Relationships with Integrity is a popular relationship education resource for K-12 students in your school, church or home. Do you have a positive plan for teaching a biblical worldview for relationships? RWI allows you to equip your kids, in your unique setting, on your terms.




Seven RWI Objectives

When you use RWI lessons you can expect positive outcomes! Here are just a few:



Teaches & “cements” key truths necessary for healthy formation


Uses a whole person approach that strengthens each unique student


Equips students with healthy relationship skills students can apply at every age


Teaches pro-life formation that is ongoing and age appropriate



Cultivates gender clarity and healthy identity for every child


Reveals the sacred nature of male & female, marriage, children and family


Fosters wholeness and healing for anyone who is hurting or needing a “do-over”



Relationship training is a necessary part of pro-active parenting and quality Christian education. In a confused culture, it is more important than ever to engage young minds and hearts in biblical truth about God and how He made all of children in His image. These positive lessons are the perfect foundation for future learning about relationships as kids grow older.

Grades K-3

Key foundational lessons are taught through professional audio drama stories, lessons and activities. Student's imaginations are engaged as they listen to stories about a family in the town of Legacy, learning “heart lessons”, as Grandpa Henry, the narrator, likes to call them. Each grade has five stories, and each story emphasizes the key biblical truth for that lesson. The learning is reinforced through original artwork coloring books, sign language, object lessons, original songs, crafts and more! This whole-person experience allows key biblical truths about who God is, to "cement" in the precious young minds and hearts, creating a relationship foundation for the years to follow. Each unit is 5-10 lessons depending on the setting.


K - God is Love

Children will learn about God's love for them, and why they are created uniquely as a boy or girl to love others. Family is a central focus along with a first glimpse at how loving relationships should work, even at a young age.

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1 - God is Life

Children will learn about the power of life and the author and giver of life, God Himself! Through the stories and activities, students begin to see life around them in new and inspiring ways, and the value of all life becomes very real.

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2 - God is Spirit

Children will learn about God's Spirit and their body, soul and spirit. Students will learn that allowing God's Spirit to lead them is the key to walking by the Spirit, even at a young age.

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3 - God is Light

Children will learn their choices impact both the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness, and they quickly realize the power they have when they walk in the light. This unit brings to "light" important foundations for future decisions.

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Grades 4-6

These grades are important bridge years, helping students cross over to more understanding of relationships as they continue in their childhood journey. Each grade is very strategic in its approach, and all three are uniquely designed to include internal and external experiences, reminding students they are whole, integrated people. The lessons include elements such as: sign language, object lessons, games and crafts to reinforce the key biblical truths. Each unit is five to ten lessons, depending upon the setting.


4 - God is Father

God's role as Father comes alive through the DVD presentation of The Great King by the amazing actor, David Shelton. This remarkable story is the centerpiece of this unit, and helps the students see the unique relationship between God the Father, His Son the Prince and all of His children. Family and adoption are honored in this unit, along with each family member.

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5 - God is One

This unit emphasizes God as a union of persons. The unit sub-title is "an Adventure In Friendship", which focuses on unity, wholeness and being integrated people. The emphasis on healthy friendships helps students create patterns and principles for all relationships, as they grow older. The student's five aspects (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social) are introduced for the first time.

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6 - God is Holy

This unit transports students to Medieval Times through audio lessons from Sir Robert the Knight (played by Grant Goodeve), a special castle book, object lessons, crafts and more to bring to life the important truths about holiness. This unique approach invigorates the imagination of students and helps them want to be trained for sanctification. The unit ends with a special coronation ceremony marking a rite-of-passage event for both young royal warriors and princesses. Parents are also included in this unique and moving event.

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Junior High

Grades 7-8

At this age, young teens need gender clarity and a lot of encouragement! Every Jr. High student is beginning the journey of identity (Who Am I? Am I ok? What is my purpose?) These resources will help them answer key questions on that journey. The resources below are DVD driven, with relationship and sexuality expert Carrie Abbott doing the teaching. A teacher, parent or youth leader will lead the interaction in class or with small groups to personalize the material through discussion. The student workbooks are included allowing you to copy as many as you need. Each resource is five lessons and include fun and interactive activities and plenty of ideas to keep your kids engaged!

7 - You Are Designed To Be Whole


This resource introduces the concept of Sexual Integrity, using the five aspects of each person as the centerpiece. It begins by framing the issue of male and female uniqueness, and then highlights how to live with integrity physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Students begin to understand their choices leave a ripple or a legacy, even at this early age. Many students are already making decisions about the opposite sex, and this unit helps them manage that process with integrity, while reminding them of the key role of their parents.


8- You Are Designed To Be Life-Giving


This resource highlights God’s passion for life, and His prescription written in to the male and female design. While parents will take the lead on the most personal biological information, these lessons create an important understanding of the power of the gift of life and fertility, and the reality that each of us will leave a legacy. Along with practical information about their physical design and choices such as drugs or alcohol that can hurt their story, real stories of life-giving people and their legacies are also introduced. This resource inspires students to create a roadmap for successful decision making as they realize they too can be life-giving people right now!



High School

9-12 High School Foundation Series : You Are Designed For A Great Story!

Initially, all students in 9-12th grade will use this foundational series taught by relationship expert Carrie Abbott. In the following years, only your 9th grade students will go through this annually while your older students do advanced learning courses. This initial series frames the issue of relationships and sexuality from a biblical perspective while incorporating other data to strengthen the foundation. The 10-session DVD driven series is practical and incredibly positive. Students feel a sense of encouragement and empowerment as they begin to understand “who” they are as a young men and young women, not just what they should and should not “do”. The Relationship Model for Sexual Integrity is taught and applied to student’s lives, and the results are life-changing! Students receive a personal workbook for notes and small group discussion. Other object lessons and activities are encouraged to reinforce student learning and understanding. The sessions include:

  • Session 1: God Designed You On Purpose, With A Divine Purpose
  • Session 2: Male And Female By Design
  • Session 3: Young Men Can Reflect God
  • Session 4: Young Women Can Reflect God
  • Session 5: Fertility: A Sacred Gift
  • Session 6: Marriage: A Divine Idea
  • Session 7: Marriage: A Divine Idea (Part 2)
  • Session 8: A Tragic Moment In A Great Story
  • Session 9: A Great Rescue: The Story Continues
  • Session 10: Healthy Bonding: A Key To A Great Story


High School Advanced Courses, Grades 10-12

This resource is being updated and is currently not available.



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