Legacy Out Loud

Are you tuning in to the fun?

Dr. Walt Larimore:

"I am a long-time fan of The Legacy Institute and I believe in their unique ministry. Join me in supporting their important work creating resources for living with sexual integrity and all of their other magnificent endeavors!"

Thanks for taking the time to visit The Legacy Institute

We've done a lot of homework on human sexuality and relationships and we think you'll find we have a unique perspective on the subject! We are fervent advocates for Sexual Integrity - or wholeness - but you'll also find we are not angry with those who disagree with us. We embrace the free marketplace of ideas, believing that open, educated discussion ultimately leads to truth. Our contribution to this discussion is a positive, biblical approach to sexuality - delightfully supported by mountains of data across a wide range of discipline, not to mention pure logic.

We hope you will be encouraged by what you see and come away with renewed optimism for humanity and for this delicate and controversial subject that so intrigues us.