A Biblical Review for Study and Teaching

This new study designed for personal learning and teaching is winsome and effective. The study is built on a vast Biblical foundation and includes the most current research available on gender issues, saving you hundreds of hours of research!

Homosexuality and Gender Identity also includes current legal cases from across the nation. For those who want to teach others, this study includes a seven lesson teaching plan including handouts, Power point, 6 audio segments and 8 videos, helping you deliver truth with grace to any audience of teens through adults.

Homosexuality and Gender Identity is a resource every parent, pastor, teacher and leader needs to own.


Bible Study Contents

  • Chapter 1    Male & Female: A Divine Design
  • Chapter 2    Marriage: A Sacred Idea
  • Chapter 3    Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say?
  • Chapter 4    Homosexuality: Relationship & Family Outcomes
  • Chapter 5    Homosexuality & Gender Issues: Truths and Myths
  • Chapter 6    LGBTQ: A Look at Society
  • Chapter 7   How Should a Christian Respond?