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4/23/14 Queen It's A New Day Carrie's guest Judy Huff explains the vision God gave her to bring dignity and worth back to women who are homeless, abused, sex trafficked and falling into the same dangerous cycle over and over again. Hear how this ministry brings true transformation!  Volunteers needed: www.QueenItsANewDay.org
4/22/14 Men Making a Difference Carrie’s guest Mike Rohrbach with Run To Win Outreach shares his background as a chaplain for the Sonics, Huskies, and now reaches thousands of kids through camps. Mike was influenced by many things, and one man in particular made a big difference in his life, even from his wheelchair!   See www.runtowin.org.
4/21/14 The Real War on Women, Pt 2 Carrie counters the negative messages to women with the biblical prescription for women, including two key words: humility and help. Surprising and encouraging.!
To hear more, attend True Beauty BLOOM on May 2&3!
4/18/14 The Real War on Women Carrie counters the lies in the culture with the truth about women, biblical femininity and some of the key design features of all women. Positive and powerful! To hear more, attend True Beauty BLOOM on May 2&3!
4/17/14 Middle School: The Inside Story, Pt 2 Carrie’s guest authors Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna give practical insight and answers on how best to communicate with Middle School students, the top 10 things not to do, and the importance of helping kid through this vulnerable and important stage!
4/16/14 Middle School: The Inside Story Carrie’s guests authors Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna share from their current research on Middle School kids - what is really going on in their minds and hearts, their biggest fear and what they want their parents to know. Very insightful and encouraging!
4/15/14 Moriah Peters Carrie’s guest Moriah Peters, Christian music artist and former American Idol contestant shares part of her story and her passion for following Jesus. Moriah will be our guest music artist at True Beauty BLOOM on May 2 & 3.     Click here to register now!
4/14/14 Mrs. Obama Missed It Carrie's guest Reggie Littlejohn, a leader in fighting China’s one child policy that supports forced abortions shares her disappointment with the first lady and a missed opportunity to support women. See www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org
4/11/14 Meta Analysis on Breast Cancer Carrie’s guest Brad Mattes brings the latest results from a meta analysis (36 studies) on the link between abortion and breast cancer. Shocking statistics that you won’t hear anywhere else and more reasons why we need to protect young women before they make life-impacting decisions. See www.lifeissues.org.
4/10/14 Girls Body Book, Pt 2 Carrie's guest Dr. Walt Larimore provides important medical and biblical answers to some of the most common questions girls have about their growing bodies and relationships.
4/9/14 Girls Body Book Carrie's guest, Dr. Walt Larimore, gives great insight to parents who want to guide their daughters in the journey through adolescence and their body changes with humor, knowledge and facts.
4/8/14 Sex & Singles, Pt 2 Carrie's guest author Marian Jordon Ellis reveals the 7 lies women and men believe and why they fall in the trap of premature sexual expression and other lies of the enemy. God restores - It is never too late!
4/7/14 Sex & Singles Carrie's guest author, Marian Jordon Ellis, shares her story of living the hook-up lifestyle, trying to find love and worth. Then in her 20’s being transformed by the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.
4/4/14 Grannies Surprise the Sharks! Carrie's guests Charlotte Clary and Bev Vines-Hanes explain a surprise twist in their story and how God has led them each step of the way! You will be surprised and blessed by these grandmothers of 41 children! See www.icechipscandy.com.
4/3/14 Grannies Jump into Shark Tank Carrie's guests Charlotte Clary and Bev Vine-Hanes share the surprising journey that led them from their early days as friends, to partners in inventing and manufacturing products - all the way to Shark Tank with their Ice Chips Candy!  See www.icechipscandy.com
Meet the Grannies at True Beauty BLOOM on May 2&3.
4/2/14 Day of Dialogue Carrie's guest Candi Cushman, education specialist at Focus on the Family, explains the intent and details for the Day of Dialogue, a student driven campus event on April 10th to create dialogue, rather than silence on issues of faith and sexuality.
See www.dayofdialogue.com.
4/1/14 Free Weddings! You will be blessed by the amazing story of what happened after the last time Carrie interviewed Craig Gorc from Cedar Park! This fantastic church ministry has removed the hurdle and excuse of expensive weddings...a trend many churches are adopting.
3/31/14 Reparative Therapy Works! Carrie’s guest Ann Paulk explains the positive power of Reparative Therapy and how the process works. While others are trying to ban this important therapy, Ann and her colleagues are helping people find freedom. Ann also shares what happened with her ex-husband John Paulk. See: www.restoredhopenetwork.com.
3/28/14 Live From NWMC! Carrie broadcasting live from the Northwest Ministry Conference.  Listens as she takes a minute to talk with several great guests at the largest conference of it's kind.
3/27/14 World Vision Reversal The shocking reversal of World Vision's two-day policy allowing gay couples as employees. Carrie reviews the details and weighs in on the decision.
3/26/14 Ann's Story Carrie’s guest, Ann Paulk shares her journey that led to the lesbian lifestyle, salvation and work with Exodus International, Focus on the Family and now Restored Hope Network. Ann’s journey of coming out of the homosexual lifestyle brings hope! See: www.restoredhopenetwork.com.
3/25/14 A Wrong Vision Carrie addresses the policy change by World Vision to hire someone who professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and is in a same sex marriage. The policy change, intended to bring “unity”, is a short sighted decision indeed!
3/24/14 Spring To Life! Carrie’s guests Paul and Gwen Sayers, owners of Pine Creek Nursery’s share how they began their business and how relationships and ministering to others is at the core of all they do! Life begets life, so join in the fun and experience it firsthand at Pine Creek!  See: www.Pinecreeknursery.com.
3/21/14 World Concern Carrie’s guest Cathy Herholdt, with World Concern shares how this international ministry is serving the world’s poor while trying to eradicate poverty and it’s outcomes. One way is through the Free Them 5K on May 10th, to fight sex trafficking- a common outcome of poverty. See www.worldconcern.org.
3/20/14 How God Makes Men, Pt 2 Carrie’s guest Patrick Morley, author & speaker shares 10 principles using 10 men to show how God turns a man into His man, for His purposes. This important insight will encourage all men, regardless of their journey. See www.PatrickMorley.com.
3/19/14 How God Makes Men Carrie’s guest Patrick Morley, Founder of Man in the Mirror, shares about new initiatives nationwide to help churches disciple men effectively. Patrick also shares some background and principles from his new book and his own story. See www.PatrickMorley.com.
3/18/14 In the News Carrie and Mark talk about the helicopter crash in Seattle. Prayer ad condolences to all who are impacted. They also discuss some upcoming opportunities for Legacy and Elisa joins the conversation for a quick review about the upcoming True Beauty BLOOM women’s conference. Click here to reserve your seats today!
3/17/14 Save Our Sisters Carrie’s guests Shirley Sutton and Cena Conteh share their vision for helping women of color combat heart disease. Statistics show women of color have the highest rates of heart disease nationwide.
3/14/14 Your Heart Matters! Carrie’s guest Shirley Sutton and Cena Conteh discuss heart disease as the number one killer of women, and how the “Better U” program helps empower women to live healthier lives.
3/13/14 The FDA Knew! Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher reveals new information on the connection between vaccinations and autism rising worldwide. Dr. Deisher, an expert in pharmaceutical manufacturing, is leading the way to find the cause and a cure for autism. See: www.soundchoice.org.
3/12/14 Human Trafficking For Research Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher explains how medical research is using people worldwide in ways that are deplorable, and unethical. This form of trafficking is bigger than people realize and one of the reasons why Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals exists. See www.soundchoice.org.
3/11/14 Gender What??? Carrie recaps the Kingdom, Power, Glory manhood study filming yesterday, then turns to some crazy news of the day. Gender neutral family...say what???
3/10/14 Mommy's Milk Matters! Carrie’s guest Michelle McGuire, PhD a professor at WSU, explains the importance of a worldwide study that will take place in 8 countries collecting biological and anthropological data to better understand how diet, hygiene and cultural practices relate to human milk and infant health.
3/7/14 Young Men & Pornography Carrie and her guest Dr. Gregg Jantz speak directly to young men about why pornography is a major trap in their lives and what to do to avoid the trap, or get help if needed.   Have the young men in your life listen in!
3/6/14 Good Girls & Sex, Pt 2 Carrie’s guest author Sheila Gregoire uses research and her own story to help us understand how women and men approach sexual intercourse differently, and positive ways for women and men to improve their experience in marriage in every season! See www.tolovehonorandvacuum.com.
3/5/14 Good Girls & Sex Carrie’s guest author Sheila Gregoire explains how women view sex, why they feel pressure from the culture or believe lies (50 shades of Gray!) and how men and women are different when it comes to the marriage bed! See www.tolovehonorandvacuum.com.
3/4/14 Gary Dixon - NWMC Exciting new announcement regarding Legacy's True Beauty BLOOM conference!  Plus, Carrie talks with Gary Dixon about the upcoming Northwest Ministry Conference.
3/3/14 Hands Off! This May Be Love Carrie’s guest author Gila Manolson believes couples should consider not touching prior to marriage! Gila studied at Yale, saw too much pain and heartache in the hook up culture and believes there is a better way! An intriguing conversation. See www.gila-manolson.com.
2/28/14 Biblical Movies Carrie’s guest Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumers explains the role of Christian consumers and Hollywood movies such as Son of God and Noah. See www.faithdrivenconsumer.com.
2/27/14 Women Can Flourish Carrie's guest, author and speaker Pam Farrel, shares some tips on how women can flourish.  Pam can heard locally at the Flourish Through The Word conference on Feb 28 & Mar 1.  It's not too late to sign up! See: www.flourishthroughtheword.com.
2/26/14 End of Life Issues Carrie’s guest Camille Pauley explains the important principles that should guide our decisions regarding our loved ones on topics such as pain, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, etc. To attend or host a Life Principles Academy go to: www.healingtheculture.com.
2/25/14 Learning Styles, pt 2 Carrie’s guest author Cynthia Tobias shares her concerns with education models that hurt kids and label them, especially boys rather than creating environments for learning that works for each individual style. See Applied Learning Styles.
2/24/14 Learning Styles Carrie’s guest author Cynthia Tobias explains how many behavior issues could in fact be a learning style issue and how we as parents can learn how our child functions best, and help them be successful in life!  See Applied Learning Styles.
2/21/14 Beginning of Life Issues Carrie’s guest Camille Pauley explains the principles for understanding difficult issues such as abortion when the mother’s life is at risk and embryonic stem cell research. To attend or host a Life Principles Academy go to: www.heaingtheculture.com.
2/20/14 Royal Family Kids Camp, Pt 2 Carries guests Scott and Carolyn Winters share how they got involved helping hurting and abused kids and the impact the camp has on both the kids and those who volunteer. A ministry that makes a difference! See: www.rfkcbothell.com/.
2/19/14 Royal Family Kids Camp Carrie's guests Scott and Carolyn Winters share the story of this amazing camp that helps foster kids. You can be part of this life-changing camp too! Go to www.rfkcbothell.com/.
2/18/14 Counselors & Concerts Carrie is joined by Joseph Backholm with legislation updates from Olympia, making it illegal for counselors to help minors seeking solutions to same sex attraction. Then Sarah Taylor shares the good news about the Toby Mac Concert.
2/17/14 Economics Matter Carrie's guest Jay Richards from the Discovery Institute explains current economic issues of the day affecting families. Jay shares Bill Gate's view on minimum wage...you might be surprised.
2/14/14 Valentine's Day Carrie shares the history of Valentine’s Day, how people celebrate and shares a private moment about the love of her life! Tune in to hear what she says :-)
2/13/14 Date Night Carrie’s guest Jackson Dunn, with Focus on the Family talks about a great Date Night challenge individuals or churches can be part of in big or small ways, all making a positive impact on marriage. www.datenightchallengedvd.org.
2/12/14 Darwin's Birthday Party? Carrie’s guest author Stephen C. Meyer explains the latest push by Darwinians to create an official day for Darwin and how politicians are playing a role in this latest attempt to call bad science good. Stephen also shares surprising statistics on so called global warming and how there are 31,000 scientists who have said they do not support that theory either!
2/11/14 Marriage and Money Carrie’s guest, Jay Richards Ph.D, Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute, talks about how marriage and family are at the center of God's plan for economic freedom, creativity and industry. See www.discovery.org.
2/10/14 The Two Shall Become One To help celebrate National Marriage Week, Carrie gives a message on the symbolism included in a wedding ceremony and the sacred nature of what is taking place before, during and after the ceremony. To find the complete teaching in the Biblical Blueprint Series see: Biblical Blueprint.
2/7/14 Making Marriage Last, pt2 Carrie's guests Pastor Jan & Scharme Hettinga share principles and ideas that helped make their marriage work, especially in the middle years after the kids were grown when a lot of couples grow apart, rather than together. An encouraging story that you will want to share!
2/6/14 Making Marriage Last Carrie's guests Pastor Jan Hettinga and his wife of 49 years, Scharme, share their personal story of marrying young, being in ministry and the challenges they faced and the choices they made as a couple that made their marriage successful.
2/5/14 Celebrating Inspires Us! Carrie is joined by her husband Greg Abbott who shares first hand from the Seahawk's Parade and downtown celebration of over a half million people! How can we as believers join in the fun and remember we the church are on the winning side for eternity! That truth should get us excited and celebrating!
2/4/14 Representing Life Carrie’s guest Rep Roger Freeman from the 30th Legislative District shares how Colon Cancer and a chance to vote for life gives him courage to serve and be life-giving!
2/3/14 Seahawk Pride Carrie joins the Seahawk celebration in Seattle and New York, getting a first-hand account of the game from Lindsey Abbott Christenson who was at the Super Bowl with her husband Tyler.The 12th man took New York and New Jersey by storm, or is that boom?
1/31/14 A Woman's Purpose Carrie and her guests Marjie Schaefer and Kim Kaufman with Flourish Through the Word ministry discuss how women can discover their purpose and impact 7 key 'mountains' of culture through the word, a close walk with Christ .For info on the Flourish Conference go to: www.flourishthroughtheword.com.
1/30/14 Fixing the Broken Carrie and her guest Jonathan Daugherty of Be Broken Ministries, discuss the rest of his story of addiction, his entanglement in serious sexual sin, his marriage and how he failed his wife and an amazing story of restoration and healing. You will want to hear the reality of this process and will be surprised how Jesus intervenes! See www.bebroken.com.
1/29/14 Being Broken Carrie and her guest Jonathan Daugherty Founder and Director of Be Broken Ministries shares his story of being introduced to pornography at the age of 12, and the resulting dual life that he lived as an addict and a leader in his youth group and in college ministry. Listening to this story will help you understand how strong the pull is in to this darkness and what signs to look for in the lives of those you love. See www.bebroken.com.
1/28/14 Fathers Matter Carrie gives her female insight into the current behavior of men in the news, including Justin Beiber, the mall shootings, President Obama and Richard Sherman. Do all these men have something in common or is there a difference? A clue: Fathers make the difference!!
1/27/14 A Tale of Two Weddings Carrie shares her thoughts about the Grammys and the "so-called" wedding of 30 homosexual and heterosexual couples during the show and the wedding on The Bachelor, with a Christian couple who decided to wait for sexual intimacy until they were married. Which is more scandalous? Both weddings are pictures that cement ideas in the minds of our youth.
1/24/14 Another Crazy Idea Carrie's guest Joseph Backholm, discusses a recent hearing in Olympia on banning reparative therapy for minors. Another crazy idea that will hurt kids. Listen to this show and call your representative today. See www.spiw.org.
1/23/14 Parent On Purpose, pt 2 Carrie’s guest author and speaker Janis Hanson gives important steps to use with children of all ages that are effective! Learn to be a loving and firm parent that understands how to instruct your children so you don’t have tantrums and blow ups! Janis’ tips for instructing, reflecting and correcting are some of the many ways you can adjust your own parenting with positive results.
1/22/14 Parent On Purpose Carrie's guest author and speaker Janis Hanson shares how her own Cinderella story began with a step-mother who did not love or nurture, after her mother died when she was young. Like all of us, her childhood impacted her parenting. Janis realized her own need for parenting training, so with help from a mentor couple, she and her husband began to use the principles she shares with us and it changed her life!
1/21/14 March For Life Carrie’s guest Rep. Dan Kristiansen of the 39th District and Republican Minority Leader, shares his heart for the unborn at the special annual March For Life event in the state's capitol, Olympia. Dan is a fantastic representative of the people, and of his faith. You will be blessed to know many good men and women serve in politics and we need to pray and support them!
1/20/14 Giving Back Carrie interviews a group of alumni students from Cedar Park Christian School who are not only coming back after graduating, but giving back! While other students nationwide are dropping out or blowing out in their faith, these students share a special insight in to their success. Tune in and find out what it was!
1/17/14 Rescue Freedom International, pt 2 Carrie’s guest Jeremy Vallerand, Pres. Of Rescue Freedom International, tells stories of young girls and women being helped through the rescue and rehabilitation of RFI. Sex trafficking and slavery are one of the greatest evils in the world, and we can all make a difference. Learn how you can help!  See www.rescuefreedom.org.
1/16/14 Rescue Freedom International Carrie's guest Jeremy Vallerand, Pres. of Rescue Freedom International, shares his personal journey as a young man, preparing for his career and being shocked at the sight of the evil of sex slavery and prostitution taking place on a trip to India. Jeremy shares the simple and profound steps he took to make a difference, ultimately causing him to lead the organization and help save girls and women all over the world!  See www.rescuefreedom.org.
1/15/14 Sanctity of Human Life Carrie and her guest Kim Triller, Ex. Dir of Care Net of Puget Sound, discuss this important national day of honoring life from conception to natural death. Care Net is one of the leading organizations helping women choose life and offers prevention and education in area schools.  See www.carenetpspartners.org.
1/14/14 A CLEAR Message, pt 2 Carrie’s special guest, author and speaker Gabe Murfitt, shares how his family impacted his “can do” positive attitude, and gives definition to the message he delivers to schools all over the country, helping kids of all ages understand how to be courageous leaders who endure life with good attitudes and respect for others. A winning combination and inspiring, especially for those struggling.  See www.gabeshope.org.
1/13/14 A CLEAR Message Carrie’s special guest, author and speaker Gabe Murfitt, shares how to live with courage while facing life’s greatest adversities. Gabe was born with 3-inch arms and standing a little over three feet tall so Gabe lives his message. Gabe will inspire you to look at your own circumstances in a new way, and you might be surprised when you hear about some of his life adventures! A guest on Good morning America, Oprah and meeting his personal hero Cal Ripken Jr. are only part of the journey!  See www.gabeshope.org.
1/10/14 Meta Analysis on Breast Cancer Carrie’s guest Brad Mattes brings the latest results from a meta analysis (36 studies) on the link between abortion and breast cancer. Shocking statistics that you won’t hear anywhere else and more reasons why we need to protect young women before they make life-impacting decisions.
See www.lifeissues.org.
1/9/14 Tonsillectomy to Tragedy Carrie’s guest Brad Mattes, CEO of Life Issues Institute, gives important insight into the story of Jahi McMath, the 13 year old who had serious complications after surgery, which ended in cardiac arrest. The hospital, after only three days refused support and announced her brain dead, without the consent of her mother. Hear Brad’s important views, which you will not hear on TV. Could this be the future of health care decisions by hospitals deciding for parents what is best?
See www.lifeissues.org.
1/8/14 Team Effectiveness, Pt 2 Carrie’s guest George Myers continues to share insight and principles 3-6 for effective team building. Practical and very helpful relationship tools to increase your work and personal relationships. See www.effectivenessinstitute.com.
1/7/14 Team Effectiveness Carrie’s guest George Myers, Consultant with the Effectiveness Institute, talks about the way to have successful teams and the first two of six steps for effective team building. These relationship principles work in any setting. See www.effectivenessinstitute.com.
1/6/14 God's Top Ten Carrie is joined by Elisa for a look at the best list for your goal setting for 2014. This powerful list will help you align yourself with God's will and be rightly ordered in your thinking, behavior, relationships and purpose! Tune in to find out what list it is.
1/3/14 Gardasil Is Still Unsafe Carrie and her guest Chris Ferrill, Director of Research and Investigations with Judicial Watch, discuss the recent settlement of $6,000,000 to families of girls who have suffered as a result of this vaccination. Controversial from it’s inception, Gardasil continues to have negative outcomes including up to 49 girls who have died. See www.judicialwatch.org for news on Gardasil.
1/2/14 Defying Autism, Pt 2 Carrie’s guest Karen Mayer Cunningham continues the amazing story of a journey that leads to healing in a way that will surprise you! Her personal story will inspire you to want to pray for God’s leading for your family and restoration in your own life! See www.karenmayercunningham.com.
1/1/14 Defying Autism Carrie’s guest, Karen Mayer Cunningham, shares her personal story of a healthy child who changed the day he received immunizations, causing him to act in uncontrollable ways including pounding his head through walls, eating rubber, not sleeping and the agony of not knowing what to do. Her son was diagnosed with classic autism.

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