacts.com 


A State of Real Health

How do you know you are healthy? Dr. Haley Costa brings insights on how to get healthier, a wholistic approach to health and how to aid all your systems starting now! God has assignments for us all, so let’s get healthy! https://bothellregenmed.com


Questioning God

Do you doubt parts of your faith, or question why God allows certain things to happen? What is the best way to answer a friend’s genuine questions? John Hopper with SEARCH Ministries explains how he effectively reaches people with questions, ultimately strengthening their faith. -- Part 1

Is science in conflict with faith in Christ? Why is Christianity exclusive? Is the Bible the authoritative word of God? What about hypocrites? John Hopper brings answers to these common questions and offers other helpful insights.  -- Part 2


News and Views

A Transgender man fights to keep men out of women’s sports and guess which country is worst for persecuting Christians? The CDC is ‘pivoting’ on who is truly vaccinated, a judge rules against the mandates in New York and other breaking news. 


The Power of Prayer

Jim Maxim shares his story of facing death, his mother’s powerful faithful prayer and Jesus’ amazing  intervention. Jim’s real encounter with Christ and his zeal for prayer will inspire and encourage you! -- Part 1


Jim Maxim continues his powerful testimony and brings vital insights into the roadmap for deep prayer and entering God’s presence for life-changing, powerful moments. This is possible for all of us. Don’t miss this! -- Part 2




My Loved One is Gay or Transitioning - Now What?

Someone you love shares their news and you are shocked, hurt or surprised. You might be a parent, friend or child and feel lost.  Joe Dallas shares the steps to take to show real love and genuine concern. See www.joedallas.com


Let the Little Ones Come to Me

What causes confusion in children? CRT programs for 3 year-old disabled children funded in North Carolina and Drag Queen story time in libraries. You won’t believe what the librarian says in this story! Let’s protect our kids!


Getting Political – Vice or Christian Virtue?

Christianity lost its place in the marketplace of ideas and we are at another watershed moment according to Greg Koukl, President of Stand to Reason. Should Christians engage in culture and politics? The pressure to stay silent comes from without and within the church. Join the conversation.  https://stream.org/getting-political-vice-or-christian-virtue 


Breaking News on COVID

A Federal Judge requires FDA data on safety, Omicron could be a “gift” from God and shots can cause permanent damage in children according to Dr. Malone and we investigate the facts on these stories and other breaking news.

Updated COVID Info document.


Lady Wisdom is Calling

The Supreme Court is addressing the Biden Vaccine Mandate for businesses and health care workers. They need wisdom, especially the Justices who revealed they were lacking the truthful data on COVID for making wise decisions. Join the conversation!


Do Evangelicals Lack Integrity if They Vote For Trump?

Outgoing Christianity Today editor Mark Galli created a firestorm when he called for impeachment of the President due to his moral failing. Is this legitimate or short sited? Tune in for some powerful reactions and a very cogent response!


COVID Update 01/07/22

Fauci admits numbers are not accurate for children and others, the new C Pill, lifelong immunity is a reality, Omicron numbers changed by CDC, Doctors speak out!  


The Truth About Jan 6th

Producer Nina May was filming at the Capital on Jan 6th and her story and factual reporting challenges the narrative we heard from media and Government officials. Nina joins us to tell her story! 


Raising Strong Girls

Our daughters deserve the best training, mentors and life skills opportunities we can give them to offset the culture. Patti Garibay, Founder of American Heritage Girls brings good news and ways to make this a reality! https://americanheritagegirls.org 


Kicking off the New Year

God has ordained you to live in this time, as an Image bearer so what does that mean? Let’s start the new year decluttering our heart, being light and recognizing the needs of those we love. Join the conversation!


What People Wanting to Transition Need to Hear

Laura Perry shares what perceptions, ideas, lies and events caused her to transition and live as a man for many years. Once all the surgery was done, why wasn’t she content? Insights for parents, pastors, leaders and of course anyone struggling. -- Part 1

After Laura completed all the “necessary” transitions, she felt empty and alone. God reached out to her in love and you will be inspired by the twists and turns in this redemption story! Strugglers, we love you and God loves you! -- Part 2

See: https://transgendertotransformed.com 


Return of the God Hypothesis

Author Stephen C. Meyer makes an irrefutable case for God, tearing down barriers between science, philosophy and religion. Join this “master class” session as he explains the history of science as it relates to the God Hypothesis. -- Part 1

Author Stephen C. Meyer continues to make his comprehensive and lucid argument for theism as the best explanation for scientific evidence related to origins and our finely tuned information-rich universe! -- Part 2


Abby Johnson’s Redemptive Mission

After Unplanned the book and movie, Abby gives us an update on her work helping people leave Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. Inspiring! https://abbyj.com/ 

See Forum with Abby Johnson at https://westgatechapel.com/apologia 


Myths About Homeschooling Debunked

Myths such as home-schooled kids are nerds, socially awkward, sheltered, under-perform, not able to get into good colleges and more are debunked with a surprise special guest - Carrie’s daughter Lindsey!


Darryl Strawberry Major Turnaround

Four-time World Series winner, eight-time All Star Darryl Strawberry shares his story of pain, addiction and broken relationships - then redemption in Jesus Christ! Inspiring! -- Part 1

Darryl Strawberry reveals how God turned around his life, his relationships and his mission! Darryl is now an evangelist and you will hear his passion for the Word and the gospel. -- Part 2

See: https://findingyourway.com


Why is Fertility so Important?

The powerful truth about male and female fertility is a reality that is life-changing for us to understand. We look at how the pastors project reveals this amazing truth. Exciting!


COVID Update 12/15/2021

This update may be one of the most important. It addresses the bigger story happening right now and the main interview in this show is the truth about the history of Anthony Fauci with Robert Kennedy Jr. as he shares with Del Bigtree. A must listen regardless of what you think about shots, masks etc. For the complete interview as well as other pertinent interviews go to https://thehighwire.com/videos/rfk-jr-discusses-the-real-anthony-fauci


When God’s People Understand Family

Powerful things happen when pastors understand the profound purpose of family and equip and strengthen their families. We look at the Pastors project that will make this possible! Inspiring!


Revitalizing Marriage

Faith formation flows through the family, and marriage is the key building block. J.P. De Gance President of Communio shares their strategy for churches to become the hub of relationship education with incredible results! https://communio.org


Finding the Hero in Your Husband

Women know how to work hard at marriage, but often sabotage their own efforts. Dr. Juli Slattery explains the real power women have to strengthen their husbands and why submission is not a bad idea! -- Part 1

Women and men both want authentic intimacy but differences and conflicts get in the way. Dr. Juli Slattery reveals insights that bring freedom for women to truly see and appreciate their husbands, while gaining his affection and love! -- Part 2

See: https://www.authenticintimacy.com


The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution

Legal scholar and author Jenna Ellis explains the original intent the founders had in mind for our constitution and how Divine Law is key in our understanding. Important and timely! -- Part 1

Legal scholar Jenna Ellis explains how our Supreme Court has stepped outside their bounds, attempting to use Social Contract Theory rather than the Constitution and why a Convention of States may be the solution.  -- Part 2


Why Advent Brings Hope

Does your family engage in Advent? We discuss the history of advent, how it can bring hope during this season and ways to make it practical and personal for you and your loved ones. Join the conversation and the fun! Link to article. 


Calm Your Fearful Heart

Author and Counselor June Hunt joins us to share fresh insights on how to manage anxiety and the ways God uses His word to bring hope and healing. https://www.hopefortheheart.org


The History of The Gideons International

How does an accountability group of three salesmen turn into an international ministry that distributes billions of Bibles worldwide? Author Jeff Pack shares the inspiring stories!  Part 1

The Word of God is powerful and through accountability and “Bibling” Gideons International has impacted millions worldwide! Jeff Pack shares special stories and inspiring history. -- Part 2

See: http://witnesstohistory.org


How to Raise Capable Kids

For over 10 years, this 13-week, multilingual, evidence-based parenting program has brought together communities to help parents raise healthy, caring and responsible children. It’s more than a curriculum. It’s a powerful community-led program with lasting results and an opportunity for the church! Director Mike Haley brings the details! https://www.rezilientkidz.com


A New Way to Retire

Wealth Management expert Joel Malick shares a new way to plan for a vibrant, life-giving season after work. With key principles and a willingness to keep learning and growing, your intentions will bring incredible opportunities! -- Part 1

Key principles for living a season of joy, health and vibrant fulfillment after work includes living out your purpose, choosing to be self-aware, connected, in awe and much more! Joel Malick shares his insights. -- Part 2



The Deep State

Yes, it’s real and Craig Huey shares some history, how politics and intelligence agencies have been weaponized and why it is ideological not partisan. Important! 


Life and Sex Positive

A new baby born at 21 weeks breaks the world record, hippos get personhood status and a university professor wants to destigmatize pedophilia and bring the ideas of sex positivity into all walks of life. Join the conversation! 


Should Women Be Part of the Draft?

Women have volunteered and served honorably in our nation’s military. The Senate Armed Services Committee approved a bill including language requiring women to register for Selective Service. What do you think? Join us to find out what Carrie thinks!


Family Court is Destroying America

Dad Talk Today founder Eric Carroll shares his difficult journey being alienated from his kids, tragic stories of men who have been unjustly accused and a system that makes money for the state but hurts families.  Important and challenging content. https://www.dadtalktoday.com/ 


Transgender Indoctrination

So how does a young woman or man get pulled into the trans world? We look at three real stories, what the kids all had in common and offer hope and help. Watch this interview for understanding and help.

See Forum with Dr. Ryan T. Anderson at: https://westgatechapel.com/apologia 






COVID Update 10/27/2021

The facts about masking kids and the serious negative consequences, a protocol to protect everyone vaccinated or not, what is really in the shot, free telemedicine appointments and the truth about Ivermectin. Covid Info Update file.


How To Fight Evil

Do you want to discern and stop the enemy and break demonic influence in your family? Former Satanic priest John Ramirez explains how you can have authority and grow in godly wisdom. Eye opening!

See JohnRamirez.org 


The Tragedy of Francis Collins’ Model for Science-Faith Integration

Dr. John West examines the history and work of Francis Collins at the NIH and uncovers experiments and projects that included aborting babies for experimentation and other views that don’t align with scripture.  www.evolutionnews.org  


COVID Update 10/20/2021

The Latest COVID update brings you the current data and a website full of facts. Remember to have your kits ready to go and build up your immunity.  

https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Portals/23/COVID Info.pdf?ver=2021-10-05-210927-460


The Black Community and Mandates

Kevin McGary President of Every Black Life Matters explains the historical perspective many in the black community share about mandates and government abuses and the impact it is having right now. Join this important conversation. See: www.everyblm.com


What the Bible Says About Grandparenting

Are you allowing grandparents to speak into your family’s life? Do you recognize the power of grandparenting? Join this inspiring conversation! 

See: https://legacycoalition.com


50 Things Every Child Needs Before Leaving Home

Dr. Josh Mulvihill presents a positive proactive plan for raising godly and well-rounded kids.  From faith foundations, life skills and relationship insights to changing a tire, loving nature and cooking. -- Part 1

Dr. Josh Mulvihill explains some of the 50 things your child or grandchild needs including: understanding authority, male and female design, corporate worship, work ethic and more! -- Part 2



America’s Fire Chief on Cancel Culture

Dr. Kelvin J. Cochran, Senior Fellow and VP of Alliance Defending Freedom shares his story of being fired after a 34-year career because of his stance on Biblical marriage. Dr. Cochran shares his views of cancel culture and the role of the church going forward. 


Healing From Abuse

Steven R. Tracy, Ph.D., President of Mending the Soul Ministry, explains how MTS equips believers to help those who experience trauma, abuse and other wounds to the soul. So Hopeful! See: https://mendingthesoul.org 


Marriage Miracle

Author Cindy Beall’s husband had news that rocked her world and their marriage.  Hear how she experienced miraculous redemption in her marriage and ministry.


Bless Your Pastor Movement

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. How will you bless your pastor? Learn 50 unique ways to bless them during stress filled times. Brian Kluth shares how! See: BlessYourPastor.org 


Talking to Kids About Death and Suffering

Pastor, professor and father, Jonathan Gibson shares his family’s story of losing a baby at 39 weeks and how he helped his son understand. The Moon is Always Round is the result.  Listen to this touching story! https://newgrowthpress.com 


Legal Support for Churches

Can a church be sued for not performing a same sex wedding, or even preaching biblical doctrine that is counter to culture? ADF Church Alliance provides legal support and Ashley Kelly shares how it works. Very Encouraging!


Private School Numbers Surge

After years of significant enrollment decline, private schools are growing in huge numbers due to public school policies, sex education, CRT and poor quality education. Is it time to make the move for your family? Dr. Keri D. Ingraham with Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education brings insights and opportunities for all kids!  

See:  https://www.discovery.org/education


Border Crisis Begets Other Challenges

Senator Ron Johnson passionately challenges this administration’s handling of the border in a recent hearing. Strong borders are the key to any nation's sovereignty and protection of its citizens, so how have weak borders affected the drug overdose problem in the U.S. and were agents really whipping illegal immigrants? Join the conversation to find out! 


Christians and Jews Unite

Hear how Bridges of Peace is bringing compassionate help to Israel and building relationships with Christians and Jews worldwide. Rev. Melissa Harris shares how you can learn, pray and get involved. https://www.bridgesforpeace.com  


A Personal Look at C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) was one of the most effective Christian apologists of the twentieth century, a brilliant mind and prolific author. Christian History magazine’s latest issue reveals the personal side of this great man! Michael Austin shares his insights. Free copy at https://christianhistoryinstitute.org/magazine


Foundations For Teaching Sexual Integrity

Carrie Abbott teaches a live audience why the church should stop teaching abstinence or purity alone, and begins laying out the foundations for sexual integrity every child needs for success. -- Part 1

Carrie continues teaching the important insights, scripture and principles anyone can use to teach the next generation in their home, church or school. -- Part 2

See: https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Resources/All-Resources 


Responding To the Transgender Movement

Ryan T. Anderson, author of When Harry Became Sally shares his insights on how the transgender movement impacts policy and brings insights on the importance of Judeo Christian beliefs and public policy. See Ryan in person Oct. 17th at Westgate Chapel in Edmonds, WA.

Watch Apologia with Ryan T. Anderson here: https://westgatechapel.com/apologia


Is Your Church Legit?

Reproductive Freedom congregations are forming in support of abortion, LGBTQ and other progressive platforms. Are these Christ followers or a club? We also look at the ECLA’s first transgender Bishop. Important times for clarity!


Intentional Parenting Leaves Godly Legacies

CFO, Exec Pastor and author Tim Alba provides insightful principles to put your kids, adult kids or grandkids on a path of true faithfulness discovering their treasures and instill a “want to” in them. -- Part 1

Help your kids turn their design and passions into purpose as you help them become intentional with their pursuits. Every age can benefit as CFO, Exec Pastor and author Tim Alba shows us the unique steps that will change your family. -- Part 2

See: https://welldonemomanddad.com 


5 Steps To Kick Sugar Cravings

Sugar, it’s everywhere! It’s hidden in food and may be impacting your digestive tract causing health consequences.  Dr. Julie Gatza has practical surprising insight to help all of us! 


Christians Engaged vs. the IRS

The surprising story of the IRS withholding tax status, and a final win for this non-profit! Founder Bunni Pounds shares her first- hand story of hope, why she helps Christians engage and how pastors can stand up and speak up! https://christiansengaged.org 


A Mission to Save Kids

Becky Murray, founder of One By One explains the Taliban’s impact on their rescue operation and shares tragic stories of children being harmed, families in slavery in Pakistan and efforts to bring freedom and dignity. Inspiring!  https://onebyone.net 


Body Image Help for Kids

Almost half of American kids express concern about their weight and half of nine-ten year old girls are dieting! Author and professor of theology Justin Holcomb, PhD. brings his latest book for kids, co-written with his wife Lindsey to help every parent engage this issue with success! A must listen!


How to Find Joy in an Uncertain World

In a deeply personal conversation, Shaunti Feldhahn, best-selling author shares how God revealed joy in the midst of true heartache and pain, and how you can find joy as well! -- Part 1

Shaunti Feldhahn takes us on a journey to find joy with the 8 key elements you need from scripture and backed by science such as gratitude, confidence in God and remembering what He has done in our lives. Inspiring! -- Part 2

See: https://shaunti.com/


Your Family Story Is Essential

Your family is writing a story with each experience and passing year. Learn how to see the purpose, intention and hope, including the redemption chapters that give God Glory! Dr. James Coffield explains why this matters so much! -- Part 1 

God takes ordinary and makes it sacred. How does this impact family life and our ongoing story? While teaching kids and young adults their behavior matters, Dr. James Coffield gives great insight on how to maintain relationships in the process. -- Part 2


God’s Heart for Orphans

Jedd Medefind with Christian Alliance for Orphans explains the global and biblical framework for most effectively taking care of orphans and why the family structure is key.  Insightful! See cafo.org


Your Unique Sex Language

Author Douglas Weiss Ph.D explains the 5 sexual expressions that are most common to spouses. Each expression is unique and important, yet Doug warns of the potential misuse and common road blocks for true marital intimacy. Encouraging for all couples! -- Part 1

Author Douglas Weiss Ph.D shares how each sex language or expression is communicated and how spouses can grow closer and overcome obstacles to healthy sexuality if they are willing to understand each other. Positive and biblically grounded. -- Part 2

See: https://www.drdougweiss.com/product/upgrade-your-sex-life-3


News and Views

Washington State does it again, now it’s going after the Union Gospel Mission - attempting to remove their biblical beliefs or shut down services!  Is the latest uptick in cases due to the unvaccinated? Not according to some new data. A church in Ohio cancels the truth and other breaking news.


10 Worst Habits for Digestion

Your moods, energy, brain function and more are impacted by your digestive system. Are you eating too late, putting the wrong foods together, (think steak and potatoes!) or not adding the secret weapons of digestion? Dr. Julie Gatza Joins us for this fun and really helpful conversation!


What is Critical Race Theory?

Author Tom Gilson brings insights, history and some explanations for the current push by some to dismantle our American heritage and push CRT in our schools. Find articles at stream.org 


Church Sues State Over Abortion Mandate

The Reproductive Parity Act signed in 2018 by Gov Inslee requires insurance to include abortion, Cedar Park filed a suit in 2019 pushing back.  Pastor Jay and Sandy Smith join us for an update after oral arguments last week along with Denise Harle with Alliance Defending Freedom. Join this important conversation that impacts all churches!


Children are a Gift from God!

Children are necessary for family, society and economy to flourish worldwide. Author and family formation expert Glenn Stanton explains why God’s plan for family is so important!


Training the Next Generation

Author and apologist Sean McDowell explains some unique features of Gen Z, how they process life and their faith and how we can help guide them to truth. Informative and inspiring!  -- Part 1

Author and apologist Sean McDowell reveals the best ways to teach Gen Z a biblical worldview, prepare them for a challenging world and how to share their faith with others. -- Part 2

See ColdCaseChristianity.com So the Next Generation Will Know.



Anatomy of an Affair

How do attractions, affairs and addictions start? Adultery recovery expert David Carder has seen it all, and explains the 5 types of affairs to help us affair-proof our marriages. A must listen! Pastors and counselors, this is a must listen! -- Part 1

Adultery Recovery expert David Carder explains the types of people that fit your dangerous partner profile and what stresses in life or stages in marriage put you most at risk. Social media is often used to contact old boyfriends or girlfriends, he explains why. Insightful! -- Part 2


Men and Marriage

Are men happier and healthier married or single? Join the conversation as we look at research and theology regarding marriage.


Esther’s Place Changes Lives

Homeless women and children find a safe place, unconditional love, steps for hope and change and the love of Christ! Founder Judy Hoff shares how communities come together to bring lasting change in women’s lives. 

See: https://esthersplace.org  

Contact Judy at: judy@hofffoundation.org 


Leadership Matters - Rhetoric is Dangerous

Breaking news stories highlighting the impact of good and bad leadership including the Boy Scouts 60,000 sexual abuse cases, SCOTUS decisions on donor privacy, oil price high, hacking small business, and of course a review of certain “leaders” views of our great country.


Ethics For Entrepreneurs

Mike Rovner was a drug dealer at 13 whose life turned around through divine intervention. Through his successful business in construction, he invests in his 300 employees and his mission is to help business men and women thrive. Learn Mike’s principles for leaders at www.thriveteaching.org. They are free!


Should Animals and Water Have Rights?

Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith reveals efforts by activists to give waterways and elephants human rights status in Florida and NY and how biotechnology is being harnessed to cross moral boundaries as male rats give birth. A Must Listen!


Stem Cells Help Your Body Heal

Dr. Haley Costa with Bothell Regenerative Medicine explains how regenerative health care aligns with your body’s design and how stem cell therapy provides healing and hope for those in pain. Get your free consultation: https://bothellregenmed.com


The Truth People Are Afraid to Share

Dr. Robert Lopez speaks candidly about his experience in the homosexual lifestyle and he wants people to know for many it is dangerous and hurting people. He also weighs in on the Equality Act. Important.


Self-Harm Awareness

Cutting, burning and other physical self-harm is a reality for some people especially teens. Joannie DeBrito Ph.D. explains why this happens and how we can help those we love.


Sexual Integrity and Purity For Teens

Is the purity message wrong, or does it just need careful focus? Is the church giving the best message to inspire us all to ‘be who we were created to be’- made in God’s image?   This is a message you will want to share!


Fathers Are Essential!

Popular author and speaker Dr. Warren Farrell shares powerful insights on the key role of fathers for children, especially boys. His latest book is The Boy Crisis.  See: Warrenfarrell.com/


Dad, You Are the Hero Your Child Needs

Dr. Meg Meeker has heard from tens of thousands of kids as a pediatrician. She has powerful insights for Dads that enable you to help raise healthy, happy kids, regardless of circumstances. -- Part 1

Men do you think you have blown it, or wish you were a different kind of dad? Dr. Meg Meeker explains the three things you can do to win your child’s heart and be your kids Hero at any age! -- Part 2

See: https://www.meekerparenting.com


A Letter to Birthfathers

Paul Batura, author and VP of communications for FOTF shares his personal story of loss that led to adopting three sons with his wife Julie. His letter and story are inspiring and encouraging for all dads. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/fathers-day-paul-batura


How to Share the Gospel with Toddlers

Can kids understand the gospel? Author Sarah Reju says yes and gives us a beautiful roadmap to share the powerful gospel and Kingdom truth with kids of all ages. So good! https://newgrowthpress.com/jesus-saves-the-gospel-for-toddlers


Mass Resistance to LGBTQ Agendas

Stopping violating sex ed, the loss of parental rights, CRT and LGBTQ agendas in schools and more. Mass Resistance is leading the way in a dignified resistance that is making a big difference!  Arthur Schaper joins us to share the inside story on the biggest cases in the US and Canada and his own run in with the FBI. Enlightening and encouraging! https://www.massresistance.org


Preparing for Important Conversations

Want help preparing for an important but difficult conversation? David Maxfield explains how to have safe, productive dialogue at work and in your family. The Shared Pool of Meaning is key!  -- Part 1

Engaging in challenging and emotional dialogue is possible with mutual purpose, respect and some key principles. Expert David Maxfield shows us how! -- Part 2

See www.VitalSmarts.com



The Worldview of Millennials

Dr. George Barna joins us to share the data and insights from a recent inventory of Americans and their worldview. Millennials are caring, gifted and loving and yet their views about truth can be problematic in deepening their Christian faith. Get your copy here: https://www.arizonachristian.edu/culturalresearchcenter


Parent Burnout

Two longitudinal studies show parental burnout has severe implications. Health expert Laurie Warren gives practical advice on how to avoid burnout, and what steps to take if you sense you are already there! See LaurieWarren.com


Just Say It!

Dr. Cheryl Bauman teaches us how and why words are life changing to those we speak to, confirming what scripture says and what science confirms through brain research. Very helpful! -- Part 1

Dr. Cheryl Bauman uses her expertise in education and research to help us use four simple but profound phrases that build people up! Practical and positive! -- Part 2

See  http://justsayit.today


The Serious Danger of the “Shots”

Experimental medications are causing serious outcomes for adults worldwide and people are being pressured to get the shots. What should we do to protect our kids and college students? Join this important conversation and contact us at 411@thelegacyinstitute.com for your information and links.


Ronald Reagan: Man of Faith

Forty years ago, two bullets from two assassins attempted to kill Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Both survived believing they had a purpose to end the Cold War. Michael McGonigle shares personal insights from this inspiring short film. Ed Meese, Michael Reagan and others included. See it for free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqK_LyySTQo 


Genocide Games

Reggie Littlejohn will be testifying before congress on the implications of holding the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in the People’s Republic of China, regardless of their serious violations of human rights. Join us to hear her first-hand testimony of what she will share and learn how to get involved.


End of Life Planning and Directives

Do you have directives you want followed as you age or in case of an accident?  Elder Law expert Richard Tizzano explains the important facts you should know. Plan now! https://www.accidentalsafari.com 


Protecting Seniors against Bullying in Guardianships

Elder Law expert Richard Tizzano explains how bullying happens and explains the correct planning and paperwork to create a peaceful plan for the later years. Important! https://www.accidentalsafari.com 


Teen Health Law Creates a Nightmare Story

Julie Barrett’s daughter needed help, went to Children’s Hospital, Paul Allen’s Hope Center and then things went sideways. Don’t miss this-story – time to change the crazy laws!


Transforming Culture Through Kids

Teaching kids a Biblical worldview changes everything! Jeff Keaton, President of RenewaNation brings new opportunities for all kids including: starting or renewing Christian schools, helping home schools, scholarships, online learning and so much more! Great news for the next generation! https://www.renewanation.org 


Judge Ken Starr and Religious Liberty

Judge Ken Starr explains why every American needs to know their rights and how to protect ourselves from government overreach. An insightful and inspiring conversation with a godly man! 


Your Purpose and Reason for Living

Men and women, do you know why God put you here? Author Richard E. Simmons III addresses this age-old question revealing how our very design causes us to look for the answers. A conversation both men and women will enjoy! Part 1

If we are here with a purpose, what is it and how does God make it known to each of us? How does sin impact our story and Jesus’ rescue make all the difference? Author Richard E. Simmons engages these questions and many more. Join this powerful and positive conversation. -- Part 2




The Truth About Marijuana

Is Marijuana safe? Should it be legal and regulated? Kevin A. Sabet Ph.D. advised three Presidents on drug policy and has years of expertise in this arena. He shares some facts on the true dangers of marijuana, who is really making money on selling it and insights on policy going forward. Informative!



25 Lies Twenty Somethings Need to Stop Believing

How do you block out the lies, half-truths and supposed to’s constantly assaulting you? Paul Angone, a popular voice for college and young professionals shares his story and why finding truth and reality are so important. -- Part 1

Lies like: Only you are struggling, love is all you need or YOLO, can wreck lives. Paul Angone, popular speaker and author explains how to replace lies with truth for successful lives that leave a legacy, while having fun! -- Part 2

See: https://allgroanup.com 


Dating Without Family Input

Who gives you counsel when you date without family input due to loss or strained relationships? Lisa Anderson, author and Director of Boundless brings insights, tips and wisdom.

See: https://www.boundless.org for single adults!


What Are Judeo Christian Values?

There is a battle going on in our country and Dennis Prager says it is over our foundational values. We review his excellent list and lean into the truths that are self-evident, at least to Jews and Christians. https://stream.org/the-american-civil-war-is-over-judeo-christian-values 


Standing for Family

John Fuller has been a pillar at Focus on the Family, helping families worldwide. He joins us to share personal stories and encourages us to lean into God’s love for our children and those we encounter. He brings special news on a new pro-life venture as well. Join the fun! https://www.focusonthefamily.com


Fear of Repeating Your Parent’s Marriage

Abandonment, divorce, infidelity, abuse, etc. are real and might cause fear for some people about commitment or marriage. Dr. Greg Smalley explains how with the right tools we can overcome the fear.


How to Handle the end of a Key Relationship

Have you lost an important relationship? Have you experienced the pain of a break up? Dr. H. Norman Wright explains why it hurts so much and some things we can do to recover from the grief. -- Part 1

Dr. H. Norman Wright shares the signs of grief we go through when we experience loss in a relationship, how we can heal and what others can do to help us. So helpful! -- Part 2

See www.hnormanwright.com.


Love Thy Body

Homosexuality, Transgender issues and Euthanasia rest on a dualistic approach, rather than a biblical approach to the body and mind. Professor and author Nancy Pearcey explains the secular ideology and its dangerous outcomes. Invaluable! -- Part 1

Personhood theory teaches not all humans are valuable and are dispensable, leading to abortion and other evil outcomes. Author Nancy Pearcey explains why Christianity is the more scientific, logical and positive worldview for everyone. A must listen! -- Part 2

See: NancyPearcey.com 


Don’t Lose Heart

The journey after losing a loved one is difficult, especially losing a spouse. Therapist Mary Beth Woll and Linda Smith share their personal journeys and their new book to help guide you to strength! -- Part 1

You can go from grief to grace to gratitude after a major loss. Therapist Mary Beth Woll and Linda Smith show you how. The Widows Project is caring for people worldwide, join a group! -- Part 2

See: https://thewidowsproject.org


How The Bible Impacts Our History

God is speaking right now in this generation, can we hear Him? One way to know how God impacts our lives is to see how His word has impacted history. Michael Austin shares how you can access fantastic articles, movies and more for your family to learn and be inspired! See: https://christianhistoryinstitute.org/magazine


Are Jesus and Heaven Real?

Spinal Surgeon Dr. Mary Neal shares the story of her near-death experience. As a skeptic, she tried to explain it away. Hear the extraordinary details and the way Jesus met her and healed her. Incredible! -- Part 1

Dr. Neal continues her near-death story which includes being told her son would die. Hear how she discovers complete trust in God and real joy - no matter what! This is life changing. Don’t miss it! -- Part 2


Is Evangelical Nationalism a Real Thing?

Some in the church are blaming Evangelical nationalists for the riots on Jan 6th. Who are these “leaders” and is there a real nationalism problem in the church? Let’s talk church family!


Medical Rights and Sexual Reality

Dr. Michelle Cretella joins us to discuss two important issues regarding your right to say no to a vaccine, and the reality of two biological sexes and why this matters in healthcare. https://www.acpeds.org/


Stable Families Protect Kids During COVID

New Research shows kids in stable families have strengthened resilience to depression, anxiety and more during COVID. Family expert Glenn Stanton reveals important insights! (Article link)


The Danger of Puberty Blockers

Senator Rand Paul addresses puberty blockers head on questioning HHS nominee Rachel Levin and we look at the risks with blockers, testosterone and adults supporting outlandish ideas.


A Throuple Wins in Court

A California Judge allows three men to be legal parents to two children born to surrogate mothers using donor eggs. Katy Faust Director of Them Before Us shares how adult desires put children’s rights at risk.


We Will Not Be Silenced

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer explains how Marxism is at the root of our current cultural downfall, destroying the nuclear family and attempting to remove our nation’s history. Learn how to respond courageously. -- Part 1

Current cancel culture takes a page out of Marxist history attempting to silence us, divide us on race relations, defile our children sexually while making the state more powerful. Dr. Lutzer give us a powerful, faith-filled response. -- Part 2


Is Satan Real?

Former Satanic priest John Ramirez explains  how he came to faith in Christ; how evil is unleashed on people, churches and cities and why believers need to be Armed and Dangerous against the enemy! A must listen for all believers! See JohnRamirez.org


Push Back, Speak Up or What?

What should we do about companies such as American Girls Dolls, Cadberry, E-Harmony and Hallmark when they go sideways, and crazy language changes impact the reality of male and female? We address these issues and find help at https://onemillionmoms.com. Join the conversation.


News and Views

Why is high-tech censuring speech about COVID? Newly released tape of Mark Zucherberg’s own concerns are enlightening and we look at outcomes both good and bad including adverse reactions from the vaccines leading to death – and positive impacts on marriage and family. Join the conversation! Get your COVID info at https://informedchoicewa.org


What is Lent Anyway?

Lent started this week on Ash Wednesday, and it’s not too late to be part of this special 40 day season! We look at the history and meaning of Lent, how it impacts us spiritually and how God uses it to unite and bless His church worldwide!


Powerful Black History

Historian, author and teacher William J. Federer shares some of the many inspiring stories from our history including Harriet Tubman, Franklin Douglass and others that encourage us and bring dignity to all Americans. -- Part 1

Historian, author and teacher William J. Federer brings history to life with stories of black missionaries, entrepreneurs and brave men and women who took the gospel to the world and changed lives forever. -- Part 2

See www.americanminute.com.


Should Christians Swear?

PART 1: God is Holy, and our ability to declare truth starts with our words about Him. Does taking His name in vain mean He has an ego, or is something else going on? Carrie sheds light on this important issue. 

PART 2: Swearing pastors- Facebook posts with OMG and other euphemisms. Are we sending the right message and is our speech strengthening or weakening the gospel? Carrie tackles a touchy but important topic!  



Is Your Church Welcoming people with Special Needs?

Young Life Capernaum serves a special community. Exec. Director Blaine Clyde shares their mission and joins pastor Eric Trout in describing a welcoming church. See Young Life Capernaum.


Authentic Spirituality

t’s difficult to finish the race in our spiritual journey at times. Some seasons are dark and some confusing. Author and Pastor R. Sonny Misar explains the beginning stages which are full of joy and wonder!   See: JourneyToAuthenticity.com  - PART 1.

Author and Pastor R.Sonny Misar defines each of six stages of our spiritual journey and how each stage in the pilgrimage means a journey to a sacred, authentic place. Inspiring for Easter Preparation!  - PART 2.


Outward Focused Church

PART 1.  65% of churches in America are plateaued or dying because of an inward focused culture. Dr. Dave Cole and Jon Wren share what changed in their mind to become outward focused pastors. Insightful and encouraging!  See: OutwardFocusedNetwork.com 

PART 2.  Is it possible to change how we “see” the church and our mission? Can we become more life-giving and outward focused?  Dr. Dave Cole and Jon Wren share their story of collaboration, learning and insights we can all use in every part of our life! 



Legal Support for Churches

Pastor, your church deserves the best counsel on legal matters involving zoning, gender, hiring and much more. Erik Stanley Sr. Counsel with ADF explains how this can happen! See:  https://www.adfchurchalliance.org


My Pillow Amazing Story!

Mike Lindell, creator of my pillow joins Carrie to share his amazing journey from crack cocaine to selling 41 million pillows! Inspiring! See MyPillow.com.  - PART 1.

Mike Lindell shares more of his journey, amazing miracles and finally redemption as a follower of Jesus Christ! You will be surprised and blessed!  - PART 2.



Accidental Safari – How to Plan Ahead

What if something happens to a loved one - are you ready? Elder Law attorney Richard Tizzano shares his personal story, why he went from ministry to law and why plans bring peace!  See AccidentalSafari.com  - PART 1.

Healthcare, Long-term insurance, accidents, nursing homes, power of attorney etc. Elder law attorney Richard Tizzano offers guidance and insight before the challenges come! See AccidentalSafari.com - PART 2.



An Alternative to Drugs

Dr. Ed Carlton offers an alternative to drugs for kids (ADHD) and  medication for teens and adults that is drug free! Surprising!


The Thyroid’s Impact

With over two hundred varying symptoms, thyroid disease is often undetected and undertreated, leaving many suffering. Dr. Janet Maccaro shares her own journey. A must listen!  PART 1.

Dr. Janet Maccaro is a survivor of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and thyroid cancer. Listen as she shares facts you may not know, and may be living with. Don’t live unwell any longer! PART 2.



Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace shares his story from devout atheist to believer, and his occupation as a cold case detective and how it influenced his faith journey. https://coldcasechristianity.com. - PART 1.

Young men and women need evidence for their faith and J. Warner Wallace explains how to communicate that truth effectively. - PART 2.



How to Cherish

This one word will change your marriage! Best-selling author Gary Thomas explains how cherish is different than love. Inspiring for every marriage and committed dating couples. -- Part 1

Author Gary Thomas shares more examples of how to cherish, why honor is key and how all men and women can do this successfully!  Loving and cherishing is powerful! -- Part 2


Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

Social science expert, author and world-renowned speaker Joseph Grenny explains how influence works and how we cause real change personally and professionally. See VitalSmarts.com.  - PART 1.

What are the 3 keys to the best influencers, and what 6 influences impact all of us? Social science expert Joseph Grenny share these and more!  - PART 2.



Speak Up!

The Christian has a need and a calling to speak. What should we say to ourselves, to our Lord and to others? Let’s speak up and be counted in this culture that needs our voice! Join the conversation about how your words matter!  


It’s About Time

What is your best time of day to be productive, be creative or collaborate? Turns out research shows a definitive blueprint. Tune in to talk time!


Ten Qualities of a Modern Gentleman

Is being a gentleman an archaic concept? Is it wealth and status or is it a choice? Etiquette expert Deborah King gives us the blueprint for masculine success! See: FinalTouchSchool.com.


Encouragement to Girls

Deborah King, CEO and Founder of Final Touch School gives tips to girls that help produce confidence and encourage tweens and teens. For more skills get Emily’s Club at TheLegacyInstitute.com/EmilysClub.


Freedom Realized for Sexual Struggles

When Exodus leaders falsely proclaimed 99% of gay people can’t change, bad theology sprouted creating confusion. Stephen H. Black reveals the real facts on change, brings hope and powerful ways to help any struggler!  -- Part 1

What causes homosexuality and other sexual struggles? How can parents, pastors and leaders help those who struggle? Stephen H. Black explains and gives concrete information, biblical insight and roadmaps for success. -- Part 2

See: https://www.firststone.org


Unity for All in Christ

Born in India, Krish Dhanam arrived in the US, joined Zig Ziglar’s team and learned how people of every race can be unified in Christ and in love for one another. Inspiring! -- Part 1

Traveling to 50 countries, mentored by Zig Ziglar with Christlike leadership , Krish Dhanam learned to manage life’s challenges and diversity with grace, leading to unity and success! -- Part 2

See: https://www.krishdhanam.com 


The Sad Downfall of Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias positively impacted people worldwide, and he had a secret life that hurt others. Can we honor his legacy and tell the truth at the same time? Julie Roys brings the facts with grace. https://julieroys.com


Special Needs Families Understand Isolation and Hope

Tim and Marie Kuck, Founders of Nathaniel’s Hope share their son’s brave story and how his life’s purpose is helping VIP’s worldwide. https://www.nathanielshope.org/


China Claims it has "Emancipated" Uyghur Women From Being "Baby-Making Machines"

Reggie Littlejohn explains how China’s human rights abuses are affecting millions and what issues should concern every believer. https://www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org


Mission Drift

Microfinance, clean water and feeding the poor all deserve support, but can we separate this mission from the gospel? Author Peter Greer shares his insight on how mission true organizations function. - PART 1.

Harvard, YMCA & many other organizations wandered from their original mission. How can organizations and the church stay mission true and not drift? Peter Greer, President of Hope International explains the key steps. - PART 2.



We Believe - We Vote!

Do you want help understanding candidate’s positions on issues you care about?  Cary Snow shares a voter guide and much more to help churches and pastors! See: WeBelieveWeVote.com


Dinner Church

How did Jesus “do church” in His day? Is it possible we can reach more through His methods? Verlon and Melodee Fosner share how and why Dinner Church began.  See DinnerChurchCollective.net. - PART 1.

Is your church reaching the lost? Is there another method your church can add to its approach that Jesus implemented in His day? Verlon and Melodee Fosner share how food opens the door to the gospel! -PART 2.




Attacks on the Church

Horrendous bombings in Sri Lanka, churches under assault worldwide, black churches burned in Louisiana, congregants forgiving and full of faith. Join the conversation!


Why I Don’t Celebrate Gay Pride

Would you like to explain to others why you won’t support pride month? Carrie shares why she says no to pride of any kind that encourages life outside of God’s beautiful, powerful, life-giving prescription for human flourishing! Listen and share!


Massive Study Proves no Gay Gene

Why is someone Gay? Stephen Black with First Stone Ministries brings insight into this important question and helps us understand the latest research. www.firststone.org 


Reaching Native Americans

A generation of our First People are dying. Suicide rates 3-10 times greater than any other Americans. Alcohol and drug addiction crisis, violence against women. What can be done? Ron Hutchcraft shares his hopeful mission. Inspiring!  See Hutchcraft.com/hope.


Prayer Covering All Kids in Every School!

Concerned about schools? Mom’s in Prayer International President Sally Burke shares how prayer for students, teachers and families is changing lives worldwide! Join the fun at momsinprayer.org


Supreme Court Win

The landmark decision by the Supreme Court regarding the 100-year old Bladensburg WWI Memorial will change things going forward for religious liberty. Jeremy Dys with First Liberty shares the great news! See: FirstLiberty.org.


Ethics for Entrepreneurs

Mike Rovner was a drug dealer at 13 whose life turned around through divine intervention. Through his successful business in construction, he invests in his 300 employees and his mission is to help business men and women thrive. Learn Mike’s principles for leaders at www.thriveteaching.org. They are free!


The Way We Work

How do you process information, interact with others and succeed in your work and career? Author Cynthia Tobias reveals how to assess what works best for you! See CynthiaTobias.com  - PART 1.

Are you global or analytical, audio learner or visual? These are a few of the puzzle pieces Cynthia Tobias helps us put together for success at work and at home!  - PART 2.


Writing for Success

Retired Colonel Carla Bass shares her 40 years’ experience writing for ambassadors, generals, and other senior government officials, to include those in Congress and the White House. She gives her insights on how to write well and even addresses college applications, resume’s and helping kids learn to love to write! Fun show!


Are Border Walls Immoral?

Some government leaders say building a border wall is immoral. Al Perrotta and John Zmirak disagree. Join us to hear their views on the wall, borders and immigration. An important issue for our country!


Baptists and Anglicans, A Kingdom Story

Fathers Ryan Brotherton and Steve Tomkins share the inspiring story of a church plant with a unique start, and a sacred liturgy that is reaching younger generations. See www.holytrinityedmonds.com.  - PART 1.

Is your worship experience bringing you peace and a sense of family? Fathers Ryan Brotherton and Steve Tomkins explain how different liturgy and worship experiences can inspire many! - PART 2.



5 Steps to Kick Sugar Cravings

Sugar, it’s everywhere! It’s hidden in food and may be impacting your digestive tract causing health consequences.  Dr. Julie Gatza has practical surprising insight to help all of us! 


Regenerative Options

Dr. Haley Costa shares breakthrough procedures for pain and insights only an Abbott daughter can know! Learn about Stem Cell treatments at a seminar on June 20th. See BothellRegenMed.com or call 425-402-4787.


Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture

Dr. Meg Meeker has done it again with a book that will encourage all parents. Learn the 4 things your daughter longs for and her 4 big questions in life and much more! -- Part 1

Dr. Meg Meeker explains why mom should be her daughter’s mentor - not her friend, why dads are key and why a faith in God is a game changer. -- Part 2

See: www.meekerparenting.com.


Make Space for What Matters!

Decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin shares the 7 emotional “Clutter Blocks” to help us find freedom to love others better! What is your Clutter number?  Join the fun! See: TracyMccubbin.com.


Broken and Beautiful

A childhood with trauma, fear, drugs, pregnancy, exotic dancing, trafficking and more and yet God! Christine Soule shares her story and the amazing redemption in Jesus. -- Part 1

Christine Soule, Founder & CEO of Providence Heights continues her story that led to her salvation, new life and a new training center to help women with stories like hers! -- Part 2



Porn Hub – Darkness Unleashed

What is Porn Hub, how many people are accessing pornography at it’s site and are the allegations true about kids in disturbing, illegal videos being downloaded a reality? Join this challenging but important conversation!


Who Wants Control of Your Life?

Is the Global Reset a reality? Does China really have spy’s in the US and are they involved in our elections, media and government? An eye-opening show!


Can Christians Be Environmentalists?

Dan Story, apologist and author, explains how Christians are called to steward creation and care for animals, and answers the challenging question, “Do animals go to heaven?”. See DanStory.net.


Grief: Living At Peace with Loss

How do you cope when a deep or surprising loss leaves you feeling empty, angry or alone? Author and counselor June Hunt shares how to process grief and how to find hope, even in the midst of challenging seasons of life. -- Part 1

Grief comes in many forms and processing grief can be stunted for many reasons. Author and counselor June Hunt provides a path for personal healing and helping others. -- Part 2

See: https://www.hopefortheheart.org


Positive Evangelism with A Thankful Heart!

Barry Meguiar’s passion for cars is only part of his story. His greatest passion is to introduce others to Jesus and he shares some special stories to encourage you! See ROTW.com


Does Affirming Homosexuality Reduce Suicide?

A new study says not affirming the LGBTQ lifestyle takes 12 years off someone’s life.  Glenn Stanton uncovers the truth about this research. Important and compelling!


Should Christians Vote? A Response to John Piper

Pastor Shane Idleman joins me to discuss John Piper’s recent article on Policies, Persons and Paths to Ruin. Can leaders respectfully disagree? Join the conversation!


Why People Are Now Choosing Trump

Many leaders are choosing to vote Trump/Pence - why? I give 30 reasons the Trump administration has earned the right to serve our country for 4 more years. Their track record is literally incredible when you look at it. See Wayne Grudem’s list here: https://stream.org/30-good-things-president-trump-has-done-for-america


A Patriotic Movement for Women

Christie Hutcherson with Women Fighting for America inspires women to defend America’s Constitutional freedoms and traditional values as it “fights for the heart and soul of America.” A surprise announcement on education included! See: WomenFightingforAmerica.com/ 


A Miraculous Testimony

Raised Jewish, Stan Lander experienced Christ in a powerful way and joined by Aleta his wife, shares his inspiring story and sets the stage for another amazing miracle. -- Part 1

What would you do if your doctor said you had months to live? Stan and Aleta Lander share their journey to a miracle that will inspire you and don’t miss Aleta’s miracle story while being mugged in New York! -- Part 2


Who Is Amy Coney Barrett?

Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated by the President for the Supreme Court. First among her peers, a mother of seven, one special needs child and a legal acumen equally impressive. So why is the hatred stirring already? Tune in to find out!


Difficult Issues Surrounding Abortion

Is abortion ok in the case of rape? What if the mother’s life is at risk? Don’t all babies go to heaven anyway? Camille Pauley, President and CEO of Healing the Culture tackles these difficult issues. Important!   See:  HealingTheCulture.com/ 


Voting Your Faith

Christians are key to upholding our nation's biblical foundations, so why do 1 in 4 stay away from elections? Jason Yates with Your Faith Votes has insights you want to hear and we bring you all the platform information from each party! See: MyFaithVotes.org/  


Neurofeedback Training Breakthrough!

Neurofeedback is a drug-free, non-invasive long-term solution for anxiety, ADHD, depression, PTSD, autism issues, Insomnia and more! Dr. Ed Carlton shares why and how this method works and how it changed his life struggle with Bipolar Disorder!  See: CarltonNeurofeedbackCenter.com/


Lockdowns Are Hurting People

Citizens worldwide are rejecting lockdowns which are ruining lives; science shows asymptomatic spread is rare, so why are lockdowns and other mandates still happening? We investigate, don’t miss this!


China’s Heroic Activists

Did you see Chen Guangcheng speak at the RNC? Reggie Littlejohn, Founder of Women’s Rights Without Borders shares her personal story of leading the international effort to free him and how she began working in China to save babies from forced abortion and widows. Inspiring! --Part 1

China’s Communist Party’s forced abortions, gendercide and sex slavery result from their atheistic view. Reggie Littlejohn explains how the CCP’s handling of COVID and other human rights violations are dangerous for the Chinese people and the world. Important! -- Part 2



Five Types of People Who Ruin Your Life

High conflict personalities create chaos, target you, disrupt family and worse. Bill Eddy explains narcissists, sociopaths and other HCP’s to help you navigate your relationships. -- Part 1

What do you do when someone blames you for everything, tells lies, breaks relationships and feels no remorse? Bill Eddy explains how to manage the HCP’s in your life with success! -- Part 2

See: HighConflictInstitute.com


How Americans Understand Abortion

Tricia C. Bruce, PhD explains groundbreaking findings from her study on abortion attitudes in America - insights needed to improve dialogue, understanding and actions that help reduce abortion. Get your free copy at https://mcgrath.nd.edu/resources/


Christian America’s Contract with Minorities

Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. offers biblical solutions to help usher in the social and spiritual changes our nation needs and why the church needs to play a much bigger role in policy and government. Important! -- Part 1

Bishop Harry R.. Jackson Jr. explains how history reveals the necessary role of the church in race relations, why he works with President Trump to advance issues such as the First Step Act and he shares his personal views on the charge that the current President is racist. Important! -- Part 2


The Campaign to Crush Motherhood & Fatherhood

The United Nations is giving socialists and feminists extraordinary power to tear down the family, introduce sexuality to kids prematurely and worse. International policy advisor Kimberly Ells investigates. Shocking! -- Part 1

The U.N. treaties to give sexual rights to children, so called equality to women and other false premises allowing abuse of children globally, advance socialist ideals through education and tearing down the family. Policy advisor Kimberly Ells explains. -- Part 2


Will Religious Liberty Prevail?

Senior Counsel with First Liberty Jeremy Dys looks reveals the disturbing overreach and lust for power exhibited by some leaders during COVID and why the church must prevail during these times. The US Postal service offers a surprising example.


Why Family Matters to God

Family is God’s plan for training in righteousness and redemption. Carrie shares the biblical mandate for family and encourages us to be champions for God’s design. Encouraging!


Censorship of Ex-Gay Ministries

Organizations and counselors helping those who struggle with same sex attraction are being censored by Big Tech.  Anne Paulk Ex. Director of Restored Hope Network explains why, and how we push back.  See: https://www.restoredhopenetwork.org/


Prison Tears Down The Family

Pat Nolan served in the California Assembly 15 years, then was unjustly sent to prison. Chuck Colson invited him to help with prison reform and now as the Founder of the Nolan Center for Justice Reform he shares why it is important to change the laws regarding who goes to prison, and different solutions to lower crimes. Very informative!


The LOVE Approach

Dr. Peggy Hartshorn, a long-time leader in the Pro-Life movement, shares one of the most effective ways to strengthen your relationships and bring healing to relationships that are strained. Insightful! -- Part 1

Dr. Peggy Hartshorn, a former professor and President of Heartbeat International, shares decades of wisdom using the LOVE approach to show you how to help others find solutions and offer hope! Encouraging! -- Part 2


I Kicked A Hornet’s Nest

So, I discussed mask wearing and had lots of reaction both positive and negative. We continue our discussion about lock downs, imposed mandatory masks, immunity, fear and faith. Join this important conversation!


COVID Response Reality

Is it time for fear or faith? With cases increasing and deaths decreasing, are mask mandates legitimate or more panic driven? We look at the latest data and consider a balanced view going forward.


Six Hidden Behaviors that Destroy Families

We all need loving, strong families and any family can learn to avoid the six hidden behaviors that destroy them. Dr. Magdalena Battles explains and begins with #1 - failure to forgive. Helpful! -- Part 1

Author and expert on parenting and child development Dr. Battles explains why criticism, gossip, deception, a lack of inclusion and failure to accept differences destroy families. -- Part 2


An Entrepreneur Shares His Amazing Journey

Founder of Travelocity.com and Kayak.com Terry Jones reveals his insights on business, how he keeps learning, changes due to COVID and innovative ideas for going forward. Inspiring and enlightening!


What Is Influencing Your Race Conversations?

Talking, sharing, learning continues thankfully, but are all influences helpful? Carrie recommends several godly books and shares some concerns about White Fragility. Join the conversation!


What If We Could Taste Our Words?

Teaching children to speak with kindness requires caring adults who model the behavior. Author Bonnie Clark in her fabulous book Taste Your Words shows us how to make the process delightful! https://bonnieclarkbooks.com/


Have Democrat Leaders Failed the Black Community?

Ambassador on Human Rights and Senior Fellow on Constitutional Rights with Family Research Council Ken Blackwell explains why he believes the rise in violence and disruptions in some cities is tied to Democrat leadership and policies. 


Preparing for A Sacred Passing

Funeral Director Paul Putnam explains how a faith-filled process is possible when planning for loved ones passing. Fabulous and helpful information! -- Part 1

Cremation or casket burial? Funeral Director Paul Putnam answers these questions and many more to bring peace in planning funerals. -- Part 2


See: ChapelofTheResurrection.net


The Role of Grandparents

Grandparents are key in families, churches and communities. Larry Fowler, Founder of the Legacy Coalition and the Baileys share their excitement about an upcoming Grandparent Summit you can attend online. https://legacycoalition.com/summit/


Caring for our Seniors

Why is a 63 year old blind woman not allowed share the gospel in a public park? Jeremy Dys, senior counsel at First Liberty, comes to her defense.  


Lies Lead to Death - Truth Leads to Life!

Patricia Sandoval reveals Planned Parenthood lies that rob childhood innocence resulting in abortion and ruined lives.  Patricia’s powerful testimony is eye-opening!

See  https://nssupport.org



Lies Lead to Death - Truth Leads to Life!

Patricia Sandoval reveals Planned Parenthood lies that rob childhood innocence resulting in abortion and ruined lives.  Patricia’s powerful testimony is eye-opening!

See  https://nssupport.org



Should Christians Support the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Author, speaker and ‘factivist’ Ryan Bomberger explains the manifesto and history of BLM and how Christians can support the black community while not endorsing non-biblical policies and perspectives.  See: theradiancefoundation.org


What About George?

George Floyd cried out for his Mama as he died. With thousands arrested, hundreds of businesses destroyed and police attacked, we need strong leaders to bring peace so the real story about George Floyd can be lamented! Christina Bennet shares her beautiful poetry of lament. Join the community of listeners for this important moment.


George Floyd’s Story

With the tragic death of George Floyd, protests have turned to violence. How should the church respond? Pastor Harvey Drake joins us to discuss the latest news and we hear from Terrance Floyd, George’s brother regarding the violence. Join this important, ongoing conversation!


You Can Improve Foster Care

Family is God’s plan for raising children, and Foster families are key to helping vulnerable kids. Dr. Sharon Ford explains the system, shares powerful stories and ways we can all help! 

See: https://www.waitnomore.org/


Applied Apologetics for the Masses - Hooray!

Best-selling author and Christian Apologist Lee Strobel shares some of his story, excitement about a new Center for Evangelism and Apologetics and a personal COVID loss. Don’t miss this! https://www.ccu.edu/strobelcenter/


Help for Alzheimer’s

Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. President of the Alzheimer’s Foundation offers incredible support, resources, insight and research and an upcoming free event on June 13th! See: www.Alzfdn.org 


Pre-Marriage Encouragement

How do we encourage those getting prepared for marriage? Erin Smalley has some great insight and tips! See ReadyToWed.com


A Duty To Die?

Prominent human exceptionalism proponent, Wesley J. Smith warns bioethicists are establishing a “duty to die” for elderly patients deemed burdens on society. Politicians are placing anti-life “experts” in charge of US health care policy so what should be done? Tune in for this intriguing conversation! https://spectator.org/the-bioethicist-pandemic/ 


The Stigma of Mental Illness

Dr. Ragy R. Girgis, expert on mental illness, explains what mental illness is, why managing it is more challenging during COVID 19 and why some mental challenges like anxiety and depression are more genetic than people realize.


The Power of a Mother’s Blessings!

Author John Trent, PhD shares the power of blessing and practical ways mothers bless their kids at every age. Encouraging! Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers Everywhere!


Is A COVID 19 Vaccine the Solution?

Dr. Theresa Deisher joins us to share about a new potential therapeutic that would help fight the virus and explains some of her concerns about the potential vaccines currently under way. https://www.avmbiotech.com/ 


Insights on Homosexuality

This message from Carrie is a portion of her classic teaching on homosexuality. It includes a story of life change, the foundation of male and female in all of creation and the “natural” turned unnatural. Important Biblical insights, positive and powerful! -- Part 1

Carrie uses scripture and natural law to show the biblical emphasis and loving response for those practicing any sexual sin outside of God’s Design for male and female relationships. A loving roadmap for anyone who struggles! -- Part 2


How You and Your Child Learn Best!

Parents do you know your child’s learning style? Educating at home and collaborating with schools - now is the time! Cynthia Tobias shares how your kids learn best for now and for life! -- Part 1

Learning styles affect us our entire lives helping bring success or causing frustration at every age. Author Cynthia Tobias explains different learning styles to help you and your child succeed. -- Part 2

See: https://cynthiatobias.com/


Science Finds Cures for Autism

Dr John Adams, PhD, Leads the Autism/ Asperger's Research Program at Arizona State University and has discovered ways to treat autism. Hear his personal story and the exciting discoveries! https://neurologicalhealth.org/james-adams/ 


How a Mom Fights Autism and Wins!

Marcia Hinds was told her son should be institutionalized, but she chose to fight for her son. Hear how to help those you love with autism. https://autism-and-treatment.com/.


Navigating Life’s Disruptions

Why does God allow certain things to happen? Do you feel like God has let you down? Pastor Tony Nelson struggled for answers, had a crisis of faith and shares what God showed him about life’s disruptions. Encouraging! -- Part 1

If God allows pain and difficult circumstances, how are we to respond? Pastor Tony Nelson helps us see how disruption is part of life and how God uses it for our good and His glory. Helpful! -- Part 2


Leading Kids 101

According to research, the best leaders anywhere in the world follow 5 fundamentals and have some key practices that make them exemplary. Everyone can do this, and parents you are in one of the most important leadership roles anywhere - the family! Tune in to hear Carrie Abbott explain the research and give you a roadmap for success in your own unique way! -- Part 1

Leadership matters, and the one place that is training more future leaders than anywhere is the home. Carrie Abbott explains the five fundamentals and best practices of leaders worldwide and gives you the encouragement you need to be a successful parent, no matter what! -- Part 2


How Organizing Impacts Your Health

Dorothy The Organizer, known to millions as the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on the TV show on A&E, “Hoarders.” shares her own story and how to organize in the midst of crisis. Encouraging! See: Dorothytheorganizer.com


Help for New Homeschoolers

So, you get to do school at home! Now what? Educator and consultant Erin Weidemann brings the inspiration, tips and perspective to make homeschooling work and actually succeed! See: TruthBecomesHer.com


Abide in the Word

Looking for another way to reflect on the word, engage prayer and even sleep better? Neil Ahlsten, CEO and Founder of Abide explains how his role at Google encouraged him to create technology to increase people’s interaction with the Bible. A fun story and a surprise.  Here is a link for the free 30 day trial!


Christianity’s Historical Role in Healthcare

Historian Michael Austin shares how Christians were key in healthcare and hospitals and why teaching history to the next generation really matters. Get your free Christian History Magazine at  https://christianhistoryinstitute.org/


Thriving in Love and Money

Most couples avoid conversations about money due to different values, fears and history. Researcher and author Shaunti Feldhahn brings enlightening research and how we can become one regarding money.  -- Part 1

Hiding packages/ avoiding bills? Is dialogue challenging around money? Author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn shares fresh insights from research explaining why conversations can be challenging. -- Part 2

Assessments at Thriveinloveandmoney.com/


Good or God

Best-selling author John Bevere brings an important message for our times, choosing God over choosing the ‘good’ and what the fear of the Lord means. -- Part 1

Best-selling author John Bevere shares how to experience the presence and power of God, why the church needs to be holy and how this prescription will change every aspect of your life! -- Part 2

See MessengerInternational.org


Why Pastors Need a Sabbath

Todd Ferguson explains current research showing a weekly Sabbath reverses stress and improves the overall health of pastors. Really surprising data! God’s prescriptions work!


The Power of the Spoken Word

Have you ever wondered why words have so much power? Have you been hurt by others negative words or blessed by truth? Carrie Abbott teaches a live audience of parents and teens on this fascinating topic! -- Part 1

Your speech reveals your heart. Does God trust your mouth to reveal His treasures? Carrie Abbott continues her insightful teaching on the power of speech, how words impact relationships and why God gave us this immense power. -- Part 2


Foster Care Linked to Sex Trafficking

A new report reveals foster care is contributing to vulnerabilities leading to sex trafficking and a personal story shows how. A new law emphasizing family preservation brings hope for change.


Let’s Make Life SAFE!

There is a way to stop human trafficking and Heather Tuininga and Steve Esau give examples of how the strategy works. Join the effort! See: www.safeinwashington.com


Adorned in Grace

Adorned in Grace’s goal is fighting human trafficking through awareness, prevention, & restoration. Director Christine Gilge shares their unique mission and Dr. Deborah Rodriguez explains trauma and it’s affects. See AdornedInGrace.org/tacomaPart 1.

How does healing occur from trauma? Christine Gilge and Dr. Deborah Rodgriquez explain the GRACE plan for those trafficked and abused and their wholistic approach that is life-changing!  Part 2.



A Young Man Refuses to Wrestle A Girl at State Championship

Brendan Johnston was taught to respect girls and chose to forfeit his future rather than wrestle. His Father Jeff Johnston shares his story and what motivated the decision.


Speaking of Homosexuality

Author and counselor Joe Dallas explains the most effective ways to communicate effectively on the subject of homosexuality that are loving and offer true freedom. JoeDallas.comPart 1.

Author and former gay activist Joe Dallas gives you guidelines for conversation with someone who believes people are born gay, therapy is bad or the Bible is wrong. Helpful!  Part 2


Is Your Doctor Pro-Life?

Does your physician need support and evidence-based truth about life? Dr. Donna Harrison Ex. Dir. of AAPLOG shares their vital mission. www.aaplog.org


Hope and Freedom After Betrayal

Author Lynn Marie Cherry shares how addiction damaged her marriage and how God brought healing & hope. 


Normalizing “Throuples” and LGBTQ Activism in the Church

HGTV recently featured a show with 3 people in a relationship and an AG church is now inclusive from “greeters to pastors”. Dr. Michael Brown and Joe Dallas weigh in with love and logic.


Why the ERA is Not a Good Idea

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America explains why the ERA isn’t good for women and how CWA helps all women and strengthens our country.  See ConcernedWomen.org


Homosexuality & Transgender Lifestyles and Suicide

A study says not affirming the LGBTQ lifestyle takes 12 years off of someone’s life.  Glenn Stanton reviews the data and shares the compelling truth refuting this research. See: https://glenntstanton.com/page/4/


Mueller Report – Finally!

So, no collusion but is there obstruction of justice?  Let’s talk real justice and today the President recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights- bold indeed.


The Electoral College Matters

Politicians promoting a new idea called the Popular Vote hope to circumvent this important part of our election system. Tune in to hear why it matters and how to help others understand the Electoral College’s importance.


The Church’s Current Condition

Recent reports of abuse in the Southern Baptist Denomination, Barna research showing 50% of millennials think sharing their faith is wrong and the topics Pastors don’t want to discuss!


Emotional Intimacy

You are invited to hear Carrie speak to a group of women on the five levels of emotional intimacy, one of her favorite topics and practical for everyone, including men!


Are You Content?

Seeking affirmation, spiritual admiration, “stuff”, experiences, adventures, money or other things to find peace and happiness? Learn what it means to be content - Charles Spurgeon weighs in!


Sex & Singles

Carrie's guest author, Marian Jordon Ellis, shares her story of living the sexual hook-up lifestyle to try to find love and worth. Then in her 20’s being transformed by the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. -- Part 1

Carrie's guest author Marian Jordon Ellis reveals the 7 lies women and men believe and why they fall in the trap of sex outside of marriage and other lies of the enemy. God restores Singles & Sex and it is never too late! -- Part 2


Teaching Kids Devotion to the Lord

Building a strong faith foundation for kids can start with some easy and fun ideas from author Karen Whiting. Anyone can do this and the impact is wonderful!


Why Are Some Boys Violent?

Why do some boys flourish, and others don’t? Author and gender expert Dr. Michael Gurian shares his insight on what we need to do to help boys thrive. See: GurianInstitute.comPart 1.

Dr. Michael Gurian shares three causes of male violence, along with research helping us understand what prevention we should consider. Part 2.


New Findings on Vaccines

Dr. Theresa Deisher introduces recent findings, explains why the Measles outbreak is not an emergency and why safe vaccines should be the goal. Go to Sound Choice banquet on April 4th. See: www.soundchoice.org 


Will an Earthquake Really Happen?

Jeff Greenburg, PhD Professor of Geology at Wheaton College explains the science and insights on an earthquake that could destroy the coastal Northwest according to the data. Part 1.

Jeff Greenburg, PhD Professor of Geology at Wheaton College validates the predictions of an earthquake and shares how Christians can prepare and respond. Part 2.


Simple Choices to be Healthy

Dr. Phillip Bishop explains what healthy means and the four key areas that you can improve: Relational, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. You will be encouraged and inspired for positive change! Part 1.

Dr. Phillip Bishop outlines a practical roadmap for everyone to be healthier and happier by defining the highly healthy person, looking at the latest research and encouraging habits that make sense for everyone!  Part 2.


What Age Group Is Happiest?

Research has been done for decades asking people if they are happy, what makes them happy and ideas on how to be truly happy. We investigate and you might be surprised!


Gardisil On Trial!

Mary S. Holland, from NYU School of Law reveals the facts that Gardisil has been linked to 450 deaths and thousands of adverse reports. Is HPV infection safer than this vaccine? Eye-opening.  See www.HPVvaccineontrial.com.


Recovery with Adult/Teen Challenge

Part 1.  Can you imagine doing drugs with your parents? Rev. Thomas Molina shares his story of drugs, loss, redemption and recovery with Teen Challenge. Inspiring!  See: TeenChallengePNW.com.

Part 2.  What can we do about the drug epidemic? Adult/Teen Challenge, started by David Wilkerson is changing lives daily and Rev. Thomas Molina explains how. 


Five Types of People Who Ruin Your Life

High conflict personalities create chaos, target you, disrupt family and worse. Bill Eddy explains narcissists, sociopaths and other HCP’s to help you navigate your relationships. See: HighConflictInstitute.com. Part 1.

What do you do when someone blames you for everything, tells lies, breaks relationships and feels no remorse? Bill Eddy explains how to manage the HCP’s in your life with success! Part 2


What is Fear?

Does fear keep you from doing something? Is some fear healthy? How do we manage it and is there hope? Dr. Gregg Jantz answers these and other important questions.  See: APlaceofHope.com


Anxiety in Marriage

Do you or your spouse suffer from anxiety, fear, phobias? Anxiety affects 40 million Americans and can be debilitating. Glenn Lutjens offers help, caring, practical steps and more!


Horses Bring Healing

Part 1.  Sandy and Tim Matts with Raven Rock Ranch share their journey of trauma to freedom in Christ, and how God orchestrated the ministry of Equine Therapy to help troubled kids. Inspiring! See: RavenRockRanch.org.

Part 2.  Children who experience trauma have difficulty talking, and often misbehaving is a sign of their pain. Tune in to hear how horses offer a healing path to kids! Amazing and exciting!


Jordan Feliz Gives A Witness!

Christian music’s new artist of the year in 2016, Jordan Feliz (The River, Witness) shares about a challenge battling anxiety after initial success, God’s intervention through a friend and the resulting new album Future! See Jordan at Gold Creek Community Church May 4th!


Boy Scouts Bankruptcy

After experimenting with the LGBT agenda, one of the greatest organizations for boys and men is considering filing for bankruptcy. Is it financial or moral? Join the conversation!


Steve Green and Museum of the Bible

Steve Green shares the amazing story of the Museum of the Bible and how God orchestrated the details, resulting in the finest museum experience in Washington DC! See MuseumoftheBible.org.


Steve Green and Hobby Lobby

The Green Family had a choice, protect life or pay a million dollars a day! President of Hobby Lobby Steve Green shares the process the family went through in one of the biggest Supreme Court cases of our time.


A Homeless Solution

Part 1.  The Homeless problem is being solved, one family at a time by a loving blueprint implemented by Mary’s Place. Marty Hartman, Ex. Director explains the respectful plan used to help families all over our region. See: MarysPlaceseattle.org.

Part 2.  Homeless families find jobs, training, resumes, safety, respect and other help at Mary’s Place. Homelessness isn’t what you think. Tune in to hear surprising causes and inspired solutions with Marty Hartman, Ex. Dir.  


The APA Has Lost Its Mind

The American Psychological Association is promoting “polyamory”, “swinging” and other forms of adultery. Cathy Ruse with Family Research Council explains how schools are already pushing the idea of non-monogamy on kids! See: frc.org 


Is Socialism a Good Idea?

Part 1.  Democrat Presidential candidates, influenced by Bernie Sanders are promoting socialism. 18-34 year-olds (Millennials) are smart, but is socialism a good idea? Jay Richards, Ph.D., economics expert explains the history of socialism and its failures. A class we all need!

Part 2.  Millions have been murdered in the name of socialism, so why are 1 in 6 millennials identifying as socialists? Jay Richards, Ph.D., defines socialism, communism and capitalism and explains how Millennials can truly change the world!  


Intelligent Design History

Part 1.  Dr. Stephen Meyer of The Discovery Institute shares his personal and candid journey of asking questions about God, faith and the origins of life that ultimately became a catalyst for Intelligent Design. Inspirational!  See: Discovery.org

Part 2.  Do you know someone who has questions they can’t find answers to about God? Dr. Stephen Meyer shares how his questions led to great discoveries! See: Discovery.org.  


God’s Pleasure At Work

Dr. Christian Overman brings the sacred and the secular together in the workplace, home and school! His latest tool will impact teens everywhere.  See: BiblicalWorldview.com


Good Science Brings Peace

Are you anxious about Climate Change? What role do people play? Dr. Steven Meyer with the Discover Institute gives reasonable solutions for understanding the science, worldview and facts behind the noise. See Discovery.org.


Health Care Sharing vs. Insurance

Saving hundreds on health care monthly, not funding abortion, use your own preferred providers, no government bureaucracy sound good? Joel Noble with Samaritan Ministries explains. See: SamaritanMinistries.org.


Save the Storks

Victoria Robinson shares why she felt she had to have an abortion; how God redeemed her life to help others choose life through PRC work and now Save the Stork mobile ministry. Encouraging for all, including those who have experienced abortion. See: SaveTheStorks.com.


Abuse in Marriage

Counselor Rob Jackson gives insight on how to detect abuse, knowing the difference between bad behavior and abuse, and how do we find help for the victim and the abuser?


Mended: Marital Betrayal to Imperfect Beauty

 Listen to Part 1.  Rick and Tiffany Bulman share their story of pastoring, parenting and living in a rocky marriage. How did their childhood, personalities and story make them vulnerable to an affair?  Listen to Part 1.

Listen to Part 2.  After discovering the affair, how did honesty and healing take place? Is divorce inevitable? Rick and Tiffany Bulman share how God did the miraculous, once He had their heart! See: Mended Ministries.  


She Survived an Abortion

Gianna Jessen shares her miraculous story of surviving an abortion and other horrendous life obstacles to become a voice for life worldwide. A must listen! See GiannaJessen.com.


Freedom from Pornography

Steve Delaney, President of Prodigals International shares how men can find support and freedom from the addiction of pornography through new online Homecoming groups! See ProdigalsInternational.org 


Work, Pause, Thrive

How can a woman work, have a family and not go crazy? Do our institutions, workplace and even ministries provide a positive environment for mothers? Using vast research, Author Lisen Stromberg explains why they should!  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Baby You Stole the Life I Wanted?

Why are some women saying they wish they never had their child? Is it depression, or a cultural issue? Writer Jennifer Hartline shares her insight.


Empowering Women

We need businesses that offer equal pay, flexible hours and are designed to help women be successful. Is this even possible? Carrie’s daughter Lindsey stops by with the big reveal!


Without Rival

Author Lisa Bevere explains how God sees us, and how to embrace our true, unique identity and purpose in these confusing times. See: MessengerInternational.org. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Strength With Purpose

Author Cynthia Tobias defines strong women: their strengths and weaknesses, and why the church needs them engaged. Cynthia shares results of a survey of 400 strong women and the results will intrigue you!  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.  See www.cynthiatobias.com.


Why God Made Us Male and Female

Join Carrie as she teaches women about their powerful design and God’s plan for both men and women in relationships. Powerful and a few personal surprises as well! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Vaccination Cover-Up

Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed joins Carrie to share the inside story of the CDC cover up of vaccine damage and autism and the pharmaceutical stronghold hiding the truth. See him in Washington on 3/9-3/11. See: InformedChoiceWA.com.


Dr. Deisher Goes To Washington!

Dr. Deisher gives an update on her current research on vaccines and shares why she thinks President Elect Trump wants to hear the truth about vaccine safety.


Autism & Vaccine Story

Dr. Theresa Deisher shares the latest news on the battle for truth regarding vaccines and autism.  See: Soundchoice.org.


Strip Church & Baristas

Andrea Perun shares her powerful story of personal pain in dating, strip clubs, lesbian lifestyle and ultimately amazing redemption! Hear how she now ministers to strip clubs and baristas. See: www.stripchurchseattle.com.


Sexual Choice Redeemed

Jason Soucinek shares his personal story of teen sexual activity, redemption and his hope for true life for teens everywhere.


How We Teach Sexuality Matters

Carrie reveals new studies showing teens don’t like sex education in schools or the church. Legacy has the solution and you can help us give it away!


Teen Sexual Activity Outcomes

New Research from the CDC shows the overwhelming reality that teens who are sexually active have higher rates of unhealthy behavior in many areas. Some may surprise you. Listen with your teen or college student to hear facts delivered with grace.


Girls and Body Image

Erin Smalley shares a heart-warming journey with her daughter and gives us great insight on how to encourage healthy body image. Inspiring and encouraging!


Is Your Teen Depressed?

A new study shows an increase in teen depression, especially for girls. Counselor Roberta Perno helps us spot signs of depression and how to step in before symptoms escalate. Important!


"13 Reasons Why" is Popular and Dangerous

Nick Watts cautions all parents about the Netflix series regarding teen suicide. This dark series includes graphic rape, graphic suicide and most teens are watching it. All adults need to hear this show. See: NickWattssoulfood.com.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Teen Vogue Encourages Sodomy

This teen magazine has crossed the line in a disturbing fashion and sodomy instructions are just their latest indoctrination of teens. Carrie reveals additional facts and offers solutions.


A Message to Teen Girls

Sarah Taylor, radio personality with SPIRIT 105.3, struggled in Jr. High like many of your daughters. Her story will encourage you and help you understand girls even more! See: TheLegacyInstitue.com/emilysclub.


True Beauty Bible Study - High School Girls Study

There has never been a more important time to help the next generation of young women understand what it means to be truly feminine, yet strong and empowered.

In this engaging and positive journey through biblical femininity, young ladies will feel valued, inspired, and motivated to be all God intended! Each important chapter (8 in all) of True Beauty uncovers biblical truth in a refreshing way, allowing young women the process of discovery in a group, with a leader or one on one with her mother. For High school and college age young women.


Emily’s Club- Jr. High girls

Imagine a fun setting where women lead junior high girls through activities on friendships, lessons on purity, true beauty, life skills, service projects, and more to prepare each girl for a vibrant, healthy future!

Introducing Emily’s Club, an easy to facilitate kit designed as an after-school club, an outreach or mentoring resource or youth group tool. Emily’s Club helps girls celebrate their God-fashioned feminine design!


Power of the Spoken Word

This powerful message reveals how God spoke all things in to being, then created men and women in His image with an ability to speak life and death with their tongues! This message brings a clarity to our understanding of our design and our kingdom purpose and how we can literally affect all of our relationships and other people through this amazing power!


Profoundly Positive

How do you paint the most profound & beautiful picture of God’s design – not just for purity but for what it means to be ‘made in His image’? Carrie contrasts a common ‘abstinence message’ with Legacy’s insightful Sexual Integrity message which inspires us all to ‘be what we were created to be’. This is a message you will want to share!


Religious Freedom

Kristen Waggoner with ADF and Barronelle Stutzman, (Arlene’s Flowers) join Carrie to share Barronelle’s story of being sued for not providing flowers for a same sex wedding. Hear the latest on the recent oral arguments before the WA State Supreme Court.


Persecution of Christians

Maureen Ferguson explains the reality of the situation and a new study and video we can all access to help us engage. See: Under Caesar's Sword.


Good News for Religious Freedom

Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel with First Liberty reports on three important cases recently won, and explains the fundamentals of our religious liberty. See FirstLiberty.org.


Black Self Genocide, What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say

What do we do about the harmful aspects of racism and slavery in America? Bishop Wellington Boone shares his inspiring and Biblical prescription for helping all races come together!  See WellingtonBoone.com. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Fifty Shades of Gray

Psychologist and author Dr. Kim Gaines Eckert explains why the destructive nature of violence and sexuality, power and control and other themes sexuality portrayed in the book and movie are twisting the truth about sexuality and ultimately hurting, not helping women. See: www.drkimeckert.com. Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


How One Couple Recovered from Sexual Addiction

Shelley Martinkus shares the story of her husband’s secret life, how their marriage is recovering and the impact on her own issues. See: RestoringHeartsConference.org.


Help For Pornography

Luke Gilkerson with Covenant Eyes explains the current state of pornography along with resources and help for those struggling, or those helping strugglers. Go to www.covenanteyes.com and sign up for a free month of accountability software by using the code ‘Legacy’.


#1 Counseling Issue

Joe Dallas, counselor and founder of Genesis Biblical Solutions gives practical advice on the #1 issue he is helping people with nationwide, pornography. Hear his biblical, powerful and grace filled approach. See www.joedallas.com.


The Preamble Prescription

Do our founding documents have something to say about our laws, our morals and our lifestyles? Carrie says yes!


Renewing Freedom’s Blessings

Ronald Reagan, Ben Carson, Donald Trump and many more! Author and Founder of The Stream, James Robison, invites us in to his journey of sharing godly principles with leaders for decades - principles we should all understand! See: Stream.org.


Our Constitutional Crisis

Legal professor and author Jenna Ellis explains the original intent the founders had in mind for our constitution and how Divine Law is key in our understanding. See: www.jennaellis.org.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


The True Jesus

Author David Limbaugh reveals the powerful picture of Jesus written in all 4 gospels and lays the groundwork for understanding and inspiration found in the New Testament! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Names of Believers

Did you know there are 50 different names for believers in the Bible? Lawrence Wilson shares the great impact this truth can have on our identity.


Maturity in the Church

Dr. Tom Bergler shares his passion for discipleship and research that reveals the most effective church practices. See: From Here To Maturity.


Why Pastors Deserve Honor

Do your pastors know you appreciate them? Pastor George Stahnke helps us see the real pressures of ministry life and how we can love our pastors!  See: ThrivingPastor.com.


Pastors and Depression

Does your pastor talk about depression or mental health? Ed Stezter, Executive Director of LifeWay Research explains the importance of a recent study showing 1 in 4 pastors have struggled with mental illness. Learn how you can help. See: LifewayResearch.com.


Churches Respond to Race

Professor Bradley Wright shares research on how different races are treated in churches nationwide. Eye opening and important research to share with your pastor!


Get Your Joy Back!

Do you have resentment as a special needs parent? Author Laurie Wallin shares how she coped with her challenges and then learned how to reclaim her life and get her joy back! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Need A Parenting Do-Over?

Youth expert Jonathan McKee reveals the 7 things he would change in his parenting if he had a do-over. Helpful at any age! See www.thesource4parents.com. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Critical Conversations

Author Tom Gilson gives parents a guide to discussing Homosexuality with teens effectively and highlights common phrases often used if you disagree with homosexuality like: You’re a hater or you’re a bigot and how to respond with kindness & truth.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Mothers Being There

Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar unveils important new research on the role mothers play in their child’s emotional development, bonding, resiliency and security. Important for all mothers! Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Relationships with Integrity Lessons – K-HS

Relationships with Integrity is a popular relationship education resource for K-12 students in your school, church or home. Do you have a positive plan for teaching a biblical worldview for relationships? RWI allows you to equip your kids, in your unique setting, on your terms.


Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity – Parents

In a confused culture, this foundational series is key to framing God's divine design for relationships and sexuality!

The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity (BBSI) is a groundbreaking study for parents and Christian educators. This 7-session DVD series, complete with a thought-provoking study guide, features popular sexuality and relationship expert Carrie Abbott in a profound and entertaining look at God's intentional design for male and female relationships, sexuality, marriage and more!


Blueprints for Sexual Integrity and Identity – Grades K-HS

Biblical Blueprints are relationship truths for growing healthy kids!

Kids of all ages need these foundational truths in their hearts and minds. Similar to framing a house, these blueprints are necessary for their unique design, stability and future growth. You can review each blueprint here online, or you can download a pdf version. These blueprints are our gift to you because all kids deserve to know God’s truth about relationships.

If you would like lessons to teach and cement these blueprint truths, our Relationships with Integrity lessons are designed to do just that. The lessons designed by our team of experts are creative and effective and can be used at home, school, church or club.


How He Loves Us!

Author Lori Gano owns a construction company and also wants to rebuild broken lives. She shares her own story and why God’s amazing love for us revealed in the Song of Solomon will change all our lives!  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


The Mission Field of Sports

Jonathan Rainey with Fellow of Christian Athletes shares his journey of ministry through mentoring, and his current role as the chaplain of the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Washington football teams.  Fun inside stories!  FCASeattle.org 


Brock Huard Goes Above and Beyond

Former U.W. and Seahawk Quarterback, ESPN and ABC analyst and co-host of ESPN’s 710 KIRO show Brock and Salk, Brock Huard shares his personal story and his passion for his faith. Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Why Men Are Visual

Shaunti Feldhahn joins Carrie for an update on her research about the visual nature of men. Fabulous insight and important for both men and women! See:  Shaunti.com.



Carrie Abbott shares a special message to all men, giving them honor and respect and a glimpse of God’s unique design for men. A key message for our times! Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.



Legacy’s wildly popular Men’s Appreciation Dinner message by Carrie Abbott. Why does Carrie resonate so well with men? Her profound respect for the male design, purposefully crafted by God, uniquely envisions and emboldens men to be all that God created them to be.


Kingdom Power Glory

A Manhood Study Based on the Lord’s Prayer-  Jr.High to adult Men

Do the young men in your life know how to be godly men? Are you ready to help them take the next step in their manhood?

Kingdom Power Glory is a groundbreaking manhood study, based on the Lord’s Prayer to help all young men in their manhood journey, regardless of their story. It is aimed specifically at older men training young men but it will be a great tool for a man at any age. We recommend it for fathers raising sons and youth pastors teaching male students starting at age 13.


Strengthening Marriage

Dr. Gregg Jantz joins Carrie to discuss ways to encourage your marriage, and explains one important key to fixing your marital problems.


The Reality of Marriage

Divorce is much lower than 50%, most marriages last and are happy, and other great news from author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn. See:  Shaunti.com.


What to Say to Engaged Couples

How do we encourage those getting prepared for marriage? Erin Smalley has some great insight and tips! See ReadyToWed.com


Driven By Eternity

Author John Bevere challenges us to use our time on earth to build the things that last because Heaven is our home, with rewards and judgement. A powerful dose of spiritual reality. See: MessengerInternational.org. Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Let’s Make America Date Again!

Journalist Liberty McArtor explains why millennials need traditional dating and why some courtship models may be legalistic. See: www.stream.org


Navigating Life’s Disruptions

Why does God allow certain things to happen? Do you feel like God has let you down? Pastor Tony Nelson struggled for answers and shares what God showed him about life’s disruptions.  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2


Modesty: It’s Not Just About Clothes

This message and PowerPoint set allows you to learn and share how healthy friendships and relationships are developed using the five levels of emotional intimacy. This encouraging look at modesty helps teens to adults, male and female, understand healthy ways to reveal truth with their bodies and how to “put on humility” like Christ.



Evolution of Dating

Author and social science expert Glenn T. Stanton and Carrie discuss the new trends in dating and give some sage advice as well! 


Single and Dating

Lisa Anderson explains how singles can date successfully, what mistakes they shouldn’t make and how God sees singleness.


Still Restless

Do you have honest questions about God? Is raising our hand enough to surrender to God’s rule and reign? Do you wonder if your loved one really knows Jesus? Author Jan Hettinga explains how surrendering control brings true peace.  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2


Kindness can improve all your relationships!

Author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn reveals 3 key steps to help you improve your relationships up to 89%! The world is ready for more kindness! www.JoinTheKindnessChallenge.com  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2


Apprenticeships Work!

Men and women can take advantage of apprenticeship programs that pay while you work and learn. Businessman Dave Nichols explains how these programs work.


How You Learn Best

Does your child like school or are you both frustrated? Expert Cynthia Tobias has three important tips for learning, not just for school but for life! See: CynthiaTobias.com.  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Improving Your Soft Skills

How do you spend your time? Deborah King explains why gaining “soft skills” is the key to your success!  See: www.finaltouchschool.com.


How to Pray A-Z

Author Amelia Rhodes creates a beautiful prayer guide that enables you to pray with intention for your family & community. See: AmeliaRhodes.com.


Unity, A Key Foundation

Are you experiencing unity in your relationships? Carrie examines this powerful mandate for God’s people that improves marriages, parenting, churches and communities.


Are People Born Gay?

51% of Americans believe people are born gay in a recent poll.  Jeff Johnston, Issues Analyst answers this question and many more. Get “Are People Born Gay” at focusonthefamily.com


Why Are Millennials Choosing LGBT?

Denise Shick, Director of Hope For Families shares the cultural impact on the increase and the risks. Hope For Families works with those struggling with transgendered issues.  See: www.help4families.com


Honoring Phyllis Schlafly

Carrie reviews this amazing woman’s life and her legacy. You will be amazed to hear how most of her 92 years were spent serving our nation and supporting the family.


Just Say It! Words Have Power

Dr. Cheryl Bauman uses her 25 years in education and research to help us use simple but profound phrases that build people up! Practical and positive! See JustSayIt.today.  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2



Your Choices Matter

Carrie explains why choice is part of our design, and why choosing wisely or foolishly affects who we become.


Improving Your Work Environment

HR Expert Laura MacLeod gives practical insight on hiring millennials, virtual work, communication and how to tell your boss your concerns while staying positive!


Remembering Antonin Scalia

Chris Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia joins Carrie to honor his father on the anniversary of his passing.


Women for Life

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe in Roe Vs Wade) died recently. Carrie reveals more of her real story and introduces us to Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, the first African American woman to graduate from Harvard who became a leader in the pro-life movement.


What is true?

Dr. Theresa Deisher responds to new discoveries about autism and explains what is true and what is fabrication.  See: Soundchoice.org


Pets Promote Health

Carrie reviews several studies showing the incredible impact of pets in our lives. You will be surprised! Happy National Pet Day!


The Impact of Obesity

Dr. J. Scott Ries explains why weight and inflammation are the true culprits to negative health outcomes and gives us a hopeful and practical roadmap to health!  See: DrRies.com.


Natural Cures

Do you want to take charge of your health?  Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD has a fantastic self-care guide for treating health problems with natural remedies!  You won’t believe how cool this is!  (Purchase thru Amazon Smile) See: www.markstengler.com.  Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Eating Disorders

Shelley Martinkus shares her struggle with self-image leading to an eating disorder and how she eventually found a healing process.


Heart Made Whole

Christa Black Gifford toured 12 years with Michael W. Smith and success couldn’t heal her deep wounds, including the tragic loss of a child. Despite her devastating pain, she explains how God taught her to process pain in a refreshingly profound way. Inspiring for all who have pain! Part 1 & Part 2


Loss of Love

Can we just be friends? Dr. H. Norman Wright explains why breaking up hurts as he examines the classic signs of grief we go through when we experience loss in a relationship. Learn what others can do to help us and some things we can do to recover. See HNormanWright.comPart 1 & Part 2


Group Studies


Our sexuality is more than just a physical act, and it is core to who we are as human beings. When we understand our sexuality in a bigger, more inspiring way we begin to think differently and live accordingly. We become inspired and empowered to live in agreement with our divine design as men and women, made in the image of God to bring Him glory! Our resources are designed to help you discover the key foundational truths every person needs to live with sexual integrity for a lifetime!

All of these fantastic Legacy resources can be used effectively in group settings.


Ark Encounter

Ken Ham explains this amazing experience for people of all ages that will make the gospel and other truths from Genesis come to life! See  ArkEncounter.com.


Gender Ideology is Abuse

Dr. Michelle Cretella explains the American College of Pediatrics position that gender ideology harms children and is child abuse. Very important! See: Article on Acpeds.org.


Transgendered Bathrooms in Schools

Matt Sharp with Alliance Defending Freedom explains why new demands by the Federal Govt. put 99% of kids at risk. See: www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org for your free resource to protect the religious freedom of your school, church or ministry in all matters related to LGBT.


Positive Pushback

Sexuality and Gender – Findings from the Biological, Psychological and Social Sciences. Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B, M.S.,Ph.D and Paul R. McHugh, M.D. An important 145-page review showing science does not support the current gender fluidity and transgendered ideas and myths perpetrated in our culture. Go to www.thenewatlantis.com for the whole report.


Gender Terminology 101

Do you know what non-binary, gender queer, androgynous and many other new terms mean?  Carrie talks with Dr. Cretella to define sex and gender and reviews key terms for your understanding. Important!


Mom and Dad I’m Gay

Summary: Anne Paulk shares how to respond in love and truth to a child or loved one who says they are gay or struggling. See:  Restoredhopenetwork.org  


Transgender No More

Walt Heyer lived as a trans-female for years and He has first-hand knowledge of the regret many have due to gender change in their lives. Listen as he shares his story and why he agrees the military is not the place for social engineering. See: SexChangeRegret.com


Homosexuality The Grace-Filled Truth

Carrie uses scripture and natural law to show the biblical emphasis and loving response for those practicing any sexual sin outside of God’s Design for male and female relationships. A loving roadmap for anyone who struggles!  Part 1 and Part 2.


Homosexuality and Gender Identity

How would you like to have loving answers for today’s most pressing issues? Carrie explains how you can!


Homosexuality and Gender Identity- Teen to adult

This new study designed for personal learning and teaching is winsome and effective. The study is built on a vast Biblical foundation and includes the most current research available on gender issues, saving you hundreds of hours of research. Homosexuality and Gender Identity also includes personal stories of struggles and redemption, current legal cases impacted by homosexuality and same sex marriage and transgender challenges all across the nation. For those who want to teach others, this study includes a seven-lesson teaching plan including handouts, Power point, six audio segments and eight videos, helping you deliver truth with grace to any audience of teens through adults. Homosexuality and Gender Identity is a resource every parent, pastor, teacher and leader needs to own.


Fertility Problem Worldwide

Author and family formation expert Glenn Stanton explains why children are necessary for family, society and economy worldwide. See Glenn’s article, “How Fertility Drives the Health of Nations


Miracle Baby

Maria Lancaster, Founder of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park shares her personal story of infertility, miscarriages and God’s gift of a baby in a surprising way! See: AdoptEmbryos.org.


Choosing Life Brings Joy!

Infertile?  Wanting Hope? Maria Lancaster explains how embryo adoptions is a possible solution. Hear about a baby born after 19 years of waiting! See Adoptembryos.org for a free book!


Loss to Joy

Karissa Taylor shares her story of losing two babies and finding joy through traditional adoption and then embryo adoption! Learn more at www.adoptembryos.org




Intimacy: Foundations for A Lifetime

This message and PowerPoint set allows you to learn and share how healthy friendships and relationships are developed using the five levels of emotional intimacy. This practical and encouraging teaching helps any age (teen to adults) build healthy relationships that last a lifetime.


Domestic Violence

Are you in an abusive situation? Do Christians hide their abuse?  Counselor Harry Pearson helps us understand what we can do in these situations.



Our sexuality is more than just a physical act, and it is core to who we are as human beings. When we understand our sexuality in a bigger, more inspiring way we begin to think differently and live accordingly. We become inspired and empowered to live in agreement with our divine design as men and women, made in the image of God to bring Him glory! Our resources are designed to help you discover the key foundational truths every person needs to live with sexual integrity for a lifetime!


Creating Monsters

Author and music artist veteran Keith Stancil (Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Amy Grant) shares how fame can be hard to handle, even for Christians. He shares the inside story on the Christian music industry and some of the challenges he sees that cause people to feed the ‘monster’ instead of truly ministering!  See: www.keithstancil.com.  Listen to Part 1 & part 2.


Sugar Daddies - An Inside Look

Carrie invites Brook Urick, PR Manger with Seeking Arrangements to explain the relationship of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies and why Brook thinks it is a good idea.


Military Ready for Motherhood Not Warfare!

Jude Eden reveals the current unintended pregnancy rates in the military and how the cost to military readiness is affecting our combat troops.


Female Circumcision and Child Marriage

Agnes Leina’s organization is stopping FGM in Kenya by providing women “cutters” and tribal families education. FGM is happening in the US. Listen and Learn!  Reach Agnes via agnesleina@gmail.com.


Safe Haven Baby Laws

A child left in a dumpster – unthinkable. Linda Znachko explains how Safe Haven laws prevent abandoned babies nationwide and what you can do to bring awareness.  See: www.HeKnowsYourName.org.


Is Justice Reform Needed?

Are we putting too many people in jail for too long? Craig DeRoche with Prison Fellowship shares PF’s passion for restorative justice, and why over 100 Evangelical Leaders just signed the Justice Declaration.  See: PrisonFellowship.org.


Assisted Suicide – A Big Lie

Did David Bowie “stage” his final breath? Why is a 14 year old able to choose to die, and the top reasons why people choose assisted suicide (hint: it’s not pain) Brad Mattes and Carrie tackle this important issue.  See: www.lifeissues.org.


Assisted Death

Courts, insurance companies and legislatures are creating a culture of death. Assisted suicide is just the beginning and with the Charlie Gard case, we should all take notice!


Death Without Dignity

Why are governments and Insurance companies promoting Assisted Suicide? Does Assisted Suicide impact only adults? Assisted death is diabolical, and Carrie uncovers some facts you need to know.


Sexual Refugees

The current sexual revolution is making a promise it cannot keep.  How do we respond to friends and loved ones buying the lie, and how do we prepare to care for those hurt by sexual choices outside of God’s powerful prescription? Carrie shares insights and comments from a recent article.


The Emmaus Code, Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Author David Limbaugh explains the powerful revelation of Jesus Christ by outlining the history of the OT, then revealing each book’s revelation of Jesus. A fabulous book for lay people, pastors and scholars! Rush loved it!


Answers For Anxiety

With the culture, family history, trauma, stress and worry many people are experiencing anxiety, even kids. Dr. Gregg Jantz explains how to deal with anxiety. Positive encouragement!  Part 1 & part 2.


Abortion & Breast Cancer Link

Brad Mattes brings the latest results from a meta analysis (36 studies) on the link between abortion and breast cancer. Shocking statistics that you won’t hear anywhere else and more reasons why we need to protect young women before they make life-impacting decisions. See LifeIssues.org.


Deadly Pills

Dr. Donna Harrison with AAPLOG explains why abortion pills  (Ru486) are dangerous for both mom and baby. See: aaplog.org.


Causes of Breast Cancer

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi with the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute explains why birth control and abortion increase breast cancer, along with other causes we may not be aware of.  See: www.bcpinstitute.org.


Sexual Betrayal

Dr. Sandy Wilson shares her story of betrayal by her husband and the journey they chose that ultimately brought healing and help for others experiencing loss. See: Tuffstuffministries.com.


The Impact of Gambling

Is someone you love “betting” their life away? Is gambling just entertainment? Counselor Geremy Keeton shares his insights.


Drug Addiction Epidemic

Micheal Deleon shares his own tragic story with drugs and explains how the epidemic of prescription drugs is ruining lives in every part of our country and what we need to be watching for with those we love. See SteeredStraight.org.  Listen to part 1 & part 2.


Helping Children

Dru Hammer shares how two Hollywood actresses gave up their careers to stop child abuse; her role in the process and how she shared Jesus with world leaders! Fun and meaningful! 


Truth About Life at Berkeley

Camille Pauley shares how we can use logic, reason and philosophy to change people’s minds about life, and gives a little insight into her debate at Berkeley.


Sin & Shame Trap Us, God’s Love Frees Us!

Marin Stewart reveals tragic episodes in her young life of abuse, drugs and promiscuity, all leading to 22 additional years of drugs, the sex industry and finally a moment of true freedom! An amazing story of redemption!  Part 1 & part 2.


Pain Drives Change

Do you feel hopeless because of pain in your life? Damon Stoddard shares how his story of childhood trauma and abuse led to his anger and violence, but ultimately redemption!  Part 1 & Part 2.


Is There Hypocrisy in the LGBT community?

Dr. Robert Lopez shares the inside and disturbing truth regarding man/boy sexual behavior in the LGBT community. Vitally important show!


Abuse To Favor

Author Michelle Borquez Thornton shares how women who are abused think, feel and process the cycle of abuse. She also gives steps to healing and wholeness. 


Sexual Abuse Help

Author June Hunt gives us hope in dealing with sexual abuse, how to talk with kids to prevent abuse and other important insights. See www.HopeForTheHeart.org.


Ethics About Abortion

Camille Pauley also presents a case for life while examining the ethics of abortion. Engaging and informative!  See: www.HealingTheCulture.com


Planned Parenthood 3% Debunked

Lila Rose with Live Action shares a new video revealing the truth about the real percentage of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood and why tax payers should be concerned about the $30 Million dollars PP is spending to influence the elections. See: LiveAction.org and spread the word!


Releasing Your Wounder

Counselor and author Joe Dallas gives us an effective plan to identify, address and release our wounder, and then offers new ways to relate in our relationships. A must listen! You can view the PDF here.


Message for Teen Guys

Carrie’s guest Dr. Gregg Jantz shares how young men can be tricked and then trapped by pornography and how they can fight this temptation.  See: TheLegacyInstitute.com/KingdomPowerGlory.


Emotional Intimacy

You are invited to hear Carrie speak to a group of women on the five levels of intimacy, one of her favorite topics and practical for everyone, including men!



Homosexuality, The Grace-filled Truth

Carrie uses scripture and natural law to show the biblical emphasis and loving response for those practicing any sexual sin outside of God’s Design for male and female relationships. A loving roadmap for anyone who struggles!


Intimacy: Foundations For A Lifetime

This message and PowerPoint set allows you to learn and share how healthy friendships and relationships are developed using the five levels of emotional intimacy. This practical and encouraging teaching helps any age (teen to adults) build healthy relationships that last a lifetime.



The Man CD

Legacy’s wildly popular Men’s Appreciation Dinner message by Carrie Abbott. Why does Carrie resonate so well with men? Her profound respect for the male design, purposefully crafted by God, uniquely envisions and emboldens men to be all that God created them to be.


Teen Guy Tips

Carrie’s guest author Jonathan McKee describes a practical way to teach young men biblical insight into all areas of their life including God, girls, phones and jobs. -- Part 1

Carrie’s guest author Jonathan McKee gives insightful tips to young men on how to treat girls, how to make Christ first and how to serve others well. -- Part 2


See: www.jonathanmckeewrites.com


101 Tips To Get Your Teen Talking

Carrie’s guest, teen culture expert Jonathan McKee gives five important tips on how to have better conversations and provides 180 conversation starters. Very helpful! -- Part 1

Carrie’s guest, author Jonathan McKee explains how parents can avoid the pitfalls that keep their kids from sharing openly and give great ideas for conversation starters that work! -- Part 2 

See: www.thesource4parents.com